Dior State of Gold holiday 2015 collection swatched

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Here it is, holiday collection by Dior. It’s always gold, when it comes to holidays by Dior. But this year it’s not that simple. Despite the name, it’s not really that gold. There is some gold in it, but also some other shades, that we aren’t even used to seeing in holiday makeup collections. Some shades reflecting trends of the season. And some gold, that looks gold, but proves to be not that gold, when inspected closely.


All the packaging is gold too. Traditionally Dior and very holiday like.


Also, the way it usually is with Dior, it’s a big collection, that has it all – eyes, lips, face, nails – covered and ready for this festive season that’s coming right up. So, let’s see what we’ve got here and, maybe, there’s something that we’ve been missing to round up that very special look or looks of ours, that we’re about to show the world on all the days of fun we have in stock.


Let’s go the way we go, when we make up and start with the face.


Here we have two powder shades.


In this opulent heavy golden package. Too golden and too heavy, to my taste 🙂


If in the years past you’ve been afraid of this powder shades, because they seemed too shiny and too sparkly to you, this is your year and your chance. Although both shades do look shiny, the sparkle in them is very fine, and it’s meant to make your complexion glow from within as opposed to shine on the outside like a Christmas tree.


The design of the powder itself, its textured surface is not the most stunning we’ve seen, but I kind of like it, because it’s not over the top. And it’s a nice way to play around CD logo.


This year Diorific powder is powder proper. That does its job as a base for the rest of the makeup. As opposed to a highlighter that can only be an adding touch on top of all other facial products.


The powder is soft and nice to the touch.


Diorific State of Gold

Illuminating Pressed Powder



001 Luxurious Beige



It is a very delicate beige.



Lighter rather than darker, but on the whole, rather universal. A nice shade to release as one of the two in your holiday collection.

IMG_5240 2IMG_5261


Diorific State of Gold

Illuminating Pressed Powder



002 Sumptuous Pink



Don’t be afraid of this pink.



It’s not too pink. It’s a flattering shade, that will look good on those, whose skin is very fair, or those, who have any sallow in their skin tone.

IMG_5248 2IMG_5261


The third face product in the collection is Diorblush in 866 Rose Sublime.



Diorblush is easy to use, layer and play with.



The shade is this medium pink.



It’s quite natural, but quite bright too. And has tiny golden sparks in it. Just like with powder, these sparks aren’t going to stand out, they’ll just illuminate your cheekbones. The shade is a colder pink with a distant touch of purple in it.



I like this shade, but it’s bright enough, where one has to be good with blush to make it work.


Please, see all three face shades swatched side by side. Left to right:  Diorblush 866 Rose Sublime, Diorific State of Gold Illuminating Pressed Powder 001 Luxurious Beige, Diorific State of Gold Illuminating Pressed Powder 002 Sumptuous Pink.


That’s that for the face. Eyes next.


Three products again.


Cream eyeshadow



I love cream eyeshadow in general and I love Dior cream eyeshadow formula. It’s well done. Soft and lush.



This holiday season Diorshow Fusion Mono is released in 631 Blazing.



Usually Dior releases off gold shades in cream eyeshadow texture in their holiday collections.



631 Blazing is kind of gold, but not quite gold. In fact, it’s beige with a golden sheen and heavy sparkle. Pretty 🙂

IMG_5172IMG_5176 2


Dior knows how to make these golden cream eye shades work. They just do. And this here is no exclusion to the rule. It’s sparkly and shiny and holiday like. At the same time, it’s not dead on gold. If you like beige and you want to try something different, this shade here might be a way to go for you.


Two more eye products are really ten 🙂 Because they are 5 couleurs.


Dior 5 couleurs State of Gold




576 Eternal Gold



Remember, I told you, that in this collection gold is not always that gold? That’s one of the cases, when it’s not really.



I can’t say I’m a fan of new Dior 5 couleurs formula. To me, there’s not enough pigment in these shades. I’d like to have to layer less to get the shade I see in the package. But then again, if you don’t like heavy eye makeup, maybe, it’s an advantage to you.

IMG_5190 2IMG_5190


Just as in the case of powder, I like these textured patterned design of the eyeshadow palettes. It reminds me of Christmas tree and stars and all the good holiday things.




Anyway, 576 Eternal Gold

Greyish green. Not bright. Rather muted. Elegant.

IMG_5127 2IMG_5138 2


Golden beige. More beige than golden. A posh red carpet eye makeup shade.

IMG_5127 3IMG_5138 3


Shiny light yellow. I love this shade. More of this, please 🙂 It just looks so good. So easy to light up your eyes and look. Being gorgeous is one swipe away from me with this shade.

IMG_5127 4IMG_5138 4


Purple with fine golden sparkle. Not crazy purple. Not too dark purple. Not plum. Medium purple.

IMG_5127 5IMG_5138 5


Smoky eye charcoal grey loaded with sparkle. Very Christmasy 🙂

IMG_5127 6IMG_5138 6


That’s one palette.


5 Couleurs State of Gold



886 Blazing Gold



Let’s see this one.




Darker pink. One of signature Dior eye shades. You might want to be careful with it, so as not to create red eyes effect. But it can look really beautiful on hazel eyes.

IMG_5193 2IMG_5198 2


This pink is so light it’s almost like white with just a whisper of pink to it. Especially with Dior eyeshaow being so loosely pigmented, in the first place.

IMG_5193 3IMG_5198 3


It looks like shiny yellow. But it’s really more of a beige with golden sparkle. More traditional than light yellow from the other eye palette.

IMG_5193 4IMG_5198 4


Dark greige with a golden sheen to it. A beautiful shade. Made for smoky eyes.

IMG_5193 5IMG_5198 5


And again charcoal grey with a whole lot of sparkle. Makes me want to pair it up with greige and do those smoky eyes 🙂

IMG_5193 6IMG_5198 6


Lips. It’s always lips. It’s all about lips. That’s what it seems, when there are eight lip shades in one collection by Dior.


This season there are two lips gloss shades and six lipstick shades.

Dior Addict Gloss

322 Sparkle



Dior does some version of this shade in lip gloss every year in their holiday collections. It’s usually gold. This time around it’s actually beige with golden sparks. A solid holiday take on nude lip, if eyes are your focus.



Dior Addict Gloss

972 Cult



Purple is winning over red this holiday season. So, it’s no surprise that we see this deep darker plum shade.



If you like plums on the lips, check it out.


Both lip gloss shades



swatched together:

IMG_5286 2


Diorific Mat comes in six shades.



Let’s consider it for a moment. It’s not the first year Dior releases Diorific lipstick on holidays. What’s supposed to be new about it this year, is this whole matt thing. Guess what though, it’s always been matt 🙂 It just wasn’t stated in the name. Naughty naughty, Dior.


Diorific is not my favourite lipstick. The texture is too firm for me. I’d like it to be softer. That said, it works just fine for brighter and full coverage lip makeup.


Diorific Mat 430 Radieuse



is this medium leaning to light pink.



Natural look like pink. With some purple in it. This shade will become a lot of us 🙂



Diorific Mat 540 Magique



is a coral pink.



More coral than pink. But not quite orange. Personally, I’d prefer to see this shade in a softer and more sheer texture. But there it is 🙂



Diorific Mat 580 Fascinante



is beige with some purple lingering in the background.



Another nude shade. The kind that doesn’t stand out, but creates a well groomed lip look.



Diorific Mat 590 Troublante



Plum it is.



Dark. Vampy. Especially as it’s matt.



Diorific Mat 750 Fabuleuse



is a darker bright red shade.



Hot. Old Hollywood like red.



Diorific Mat 770 Fantastique



is a vibrant pink. Cold pink.



Pinks are successfully winning over the holiday look. They are pushing red off the stage almost 🙂 So, getting a bright pink for this season is something to consider.



Please, see all six shades of Diorific Mat swatched. Left to right here I have: Diorific Mat 430 Radieuse, Diorific Mat 540 Magique, Diorific Mat 580 Fascinante, Diorific Mat 590 Troublante, Diorific Mat 750 Fabuleuse, Diorific Mat 770 Fantastique.



The finishing touch to our look is nail colour. Dior doesn’t disappoint, as they have four nail polish shades and one that I presumed initially to be a top coat. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though and go through nail colour proper first.


Diorific Vernis



454 Secret



Medium pink.



Somewhere in between, not too bright, not too light. Not too cold, not too warm.



Well balanced.



If pink can be elegant, this one here is.



Diorific Vernis



991 Mystere



This looks plum in the bottle. But when I apply it, it proves to be Dior’s take on Rouge Noir by Chanel 🙂



It’s black cherry.



Super dark. Super sexy.



A classic.



Diorific Vernis



951 Passion



Dior hasn’t done red brick in fall, when it was ever so trendy. So, I guess, they thought, why not go for red brick on holidays and catch up with this trend. Really, why not?



Red is still lingering in holiday collections.



It’s a holiday season classic. And everyone’s done all kind of bright red for holidays already.



So, red brick is quite a fresh way to do it. A nice one too.

IMG_5162 2


Diorific Vernis



227 Gris-or



No, it’s not golden grey, despite its name. So, don’t be scared 🙂 It’s not even golden greige. It’s a lovely golden cold beige shade.



It’s metallic, as opposed to the other three shades. I can’t say Gris-or is not streaky, but for a metallic it’s done quite well, better than metallic nail shades by Chanel 🙂



The shade is not as beautiful as I expected it to be, but pretty enough.



I like it. It’s a good way to do holiday manicure, if you don’t like bright nail shades.



Diorific Vernis 001 State of Gold



Well, for starters, this is yet again the gold, that’s not quite gold. It’s a mix of golden and platinum glitter. And platinum is really… right, silver 🙂



By the look of it, I went – it’s a top coat for other shades.



But no, it’s too thick in coverage to be a top coat.



Look, I applied it on Mystere, the darkest of the batch,



and it covered it completely.



Ok, so, it’s not a top coat 🙂 I try it on its own.



Uh, very nice.



Very delicate, sophisticated and holiday like. Good job, Dior.



My issue with such glittery nail shades is that they are usually so rough in terms of surface and texture. Well, I can’t say State of Gold is all smooth, I’d be sure to use a top coat over it, but it’s not too rough to the touch. I’m quite happy with its feel.

IMG_5010 2


That’s the whole State of Gold by Dior. It’s a well matched holiday collection with some things we’re used to expect and some new things aimed at covering new trends that keep showing up in makeup world. It’s not like this collection is a revelation, but it’s this good solid luxury market holiday collection with all luxury elements in place. And I like to have such collections handy, that I’m not ecstatic about, but can rely on in terms of quality and shades. Dior does it well. And guess what, when the holiday season is over, we’ll still be able to use these shades 🙂


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