Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Raspberry Pink 11 swatched

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So, what makes this new lipstick by Bobbi Brown luxe? First of all, it’s bigger. Is that what luxury is? 🙂



Also, obviously, the more gold and shiny the thing is, the more luxurious it’s supposed to be 🙂



I like the fact this big golden plane is broken down by a black stripe in the middle. It’s a nice touch. Once I open it though, I don’t like that the whole upper part of the lipstick package is made of this matt black plastic.



The lipstick is heavy in my hand, heavier than what I’m used to in Bobbi Brown lip colour.


There’s a heraldic Bobbi Brown logo on the cap. The kind we do see sometimes on Bobbi Brown limited edition palettes.


The tip of the lipstick itself, the surface that’s designed to touch our lips, when applied, is bigger too. I guess, bigger IS a part of the whole luxury package, after all.

IMG_4865IMG_4878 2


Luxe Color lipstick has this bubble gum like sweet sour fruity scent to it. Not too strong. It disappears almost completely once you’ve applied it.


Bobbi Brown promises that this lipstick has extra hydrating and nourishing elements in its formula that will make our lips feel good. Well, it does feel nice and comfortable on the lips. I like the feel a lot. Also, it feels quite light. Not lip gloss light, but light enough for creamy lip colour formula.


You know, how sometimes in cream lipstick this soothing feel is achieved by it being even so heavy and full. This feels lighter on the lips and at the same time nice and comforting. It means, the feel is achieved by the components in its formula, as opposed to just an ever so thick texture. Good 🙂


The texture is typically cream lipstick. It’s not sheer. Gives you full coverage in a swipe. And has this subtle shine to it, just a touch.


The shade I got is 11 Raspberry Pink. Told you, I just can’t help but go for pinks to try out a new lipstick.



What the shade is really is an ever so hot pink with a little purple. It’s fuchsia leaning to pink. The shade is bright.



Raspberry? I guess, you could say that. Personally, I expect something darker and more purple, when I hear raspberry, but, maybe, it’s just me.


All in all, I do like Luxe Lip Color by Bobbi Brown. It fulfills its promise of extra something other than just colour. It’s one of the few brands that actually pulled the colour&care combination, that is so popular now. My experience with 11 Raspberry Pink makes me want to buy more shades. It’s a good sign. Maybe, I will.

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