Deborah Lippmann Roses in the Snow swatched

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Deborah Lippmann Roses in the Snow is a holiday edition nail polish set by Deborah Lippmann. Remember I told you in my post about Givenchy Les Nuances Glacees holiday collection, that this collection is probably the most snowy and holiday like of all I’ve seen so far, but there’s also this one thing, that’s as full of holiday feel? Well, this is it. Roses in the Snow. Nail polish duo. But before we even get to the shades, look at this. I mean, LOOK AT THIS.



How beautiful is that? How Christmasy and how snowy? I love it. It’s stunning. Marvellous. It lifts my mood right up, even though it was good to begin with :-), and sets me all up and ready for the holiday season.



The tiny little nail polish bottles – fashion size, as Deborah Lippmann calls them – look so cute in the snowy tray. O-oh.



Well, once we’ve admired the design, let’s get to the functional part of it all. That is, to the shades.



Before we do though, let me just say, that I usually find the quality in these smaller Deborah Lippmann bottles not as high. Or, maybe, it’s just the tiny little brushes, that aren’t that efficient? Well, these two here are Ok in this sense. I mean, I can get them on pretty easy. And once they are on, they are as great as any Deborah Lippmann nail colour.


So, there are two shades meant to go together, obviously.


Modern Love is a greige shade.



Or, else, it’s a clever mix of beige, grey and some mauve.



It’s a very nice and elegant well balanced shade.



If you like nudes in your manicure, you’ll probably love it.



I think, it’s a very appealing shade that will go well with most complexions and skin tones.



And look good but different on most of us.



To go with this calm and nice shade we have Some Enchanted Evening.



How very holiday like 🙂



This one is glitter. Pink. And different sized. In transparent base, and it’s too loose to wear it on its own, so, I’m showing it to you over Modern Love, the way it was intended, actually.



It has a panoply of tiny little sparkle in it and then a handful of bigger glitter.



It terms of colour, it’s reddish pink.



Crispy and Christmasy.



Now, I have to tell you, the combination of greige and reddish pink is not too common. It’s not the first thing that jumps to mind. So, I think, there will be some people out there, who’ll say – hey, this doesn’t match! I feel it’s a fresh combination though after all the golden flaky top coats we’ve been seeing in holiday collections for years.


The name of the set itself, actually, presupposes the kind of combination, that’s not too common and obvious. Roses in the Snow.


This set is something off the beaten track. And I love this. It’s sparkly and shiny and gorgeous. And as the base shade is rather neutral, the final result is shiny without being over the top. It’s like nude manicure dressed up for holidays going all out and having all the trimmings now ready for this big and very special occasion.


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