YSL La Laque Couture the Mats swatched

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You know what? It was inevitable. The whole matt lip colour thing, that’s been going on for a while now in the makeup world, was just bound to drag along matt nail colour thing. Here it is. Givenchy released two matt nail shades in their spring collection this year. Chanel released matt nail colour top coat in their fall collection. And here we go – YSL releases four matt finish nail shades.


I can’t say I’m ecstatic about matt finish on either lips or nails. But some shades work well this way, and it makes total sense to me, that as long as we wear matt lip colour, we might as well try to pair it up with matt nail colour.


Also, as I’ve already mentioned before, I don’t really like flat top coats, that is, top coats designed to give any nail colour this matt finish. They change the shade big time by creating a blurry film on it to make it look matt. So, if we ARE going to go for matt nail colour, I’d say, I’d prefer matt nail polish proper to a respective top coat.


All that said, I’m curious to see what YSL has in store, as I do think their nail polish formula is quite good. There are four shades.


La Laque Couture Matte Finish 201 Le Rouge Mat



Well, for starters, this is a beautiful bright red shade. Not a dark red, but an ever so happy and radiant red.



The first thing that crosses my mind on seeing it is – I want this shade in glossy finish! That’s the kind of red I love so much.



I have to admit, it looks good in matt finish too.



And YSL has done a good job of this finish. It’s satiny and nicely luminous, as opposed to being just flat.



And this red is great. It’s such an elegant kind of red. Very pretty. Matt finish becomes it.



La Laque Couture Matte Finish 213 Le Orange Mat



Another happy and bright one. Orange.



I can’t say orange manicure is one of my favourites. And this one is definitely orange. Not coral, not peach. Vivid orange.



But if you do like this shade in nail colour, why not try this matt finish, as long as it’s trendy now.



Just like Le Rouge, this shade is not flat, it’s satiny and nice in terms of its look and feel.



And, maybe, while you didn’t like shiny orange nails, you’ll come to like this more subdued version – without the gloss. Who knows?



La Laque Couture Matte Finish 219 Le Fuchsia Mat



This fuchsia is very purple. Some people would actually say it’s not fuchsia altogether, they’ll say – hey, this is purple.



Medium purple. Quite bright, not dark.



The finish is the same in all four shades, obviously. Satiny.



There are a lot of fans of this shade out there. Many brands have shades of the kind in their permanent ranges.



This is an interesting matt take on the whole purple manicure thing.



La Laque Couture Matte Finish 270 Le Nu Mat



Now, you know, that I don’t even like nude manicure that much, but this shade here totally got me.



This satiny finish just makes it look so natural. It’s the ultimate nude nail shade. So velvety and lush and nice.



And the shade is somewhere in the middle, not too light, not too dark. Pinkish kind of beige.



This finish, man… Who would have thought, that matt finish goes so well with nude manicure? It’s a revelation to me.



I might come to like nude nails now. Makes me want to try other kind of nudes in this texture. Wow.



All in all, these matt shades are an interesting experience. And YSL nail polish brush is just so good, makes the application so easy. Here’s the thing to know about matt nail colour though. There’s something about it, that takes longer to dry than glossy nail colour. So, be careful and take some extra time.


I’ll say this, matt nail colour could never be my favourite, but it’s something to get to from time to time. For variety sake. I think I’ll do just that. And I love that red shade. And I’m definitely going to look more into the whole matt finish nude nail shades.

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