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Sheer lipstick is my favourite in lip colour world. Why do I love sheer lipstick so much? It gives me all I want. I want wet shine and I want comfortable feel. If I have that, I’m happy 🙂 Of course, I go for other textures – lip gloss, cream, matt, care, but I always find myself coming back to sheer lipstick and getting a warm welcome.


What’s so good about this formula? Well, for starters, you might like it, if you like lip gloss shine, but you want an extra layer of comfort. Also, have you ever thought about this – sheer lipstick formulae are almost always lighter than classic lipstick. So, if you’re bothered by ‘I-have-something-on-my-lips’ feeling, when wearing classic lipstick, you might have an easier time wearing sheer lipstick. If that’s the case though, and that’s what you’re looking for, beware and stay away from Tom Ford Lip Color Shine or, at least, read my post called Tom Ford Lip Color Shine Chastity, Quiver and Ravenous swatched before you buy. This sheer lipstick is an odd man out, it’s heavier than what we usually expect from such products.


If you don’t like bright colour on your lips, you can also benefit from sheer lipstick. Its colour is usually diluted by all the shine and is buildable, so you can go from very light to pretty bright fast and easy. This gives you a chance to try out brighter shades than you normally wear, because you can be sure they won’t come off as bright as they would in cream lipstick.


Suppose, you like colour AND shine. That is, you generally use cream lipstick and top it with lip gloss. Once again, sheer lipstick would be a good option for you. You can go for brighter shades and skip the additional step of lip gloss, as this lipstick will shine all by itself. Great, isn’t it?


Now let’s think about this. When do we like shine on our lips? It depends, of course. Tastes differ. But universally we feel like shine, when going out. And what do they often do on special occasions? Right, they serve drinks and food. And even when we just go out to see a movie or dance or whatever, we eat something or drink something. And if we wear lip gloss at the time, what happens then? Exactly. It disappears in a second. While sheer lipstick is light, still it has more stamina and hold than ephemeral lip gloss.


Speaking about those times and occasions, when lip colour disappears ever so easily. Suppose, you’re out, and you need to fix your lip makeup. When you try to do it with cream lip colour, what’s the result? Yes, I know, it goes all over the place, you need to fix the contour, lines need to be precise, etc. And it takes longer. And it’s inconvenient, as you need to get back to that table, your friends, dance floor, speech, movie, whatever. Sheer lipstick is so much more sparing this way. You can very efficiently and simply add a coat of it to brighten up your look. With sheer lipstick you’ll be done in no time.


Anyway :-), of all sheer lipstick I’ve tried, and that’s a lot, here are my four favourites.


Rouge d’Armani Sheers

Armani people are just so good with makeup formulae. This one here is great. It has no scent to it. Nothing. Zip. Which I strongly prefer to makeup having strong scent. Because if I don’t like the scent, I can’t wear it. While if there’s no scent, I can always wear it, so it’s a safer bet. Anyway, this lipstick has this super light feel. It’s nice and pleasant on the lips and does have that shine we’re looking for in a sheer lipstick, but this shine is moderate enough, it’s not over the top. Also, this lipstick feels truly awesome on the lips. It has almost lip balmy texture. And the colour range is pretty wide. Everything about Rouge d’Armani Sheers is cool. Love it. Wear it. You can see all the permanent shades in my post called Rouge d’Armani Sheers – all shades swatched AND see 6 new shades that were released this summer and added to the permanent range in my post called Rouge d’Armani Sheers Lipstick – 6 new summer 2015 shades.


Next. Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel.

Superb formula. The thing I’d like to mention up front though – it does have a pretty strong rosy scent to it. I’m scent sensitive, but I like this particular scent. Rouge Coco Shine feels ever so nice and comforting on the lips. It shines really big time. You’ll finally get this mirror shine look you usually only get to see in photoshopped pictures. It has a wide range and limited editions show up pretty often, so the chances are, you’ll be able to find your shade. Also, the packaging is so small, it will fit into any of those tiny clutches. At the same time, this small black tube holds a lot of lipstick. And by the way, the shape this lipstick comes in, you know, it’s thinner than usual lipstick, is the hottest and the most adorable ever, in my opinion. I’ve written about all kind of limited edition shades, makes me think – maybe, I should do a post about permanent range of Rouge Coco Shine? Hm.


Moving on. Dior Addict

To tell you the truth, I was holding back on this post waiting to try the new Dior Addict first. Dior Addict used to be one of my favourite sheer lipstick formulae, and you know, how when there is a re-edition, you go – oh, please, don’t ruin it, please, please, it’s so good. Anyway, now that I’ve seen and tried the re-edition – you can see more details in my post called Dior Addict new formula and 4 new nail shades swatched – I can state it’s still one of my favourites, although it’s different. The new holographic packaging is beautiful. Still no scent. Still shiny. The new formula is gel like. It’s so much lighter than the old one. I will miss the good old comforting feel on the lips Dior Addict used to have, but… I’m going to enjoy this new lightness. By the way, if you are looking for something really light on the lips, where you don’t feel it, this here is your thing. Oh, and there are 38 shades in the range. Yes, 38.


Deborah Lippmann

Finally, all lip colour by Deborah Lipmann is pretty much sheer, if you come to think of it. I mean, that’s what the formula really is. It has this super nice and sweet desserty scent to it. Not too intrusive. I love it. It has this shiny sheer texture. Feels absolutely wonderful on the lips. Soothing. And it shines and shines and shines. The only drawback as of now is that the range is so limited. There are few colour choices there. On the other hand, it opens up new horizons. So many new shades can be added to this range. But this formula is stunning. And as small the range is, it does have darker shades, red and nude and pink and coral, so you might find what you want. I’ve done posts about all shades of Deborah Lippmann lipstick, because I love it so much. And about all matching nail shades. If you’d like to see any of those, just do ‘deborah lippmann lipstick’ in the search line in my blog, and you’ll see them.


What can I say to round this up – very truly and very simply: sheer lipstick, I love you. And the four ones I’ve talked about here are all great.


  1. Please! Post about permanent Rouge Coco Shine! I have several ones but it would be very useful for me.
    Love your blog!


    • Hi, Ana) Thank you so much. You got it. I will put together all the shades of Rouge Coco Shine I have and then get the ones I don’t 🙂 and write a post. Rouge Coco Shine rocks


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