ANNY Glittery New Year collection holiday 2015 swatched

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I like glitter nail polish, but it’s one of the things out there that I love, but almost never can wear, because I like full coverage on my nails. Sheer nail colour is so not my kind of thing. So, glitter nail polish – with rare exclusions to this rule – is something I crave for, but never get.


This holiday season, that technically hasn’t even started yet, ANNY released 6 nail shades. All are stated to have glitter effect. And as usual, although I know that glitter doesn’t work for me most of the time, here I am trying it out 🙂


The shades look good in the bottles 🙂


ANNY is a professional brand. And I rarely go for professional nail colour ranges, the exclusion to this rule is Deborah Lippmann. However, when there’s a beautiful collection like this one here, I pull out by Chanel base and top coat and dive right in. And as much as I’m not a fan of professional quality nail colour, with Chanel base and top coat it works just fine.


Anyway, here it is, Glittery New Year by ANNY.


732 look of love



It’s the first one of the batch I start applying, and on the very first coat my heart brims with hope.



It’s not really dead on sheer. Its basic colour is this happy red with a cherry like undertone to it and then there’s a panoply of colourful and holographic glitter, that just shines and shines and shines.



The second coat convinces me, that it’s a winner. It’s almost not sheer now, it’s this stunning Chritmasy red shade with crazily beautiful sparks and glints all over the place.



O-oh. I’m impressed, amazed and grateful. I give this nail colour a look full of love. It’s gorgeous. It’s holiday season. It’s Christmas. It’s all the good things.



734 pink kisses



I forbid myself to hope too much, but it’s not like I can really leash my joy. What if all these shades are like look of love? What if I will like them all? So, pink kisses.



For starters, the name is totally misleading. When I hear pink kisses, I picture a light pink Valentine’s Day like nail colour. I think, most people out there will have the same associations.



Well, now that you’ve pictured it, forget all about it. Because pink kisses is nothing of the kind. It’s this super bright fuchsia with fuchsia sparks. It’s not romantic. If anything, it’s super hot. And holiday like due to all the shine.



And guess what, it’s not sheer either. Two coats will give you full enough coverage. It’s a beauty. Going out kind of shade. Night clubby.



738 shake it take it



The nail colour shade proper here is this darker ink kind of purple, and then there’s this bright and vibrant lighter purple glitter. It’s not fine and small, as in look of love and pink kisses, it’s bigger and different in shape.



Really cool. Sexy. Darker. Artsy. Has going out written all over it.



If you like darker shades and want a little bit of a holiday twist on your manicure, this is it. What you need.



The fact that it’s darker though makes it more wearable and more versatile. It’s appropriate on more occasions, not just in a typically party setting. A gorgeous purple shade. Not sheer either. I rejoice 🙂



740 dress like a star



When I hear this name, I think it means dress like celebrities. But no. It means exactly what it says. It’s this black base shade with a stunning array of multi colour glitter. It’s like you dipped your nails in a starry night.



I love it so much. It’s such a perfect stark contrast of a darker shade and all this gleam and sparkle. And it does look so much like night sky and stars. What can be more holiday like than this?



Also, it’s a good way to come to love black or darker manicure, if you’re not a fan.



Oh, and of course, what’s great about it, is you achieve all this glory in one step. No top coats, nothing. Just two coats – and it’s all there. And it’s not sheer, it’s black. The glitter here is pretty small and fine again.



743 perfect artwork



Now, this is different than four other shades. It’s not a base colour shade with glitter in it. It’s like you take glitter and grind it to make it super fine, and that’s what the nail polish all consists of.



It’s a clear and nice bright blue shade with pink purplish sparkles that work just so great. And it’s like the whole surface of your nail, not just glitter, sparkles and shines and gleams. Awesome.



You’ll get full coverage in two coats. And you know how glittery nail shades can be rough and textured to the touch, well, none of these six shades by ANNY are.



The other thing you know is how hard it’s usually to get glitter nail shades off. It’s not the case here. They do come off pretty easy, all of them. Good job, ANNY!



745 present for you



This last one is not like the rest of the shades either. It’s this light bluish grey base full on colour with super fine, tiny pastel glitter – blue, green, pink, yellow.



You know, how some people consider glitter nail colour a little kitchy? This nail shade by ANNY is meant to convince them it’s nothing of the kind. It’s so delicate and elegant and nice and pretty and tender in a way.



You can wear it on any day and any occasions, whenever you feel like it. To the office, to the park, to a Sunday brunch, to a get together with your friends and yes, you can definitely wear it on some very special occasion, when you’re all dressed up, and you’ll look lovely.



This nail colour IS a present to all of us. And a damn good one, too. And as light this shade is, it’s not sheer either 🙂



I’m as happy as one can be here. There’s not much Christmas or New Year around me yet, but inside me it’s all Christmas and holidays and fun now thanks to ANNY and their Glittery New Year collection. This is makeup at its best. It’s what I love most about it. It’s not just makeup, it’s something that triggers all kind of feelings and emotions. Something that can carry me to any country, any place, any setting just like that. Something that in a second makes me feel like holidays and presents and all the happiness they bring with them. The holiday season is open for me with these six incredible nail shades by ANNY. Let’s celebrate!


P.S. Speaking about holidays, a post about Chanel holiday collection is coming up tomorrow 🙂 And then Dior holiday collection and those Estee Lauder big holiday sets in pretty cases, well, you know.

P.P.S. And yes, Ana 🙂 , a post about Chanel Rouge Coco Shine colour range.

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