Holiday 2015 makeup trends

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Holiday collections start showing up, and I already can tell the general direction they’re taking. I’m getting a feel for what’s going to be trendy this holiday season. There’s some good old stuff, that we’re used to seeing on Christmas, and then there are some new things too getting introduced.


Holiday season seems to be a great time for this combination of good old and good new. I like that.


On the old side we still have gold. For our face. I mean powder and highlighter. For our eyes. Eyeshadow. For our nails. Nail polish.


On the new side we have a whole big new pink lip trend. It used to be red lip, remember? 🙂 Well, now it’s this super hot and bright pink lip.


Also, under the category of new, we have purple and plum. Purple eye shades. Darker purple nail and lip shades.


And there are still some reds lingering. They seem to be getting darker though and merging with the purples. Those we have for lips and nails. And as some sort of a reminder of the old red trend we can still see some bright reds, but not nearly as much as before.


Also, it feels like matt lip is winning over the shiny sparkly lip. So far it’s tentative enough, but I suspect it will only get stronger.  Can you believe it? Shine and sparkle getting pushed off the holiday stage? 🙂


More details on holiday makeup trends to come, once I swatch more collections.

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