Bobbi Brown Greige collection fall 2015 swatched

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As we can guess from the name of this collection by Bobbi Brown it’s all about greige. Which is not an easy colour to pull or to like, in my opinion. Actually, this colour got all hot not too long ago, couple of years. And initially I liked it as much as black manicure, that is, not in the least 🙂 But then, just as in the case of black nail polish, I’ve warmed up to this mixture of grey and beige. I really like this warm milk and coffee like beige shade. While greige is this mixture of beige and grey, that can throw some people off . But… here’s something to consider about this colour. Greige becomes a lot of people. Blue eyes? Grey eyes? Green eyes? Hazel eyes? Greige with work with all of those. Dark hair? Fair hair? All good. There are few colours that are this universal. Also, greige is subdued and elegant in a nice way. And it’s a good alternative to good old grey and beige, that we can all get tired of from time to time.


As Bobbi Brown is so famous for all the nude shades, greige should be a walk in the park like easy for this brand. Let’s see how it played out. After all, there’s a whole month of fall still in front of us. And greige is fall like, not too bright. Well, and it works all year round for those who like it.


There are so many fans of nudes out there, greige would be a good thing to try and add to your nude rotation, if that’s what you like and wear.


At the first glance at the collection, I can tell that Bobbi Brown decided to dilute greige with blue. Makes sense.


The highlight of Greige collection is this eye palette,



that’s enclosed in a grey blue fabric lined box, that proves my point about diluting the whole greige kingdom with blue 🙂



Textured fabric on the palette box looks pretty. I like it. Silky.


There are eight shades in this palette.



And the palette itself is rather small. Good 🙂 Compact and nice. And there’s surprisingly a lot of eye shadow in there for such a small little thing.



Anyway, there’s so much greige among these eight shades, some people might not be too happy about it. Four out of eight. On the other hand, greige fans should definitely exalt on seeing all this beauty.


Here’s what we’ve got.

Ivory eye shadow

IMG_3664 4IMG_3684 2


Ivory it is. An off white base shade.


Brown Haze Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

IMG_3664 5IMG_3684 3


The first greige of the batch 🙂 A rather brownish one. That is, there’s a lot beige in this greige, darker beige or lighter brown almost.


Twinkle Sparkle Eye Shadow

IMG_3664 6IMG_3684 4


A bunch of loose white sparkle


Slate Eye shadow

IMG_3664 7IMG_3684 5


You think it’s grey, huh? Nope. It’s the second greige. Very much grey in it though


Greystone Eye Shadow

IMG_3664 8IMG_3686 2


Greige again. Very light. With grey undertone kind of winning


Earth Metal Sparkle Eye Shadow

IMG_3664 9IMG_3686 3


Light brownish with golden sparkle


Greige Eye Shadow

IMG_3664 10IMG_3686 4


The most greigish of the greiges. Classically greige


Fog Eye shadow

IMG_3664 11IMG_3686 5


Medium grey. A little darker.


The eye shadow in this palette is of a good professional quality. Easy enough to use, layer and mix. The shades are wearable and understated. Once again though, if greige is not your thing, there might be too much of it for you in this palette.

IMG_3664 2



IMG_3664 2IMG_3684


IMG_3664 3



IMG_3664 3IMG_3686


Please, see all eight shades swatched side by side.



There are also three mono eye shadow colours in Greige collection. Believe it or not, no greige here 🙂



There’s Ivy 25







Medium marshy green, kind of darker

IMG_3709 2IMG_3731 2


Eclipse 1T







Black, just black

IMG_3717 2IMG_3731 3


Chocolate Caviar 2X







Deep dark brown

IMG_3724 2IMG_3731 4


No pearl, no shine, no sparkle. All these shades are darker and matt, all feel like smokey eye kind of shades. Please, see left to right: Ivy, Eclipse, Chocolate Caviar.



If you’re not interested in either the eye palette or the darker mono eye shadow, there’s also Cream Shadow Stick. I actually like this texture. It’s fast and simple. And Bobbi Brown formula of those is good.



Two shades.


Midnight 28



It’s this deep matt blue. Darker, but not navy blue.



My eyes aren’t blue, but this is a great blue shade.

IMG_3752IMG_3746IMG_3766 2


Even those whose eyes aren’t blue can try it. Don’t have to use it as an eye shadow. Can always try it as an eye liner shade. I think, this shade is a winner.


And… surprise 🙂 Greige 29



It is greige. Super pearly. Another beautiful shade, that will look good on all of us.



If you’ve never tried greige on your lids, this is the way to do it. Great for going out look due to all the pearl and shine.

IMG_3758IMG_3761IMG_3766 3


Here they are – Midnight and Greige.



Wow. I love both shades of Cream Shadow Stick in this collection.



We’re going to talk about eyeliners now, so here are two brushes that are recommended to use with them by Bobbi Brown.


Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush or Ultra Precise Eye Liner Brush



The name says it all. It’s very fine. And it’s a brush. As much as I don’t usually find such brushes working for me with eyeliners, this one might be actually fine enough to work.



The second brush is a multi task thing. Smokey Eye Liner/ Eye liner brush



Or else its full name is: Dual Ended Smokey Eye Liner/ Eye Liner Brush



Both ends are brushes. One is thinner and longer. The other one is wider and shorter. To me both can only be used for smokey eyes. I don’t see how anyone can draw a thin enough line with any of these 🙂



To the eye liners now.


Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner







I like this texture. Might be tough to use for those who aren’t that deft with lines though. Like me 🙂 Still like it.


5 Hunter Ink





Remember that marshy darker green mono eye shadow? This here is its perfect counterpart.

IMG_3829IMG_3853 2


25 Patina Ink





You don’t even see it in the jar, but once you run your finger or brush over it, it’s like this greyish eyeliner explodes with golden sparkle. Beautiful. And weird 🙂 I mean, you don’t see this colour eyeliner that often. To me, it’s a good thing.

IMG_3835IMG_3853 3


32 Dark Chocolate Ink





Dark chocolate. Once again – remember that deep dark brown mono eye shadow? Yes, this is a matching thing. Nice, but not nearly as exciting as Patina Ink.

IMG_3839IMG_3853 4


Here are all three:

Hunter Ink, Patina Ink, Dark Chocolate Ink



More eye liners? Really? This fall IS all about the eyes, I guess.


Intense Pigment Liner



Professional product



Three eye liner shades in a small little box. To me, these are tough to use as eye liners, unless you’re a professional or really good at lines and arrows. These could be great smokey eye sets though, if you like this kind of thing. There are three shades. And then three shades in each 🙂







The three shades are:

IMG_3948 3IMG_3950 2

Lighter brown


Deep robin Hood like green


Super dark rich chocolate brown

IMG_3948 2








The shades up close.

IMG_3962 3IMG_3969 2

Navy Blue


Blue – another great blue shade. This collection is called Greige, but it’s got some nice blue in it, so keep your eyes open, if you enjoy blue shades in makeup. They are hot this fall.


Brown – really? Brown with blue, huh? Personally, I’m not sure about this combo.

IMG_3962 2



Black Plum





Here we have:

IMG_3980 3IMG_3986





Ink purple

IMG_3980 2

IMG_3986 2


These eye liner sets are interesting, super small and compact. If you use these as eye liner, there’s a lot of product in here. Still, I think, it everyday life, not in professional makeup, smokey eye look is a good use for these.


Finally, after we’ve seen all the eye shades, we get to the lips.


This season we have four shades of Rich Lip Color by Bobbi Brown. I have three as of now. Ordered the fourth one, waiting for it to arrive, will add it hopefully, in the next couple of days 🙂


Although this lipstick is called Rich Lip Color and promises extra comfort for our lips, to me it doesn’t feel nourishing. Or extra rich. What it feels like is a damn good classic cream lip colour formula. You know, it’s this ultimate lipstick. Not too creamy and heavy, not light, not too shiny, velvety, womanly, sexy. No scent. Good lipstick formula. Well done.




To the shades now:


2 Old Hollywood



Old Hollywood is all around me, when I see this bright and truly red shade. Not too dark, not too light, not too orange, not too pink, not too purple.



It’s red the way they used to wear it in Old Hollywood times. Fetish like red lipstick shade.

IMG_3878IMG_3927 2


16 Crimson



Now, this name is misleading to me. When I hear ‘crimson’, I see raspberry. This here is purpley.



It’s this really alluring Burgundy shade. Plum and yummy. Darker and vampy. In promos it looks like red brick. Well, it’s not. Not at all.

IMG_3902IMG_3927 3


11 Rose Blossom



Where’s rose?



This shade is mauve like. It might be pink, but with a good portion of purple mixed in. Actually, I’d go as far as to say it’s a lighter purple shade with a strong pink undertone.

IMG_3916IMG_3927 4


8 Bikini Pink



Now, when I hear Bikini Pink, I picture a super hot fuchsia pink bikini. I mean, I don’t know about you, but beach and sun and bikini itself makes me think in the bright direction as opposed to what I see right here.



I see a very calm and light and nice, almost nude like pink. Almost beigey, but not quite. With a very small bunch of loose sparkle here or there. It’s a nice shade, how is it Bikini Pink though?

IMG_4822IMG_4831 2


The lip shades are gorgeous, but how do they correspond with all the greige and darker blue eye colours and smokey eye look? I don’t know. I think, they don’t 🙂 It’s like, there are beautiful eye shades in the collection and beautiful lip shades, but they don’t really go that well together. Better worn separately, I’d say. It’s not like it’s a big deal, but I like it, when collections are better rounded and matched.



Ah, well, I can come up with some nice eye shades to wear with these lip shades (in the swatch here: Old Hollywood, Crimson, Rose Blossom, Bikini Pink), and some gorgeous lip shades to wear with all the greiges and blues and greens and browns.

IMG_3927 2IMG_3927 3IMG_3927 4IMG_4831 2


Now, after all the shades we’ve been through, what are we missing here? Right. Nail shades. There are two.





Of course 🙂



I won’t argue with it. It’s greige.



Darker beige with grey. Darker nude nail shade.



Now this shade is a good match for eye shades for sure.



And for beige and grey clothes.



Smokey Topaz



It looks like pearly and shiny greige. But on the nails it reveals more beige.



It’s more milk and coffee than greige.



And it’s pearly and shiny and has sparkle in it.



Why is it called glitter though? I have no idea 🙂 It’s not glitter.



Nail colour by Bobbi Brown is quite good. Easy to apply, stays on. The only thing worth mentioning here, there’s something in the formula that takes longer to dry than your average professional or luxury market nail colour. Don’t know what it is, but it’s there.


Greige is nice, but my heart goes all out for Smokey Topaz. Speaking about it, I don’t know if you have any smokey topaz pieces of jewellery in your collection, or if you’ve ever seen any. Well, if you do or have, you know, that smokey topaz is much darker than this nail shade 🙂 Another misleading name.


That’s that. Greige by Bobbi Brown. I think, it’s a nice fall collection. You can find something here for yourself even, if you’re not a fan of greige. Blue shades are gorgeous. Green shades are interesting. Smokey eye lovers can benefit from those mono eye shadows and intense eye liners. If you like classic creamy lipstick texture, don’t miss out on those Rich Lip Color shades. Well, and Smokey Topaz nail colour is ever so chic. Given all that, it’s a solid collection with a bunch of good stuff. Fall is on for another month, so let’s get comfortable and get  some of subdued elegance translated so well in this collection by Bobbi Brown.

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