Givenchy Les Nuances Glacees holiday 2015 swatched

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind, when you think Christmas? Uh-huh. Snow. Even if you live in a place, where it’s way too warm to get any.


Holiday collection by Givenchy this season is celebrating snow in all its forms. The design on this collection is the most snowy on the market.


Well, there is this one other super cool and super snowy thing out there. The review for that one is coming soon. Now back to Les Nuances Glacees.


This collection is typically holiday in a way that it’s small and cozy. There are only four products: an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick, a mascara and an eyeliner. Let’s take a look.


We’ll start with the palette. You’ll see why. Ready?


Givenchy La Palette Glacee



Nuances Glacees

Palette Yeux

6 Couleurs



I don’t generally like white packaging, if you’ve read some of my posts, you know that much 🙂 But Christmas time is coming. And this thing here… stunning. It’s white, it’s sparkly, it’s like a snow pile, like fluffy snowflakes, like holidays. This palettes is, in fact, holiday season personified. Love it. Good job, Givenchy.



It opens by hitting a typically Givenchy button on the side, only it’s white.



The inside is all white too.



Oh, and the brushes are white. Is this a great holiday edition of what?


These two brushes and the same and they are spongy eyeshadow brushes. The stem is very short though for the palette to accommodate the two.



The shades look all brownish and sparkly in places and nice. And very complimenting.

IMG_5461 2



The quality and texture are Givenchy level, that is, quite good, in my opinion. To me, Givenchy is not the best in terms of eyeshadow quality, but they are above the middle ground of luxury market quality, closer to the top, actually. Quite soft, but not too soft. This eyeshadow feels good.


Six shades.

First we have some brownish kind of shade with some greige waving hello in the background and quite a bunch of pink golden sparkle. This shade will look good on so many people. I can just hope the rest of the shades are going to be the same way.

IMG_5461 5IMG_5469 4


Then there’s what looks coral or even orange in the palette. Well, in case you’ve been wondering – just like me – why this shade is even part of this palette :-), it swatches ever so light, giving off only little colour. It has a distant beige coral shade, but it really is a base shade for the rest of the palette.

IMG_5461 6IMG_5469 5


Then there’s this golden shade, but it’s a clever kind of gold. It’s not just gold, it has a brownish hue to it, which gives it a new level of sophistication and lush feel as opposed to super bright golden sparkly kind of feel.

IMG_5461 7IMG_5469 6


Then there’s this matt chocolate brown with some bronze undertone to it, but this undertone is truly under, it doesn’t win over the whole shade. Warm and nice. This brown is a rare thing, because it’s not too dark. Brown eyeshadow has a tendency of going right off the cliff and into a way too dark territory somehow 🙂

IMG_5461 8IMG_5469 7


And then here we go, finally, the snow thing continues in this white sparkle shade. There’s just a mist of white to it and then all the while and silver sparkle. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, in case you’re tired of all the traveling this holiday season, but are supposed to go out there and have fun upon your arrival, there’s nothing to make you look all fresh as this shade. It works. Trust me. I’ve been though it myself.

IMG_5461 9IMG_5469 8


The last one in the palette is this light brown shade that gives off a bronze sheen, when swatched. A very warm shade. Pretty and elegant. A good counterpart for the other shades. And this bronze shine definitely makes it feel very holiday like.

IMG_5461 10IMG_5469 9


Wow. That’s one awesome palette right here. Don’t get thrown off by the whole brown theme. More people can benefit from it than just those whose eyes are brown. Green eyed beauties will look spectacular wearing these shades. And blue eyed two. Yes, blue eyed. I’d drop the matt chocolate brown and the base shade, if your eyes are blue and then dig right into the remaining four shades. You’d be surprised at the result you’ll get.


Please, see more swatches of the palette.

IMG_5461 3

IMG_5469 2


IMG_5461 4

IMG_5469 3


I’m just going to keep on with the holiday eye look 2015 by Givenchy here.


I’ve been holding back on getting their new Liner Vinyl that came out this fall in black and got to be part of Givenchy permanent range. I was waiting for a limited edition to show up, and here it is.


Liner Vinyl in 4 Bronze Glace



The packaging is all thin and sleek and black.



Golden lettering on the tube is part of the holiday design.



A common liquid eyeliner thin brush. Now, I don’t know about you, to me it’s so not the best option. But it’s a classic, so, many people have been using it for a long time. So, there must be something about it for some of you.



The shade is not just dead on bronze, which would be a disappointment to me. It’s this beautiful brownish gold shade. So flattering. Across the board. Anyone can wear it and look beautiful.



A nice addition to the eyeshadow palette. Pair it up with those shades.



Noir Couture Volume

3 Taupe Glace


So, we have this standard Givenchy Noir Couture Volume mascara black textured packaging. Cool.



And a cool textured black tube of the mascara proper. Very edgy.



It’s a mascara that promises volume, right? So, we have here this brush with a big blob in the middle and running to the very back of the brush.



Is this blob really supposed to give any volume? Well, I don’t know about you, it doesn’t give me any. It just makes it hard to evenly distribute mascara on my eye lashes. So, personally, I don’t like it. It doesn’t give me enough volume or length or whatever else I want from a mascara. It’s not comfortable enough to use for me.


But then I look at the shade of the mascara, and guess what, I’m ready to put up with the brush. Remember my post called Black mascara versus brown mascara, where I was, basically, making a case against brown mascara and in favour of black? You can read it for more detail on that.


Well, this here is different. It’s not just dark brown. It’s this pretty and appealing lighter brown shade with a little bit of beige and, maybe, even greige, to it to make it just so damn good.



I mean, this shade is a becoming one. Especially for green eyes and blue eyes. Brown eyes too though. This is a great shade to go with the eye liner and the eyeshadow palette. It’s just an awesome way to round up our eye look. It’s very holiday like, but not over the top. And all three eye products are so well matched. Finally, I see in a collection a look that’s supposed to be behind any collection, actually.


The last beautiful touch to the whole collection is one shade of Le Rouge lipstick in limited edition packaging.


Here it is.



Le Rouge 320 Rouge Glace



Behold. It’s the same snowy sparkly beauty on the tube as on the stunning white eye palette.



It’s a perfect match. And a perfect holiday choice. I can feel snow on my cheeks just looking at this thing.



Seriously, this eye palette and lipstick by Givenchy are the best holiday design of this season in luxury market, in my opinion, along with Meteorites by Guerlain. Awesome. If you haven’t seen this year Meteorites just yet, you can take a look in my post called Guerlain Neiges and Merveilles holiday collection 2015 swatched


Don’t forget, in case you’re scent sensitive, that Le Rouge has a strong enough makeupey scent to it, that doesn’t really go away, or at least, lingers for quite a while. It’s a tough one to pull and wear for me, personally.


The shade is called Rouge Glace, it’s actually an elegant and quite a rare kind of shade. It’s pink with some red to it, maybe, in the background.



All in all, it looks like a calm and nice pink, bright enough, but not neon, not fuchsia, not bright to the point of no return. Not purple.



It’s a becoming pink. Womanly pink. Pretty pink. Classy pink. Love it as much as the packaging.



When I look at this palette and eye liner and mascara, I see and feel holidays coming up. And it makes me very happy. Especially as this fall was a little bit of a disappointment to me in terms of makeup collections.


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