Deborah Lippmann Girl on Fire swatched

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What is it about red manicure that makes us come back to it again and again? Is it that red was one of the first nail and lip colours ever? And became an undoubted classic? Or that it’s womanly? And sexy? Elegant and sophisticated? I couldn’t tell you for sure what it is, but red nails are special.


At least, they are to me. Also, red manicure is so versatile. There are so many shades of red. You know. Bright red, orange red, raspberry red, black cherry red. I love them all. At the moment I’m somehow into darker reds, not too dark though, not black cherry red, just cherry.


Maybe, it’s the whole holiday season approaching. Maybe. What I like about reds, among other things, is that they are as universal as black or nudes. Well, pretty much the only clothes that red nails don’t match are green. Although… it depends. I mean, talk about holiday season and all red and green elfy Christmas stuff.


The colour I’m wearing today is this deep cherry red.




Girl on Fire by Deborah Lippmann



Girl On Fire is a limited edition, but it’s not the point, because you can definitely find this cherry darker red shade in other brands nail colour ranges. I’m just reminding you this red option is out there. To tell you the truth, I’m a little bit tired of all the brick red in nail colour world we’re witnessing this fall. So, I’m happy to switch to this cherry red for a little while for a change.



It’s Deborah Lippmann, so, you can be sure the formula is good and easy.



What can I say? Very simply, this Girl is really on Fire, because this shade will work anywhere, on any occasion. Job or fun. Everyday or special occasion. Shopping or travelling. Whatever.



Reds rock. Reds rule. They are still relevant. And as beautiful as ever.

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