ANNY Cashmere & Jewelry Shopping in N.Y. collection fall 2015 swatched

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I’ve already looked at Venice collection by Opi this season, now I’m looking at ANNY. Why am I doing it, given I prefer luxury marker quality to professional market quality? Because professional companies often set trends, or shall we say, implement trends in their collections faster than luxury market. So, I look at professional brands to see, what’s going to be hot in nail polish world in the nearest future.


ANNY is a typically professional market nail polish. Its formula is quite good, not as good as luxury market, or let’s say, it’s different, angling more towards professionals’ needs, but still good. I can wear ANNY, if I pair it up with Chanel base and top coat. Then it works just fine for me.


The collection from this fall by ANNY is called Cashmere & Jewellry Shopping in N.Y.

Okay… so, it’s supposed to be all about luxury, I guess? Let’s see it.


I look at the six shades that are the collection and I see matt finish and nude and pastel shades for the most part.


A closer look tells me there are actually two effects stated by ANNY within their Cashmere & Jewelry Shopping in N.Y. collection.


Pure cashmere effect polish. In this category we have 4 shades.


The effect is this matt and satiny kind of finish. The first three shades take a while to dry. Beware. And use matt finish top coat or other fast drying manicure products, just make sure they aren’t shiny and don’t ruin the whole satiny finish feel.


244.20 another love



An ever so light cool pink, nude manicure like shade.



Another love is a good name for it. Yeah, all kind of things happen, and sometimes we do need another love, or it just comes along without any beckon and call on our part 🙂



Well groomed look nail colour. Two coats will give you a sheer kind of feel with your nail tips showing through like in French manicure. It’s matt though.



In the swatches I’m wearing three coats to show off the shade better. If you like sheer manicure, go for two coats.



272 feel comfortable



An ever so light warm beige, nude manicure like shade.



Another one 🙂



You can go for a more sheer effect with two coats instead of three.



Just like another love, you’ll like this shade, if you like don’t-stand-out kind of manicure, that once applied, can get through you a lot of days and outfits and be a good match for all of those.



302.80 pure cashmere



A very light purple and pink mix with a touch of beige somewhere in it, that kicks in real strong, once it’s on your nails.



Nude manicure like shade.



It’s a very complimenting shade that will look good and different on many people.



Once again, you can make this shade more see through by doing only two coats instead of three.



316.80 top selection



Light grey, matt, but not sheer, two coats will give you full coverage.



Despite fuller coverage, it’s another nude, as the shade is so light and calm and understated.



Well, maybe, it’s more of an artsy and modern kind of nude, as it’s grey. But it’s nice to go a little bit outside your usual plane sometimes, isn’t it? And throw in light grey in your nude manicure rotation.



Oh, and this shade somehow dries faster than the other three we’ve already talked about.



There are two more shades, that are not as simple as the four light matt shades above.


Onyx & silver effect polish

316.30 hot material



Matt silver, sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what it is, silvery and satiny with tiny black glitter.



This glitter though is not shiny at all. It’s just tiny black dots stuff.



This shade is interesting and weird 🙂



I like it. Especially the combination of satiny finish and the whole black dotty business. Oh, and silver does look good in this satin texture.



Silver plated effect polish

361.40 model allure



Another weird one, although I don’t like it as much as hot material.



This one is an odd man out in the collection. Instead of being matt it’s this super shiny and pearly silver nail shade with big and rough textured silver glitter bits and pieces.



The result is textured surface on the nail, that to my taste, looks untidy. Uneven, bumpy.



But I can see, where they were going with it, trying to create this posh opulent jewellery effect on the nails. There are some people out there, who like this effect. I’m just not really one of them.



Well, as a result of my going into this collection, I can say, that it’s no surprise, that nudes showed up there. They show up in fall collections almost every year. It’s nice though, that there’s this extra step of making them satiny in terms of finish. And it’s great that there are two shades, that are more complex, and that are going to appeal to people, who aren’t really that interested in nudes.


All in all, it’s a wholesome collection, well put together, delicate and elegant in a way. I don’t know about cashmere and jewellery, although… There is some coziness here and some opulence. And none of the two is over the top. So, it’s all good, ANNY 🙂

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