Deborah Lippmann Concrete Jungle swatched

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Concerete Jungle 20375 by Deborah Lippmann is an online exclusive nail polish shade available on Deborah Lippmann website, but not in the stores. Well, for starters, this Jungle is not really Concrete. It’s just jungle. It’s this lush brown green shade. Green Khaki shade. Now, I don’t even like khaki. I prefer brighter green shades on my nails, generally speaking. But this shade here is really something.



It’s as good in terms of quality as Deborah Lippmann nail polish usually is. Easy to apply, easy to wear, doesn’t damage nails, lasts, all good things are right here, in this little bottle.



It’s crème in texture. That is, there’s no sparkle, no pearl in it. It’s a classic even colour coverage nail shade.



What got me though is the shade itself. It’s green. Not stand out, scream in your face kind of green, but subdued khaki green. Not too dark, not too light, just perfect. So well balanced. Looking at it I can see all the green of the jungle.



It’s a very sophisticated shade. A good thing to mix and match with all those nudes, beiges and greiges we so often wear in nail polish territory. It’s fall and steering towards winter, so Concrete Jungle will come in handy with all the coats and nature colour clothes we’ll be wearing: brown, camel, you know, all that stuff.



The simple truth is, Deborah Lippmann did the kind of khaki here, that totally got me hooked. So elegant, womanly, serene, so chic. I’ll be coming back to this shade.



Oh, and Christmas is coming. And what can be more Christmasy than green? And if green manicure is just too much for you, Concrete Jungle is what you need.



This shade is not too on the nose green, but it definitely makes me think of Christmas trees and all the beauty that’s already showing up in our streets. Makes me feel wintery. In a good way. In a cold outside but warm inside way.



What a pleasant surprise this shade is. And what a nice lead into this holiday season.

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