Baby doll manicure

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I know, I know, it’s Halloween, so, my post is supposed to be super spooky. Well, it’s not going to be. Sorry 🙂 First of all, there’s enough Halloween around us, right? I mean, yes, we’re going to have fun, dress up, party… And if you’re looking for sinister makeup and manicure ideas, please, read my post called Halloween manicure and makeup for inspiration. I feel like going the opposite way with my post today. Although…


When we think about Halloween, we think dark and glum and vampy, but we don’t have to wear dark forces costumes necessarily on Halloween. We can wear something light and angelic too and impersonate the other side of things. The nice side. Full of light and joy.


And what can be more full of light and joy than baby doll style? Seriously, even if you are no fan of baby doll and don’t quite see, why you’re supposed to look like Barbie or like a little girl, baby doll is so rooted in our reality by now, that we all wear elements of it from time to time, if not full on looks.


Look at it this way. It’s romantic. It’s girly. It’s sweet. We all do that sometimes, right? And if we don’t, baby doll like manicure can be this one strong statement like point it our look.


You will enjoy baby doll style, if you like pastels, as it’s all about lighter shades. Here’s what I like in this light and cute territory, that’s not necessarily a hundred percent my milieu.


Deborah Lippmann 20266



Blue Orchid



This baby blue shade is loved and acclaimed.



It’s this light cool blue.



Rare case, when baby doll goes hand in hand with elegance.



Especially if you match this shade closely to your clothes colour.



It’s nice, it’s fun, it’s easy. Good quality. There’s just something about it. A great and easy way to try blue on your nails.


Too simple? Here’s something more fancy. Deborah Lippmann 20076



Glitter in the Air



Sheer bluish white well groomed look nail colour with pink and blue glitter.



What can be more baby doll than pink and blue combined in one?



If you shun bright shades and prefer naked like manicure, this is a great way to shake up your usual nail routine. A very sophisticated and special shade.



Blue undertone in Glitter in the Air is ever so light, it almost doesn’t show, so that you can mostly see just white in this nail colour providing a good counterpoint for the colourful glitter.



Beware though, if you don’t like sheer, see through nail colour look. Because that’s what it is.


On the other hand, it gives us a chance to use it as a top coat. And in a second Blue Orchid turns into this beauty.



And it really only takes a second to do it.



If you want as much glitter as there is here, do two coats of Glitter in the Air, if you want less, you can always do one.



Pretty, isn’t it? Very Barbie like.



Next shade which is almost stereotypically baby doll is pink, of course. If Blue Orchid is baby boy blue, 368 Baby Rose by Guerlain



…is baby girl pink.

Копия IMG_1806


An ever so light pink cream.



The quality is quite good, so it’s easy to apply and wear.



Very natural looking.



French manicure like without the extra step of whitening nail tips.



And to make it’s truly baby doll, I’d top it with Glitter in the Air too.



They are a great match.



See how Glitter in the Air IS bluish, after all? Because it changes warmer pink Baby Rose, so that it becomes a cooler pink.



Still looks great with all the blue and pink glitter. It’s as baby doll as it gets in manicure.



Are you saying yet, that none of this is Halloween related? What manicure do you think angels and fairies like? They are part of Halloween too. Someone out there should represent the nice ghosts and magic creatures, right? So, all this blue and pink beauty can come in handy even on Halloween.

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