Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette holiday 2015 swatched

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Every holiday season Clarins comes up with this 10 shade eyeshadow palette. It’s a lot of shades 🙂 Sounds like holiday to me.


Last year The Essentials palette by Clarins was leaning to purples. Well, it would be very trendy this year, when plums have invaded holiday season big time. But this year Clarins pushes back into neutral colour territory, which is what brand is mostly about, actually.


Let’s see the palette and try to understand what it is and how we can use it to the full this holiday season and then, hopefully, after it.


The full name of this palette is Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette Mineral & Plant Extracts. It comes in a classically Clarins red box with white lettering.



There’s a photo of the palette in the back.



As usual, the packaging of the palette itself is carton. Paper, pretty much. I don’t like paper packaging, but I understand, why Clarins does it. It’s consistent with their natural extract makeup concept.


This year the design of the packaging is awesome though. It makes me feel better about the paper part of it even 🙂



The packaging is this beautiful deep chocolate brown with a golden pattern. Wow.



The rubber band holding it together is still in place though 🙂


And we do get the dual ended eye brush again. That’s great. It saves so much time. I don’t have to look for the right brush, can just open the palette and get right to it.



One end is thicker and fuller, the other is slimmer, but both are basically eyeshadow brush kinds.



There’s also a chart with a guide of how to use the shades, although it’s not too detailed.


Clarins eyeshadow is on the softer side texturewise. Sometimes it’s even too soft for me, because it gets hard to control it and apply it exactly where I want it, as opposed to everywhere around. It’s a matter of personal preference. If you like softer eyeshadow texture, it’s your kind of thing.


So, the shades.



Ten of them. At first glance I see some neutrals and then some smoky eye potential here.

IMG_5407 2



First we have this pretty pale pink, which unfortunately turns into an unintelligible off white base shade, once swatched. Oh. Pity.

IMG_5407 3IMG_5432 4


A light cold pearly beige, which is very light in coverage too. There’s just not much shade there. It’s under brow highlighting kind of shade.

IMG_5407 6IMG_5432 5


Then we have beige leaning to greige. The third shade that’s very loose in coverage. It takes a lot of effort and layering to bring out the shade.

IMG_5407 7IMG_5432 6


A bunch of golden sparkle that’s not too loose. A holiday touch, for sure.

IMG_5407 8IMG_5432 7


Another beige that’s darker and has more brown in it. Not too bright either.

IMG_5407 9IMG_5432 8


Those were the neutrals.


With this next shade we’re stepping into a darker and more sultry territory. Pretty chocolate brown. Intense, but not too dark.

IMG_5407 10IMG_5432 9


Khaki with some golden pearly sheen to it. Another shade, that’s in tune with the whole holiday mood.

IMG_5407 11IMG_5432 10


Grey. A darker grey. Matt. Not too dark though. Not charcoal grey. Not the kind you can mix up with black.

IMG_5407 12IMG_5432 11


Now this is black. Matt black. Has smoky eyes written all over it.

IMG_5407 13IMG_5432 12


Darker violet, pearly in a delicate way. Not plum. Violet.

IMG_5407 14IMG_5432 13


Please, see more swatches of the Essentials.

IMG_5407 5

IMG_5432 2


IMG_5407 5IMG_5432 2


IMG_5407 4

IMG_5432 3


IMG_5407 4IMG_5432 3

Ok, so what do I see in this palette? For starters, I don’t like that three shades are so minimally pigmented. Even if it’s a light shade, there should be colour to it. Otherwise it comes off white on the lids. I don’t appreciate losing three out of ten shades in a palette.


Then there are a couple of beiges, colder, warmer, for a natural nude look. That you can always top with golden sparkle to give it a little bit of a holiday twist.


Then there’s the smoky eye look going on here. Black, grey call for smoky eye classic. You can throw in this violet shade to make it special.


Or you can go for brown and khaki and do smoky eyes with these two. If you’re wearing a golden dress for Christmas or New Year, or if your eyes are brown or green, this will be perfect. If you’re feeling really festive, this golden sparkle can be added here too.


Having thought through all these possible looks, I can say that the palette is not special. It’s not like we’ve never seen anything like it before. But… it does a good job of combining nude and smoky in one and even giving some options along the way. Especially if you travel for holidays, it’s nice to have something like that to give you some room for imagination. The drawback here is that the palette is not small. It’s actually bigger.


All in all, The Essentials by Clarins this year aren’t bad. I’m not ecstatic, but I’m not sorry I got them. I’m sure I can use them and have some fun along the way 🙂 And yes, they will come in handy after the holidays are over.

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