NARS Private Screening fall 2015 collection swatched

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Are you asking yourselves already, why I’m posting a fall collection right now, when holiday collections are out and all over the place already? I’ll tell you. This year in holiday collections luxury brands have gone a little bit off the beaten track in terms of shades. I mean, when we think holiday season makeup, we think – at least, I definitely do – red lips and golden eyeshadow and golden tone or some version of that. That’s the first thing that comes to mind for a reason. It’s become a classic.


Well, this season in luxury market we see plum and pink and purple and all kind of stuff. So, this collection by NARS, which is actually fall 2015 collection, is a good way to go for those, who still prefer a more classical holiday look. It has in it all you need to quickly put together that very special makeup for a very special occasion. Whether you like nudes or drama, it’s all here in Private Screening by NARS. Here, let me show you.


The first thing we have is this blush



4058 Tribulation



It’s a very becoming golden beige shade.



Not too gold. Not bronze. Just beige with a touch of gold in it adding this festive element to the whole look.



Golden face products are so overused, generally speaking, and so sparkly and stuff that they wind up being over the top most of the time.

IMG_0436 2


Well, guess what, this one is not.

IMG_0440 2


It’s the right way to do gold. It’s so good it almost makes me want to apply it all over.

IMG_0436 3IMG_0440


Moving on to eyes here.


Dual-intensity eyeshadow by NARS is, basically, a classic eyeshadow formula, and it comes in two shades. The texture is satiny and shiny, that is, just perfect for holiday makeup.


1938 Pasiphae is a stunning satiny golden khaki shade with a bunch of green sparkle.



I mean, what can be more Christmasy than this eyeshadow colour?



When I see it, I can’t help thinking about Christmas tree with all the decorations.



It’s a beautiful stylish green shade.



It’s a mono shadow too, so you’ll be done with your makeup in no time.



And you can go easy or heavy on it. Or use it as an eyeliner. I’d suggest to go heavy on this one. Bear with me, I have an option for you coming up, if you’re more drawn to nudes and neutrals.

IMG_0448 2IMG_0458


1937 Telesto



Ok, so, when I saw this one, I went like – oh, no, not the bronze again!



Well, it’s not. Thankfully.



It’s this lush and opulent golden brownish shade. Another holiday hit for sure.



It’s splendid. Very becoming. And reminds me of all the warmth and flames in the fireplace and Christmas lights.



Smoky eyes with this shade will be a killer for any of those parties you’re going to this holiday season. Such a great shade, and anyone can wear it – any eye colour, any complexion – and look gorgeous.

IMG_0455 2IMG_0458


And, yes, you can definitely combine these two marvelous shades in one dangerously beautiful look. 1938 Pasiphae is on the left here, 1937 Telesto is on the right.



If you’d like something softer in eyeshadow department, look at this. Together with their fall Private Screening collection NARS released a permanent range Velvet Shadow Stick.



Well, for starters, you know how much I love cream eyeshadow texture, that’s very sparing on our skin, more so than the classic texture even. And it’s an easy way to fast track spectacular makeup. All good things.


My suggestion for holidays is shade 8255 Hollywoodland



Isn’t that an awesome shade name? Hollywoodland. Anyway, it’s this really pretty and not too much kind of gold.



Although the texture is velvet, it has some shine to it, just not too much. Satiny shine. Incredible.

IMG_0477 2


This shade will go well with just any lip colour. Matt or wet shine. Bright or nude. Lipstick or lip gloss. Just anything, pretty much. Love it. Applying this shade alone will set you in the right mood for celebration.



Please, see the four products we’ve seen so far in this post swatched. Left to right here we have: Velvet Shadow Stick in 8255 Hollywoodland, blush in 4058 Tribulation, dual-intensity eyeshadow in 1938 Pasiphae and 1937 Telesto.


Lips now.

If you’re into dramatic look, here’s one for you.

NARS lipstick in 9306 VIP Red



You know how red brick for lips was ever so hot this fall? And how it continued a little bit into winter and holiday collections? And how we love red and deep red shades for lips for Christmas? Well, VIP Red has all those covered, believe it or not.



It’s a very interesting combination of red brick and cherry red.



An ever so nice red shade for holidays, if you want your lips to stand out.



Also, if you just happen to like reds, this might be a good one to grab for your collection.

Копия IMG_0498


There’s no way this glamorous red will be a miss at any special event in your life. The texture is cream lipstick texture with a sheen to it, but no wet shine to speak of.

IMG_0495IMG_0498 2


Suppose, you’re no big fan of bright lips? I have something for you too here.

Two lip gloss shades.


If you like straight on nude lip, try this one.



NARS lip gloss 1695 Chelsea Girls is as nude as it gets.



Beige nude. The ultimate nude lip.



No sparkle. Just wet shine. And you can control the intensity of colour here better than in lipstick and build from just a touch to full on coverage.

Копия IMG_0528


This shade is a great match for any of the three eye shades I’ve described in this post. It’s your pick.



Like softer lip colours, but don’t like nudes? Look what I’ve got for you here.



NARS lip gloss 1696 Baby Doll.



It’s a pearly pink shade. Perfectly in the middle. Not too light, not too bright. Has some sparkle to it, but not too much.



And isn’t the name Baby Doll cute? Right on the money for this shade too.

Копия IMG_0528


This shade is very appealing. And just like Chelsea Girls, it will match any of the thee eye shades. A very nice pink indeed.



Please, see both lip gloss shade swatched back to back. 1695 Chelsea Girls  is on the left here, 1696 Baby Doll is on the right.



And all three lip shades together: lipstick in 9306 VIP Red, lip gloss in 1695 Chelsea Girls  and 1696 Baby Doll.



The quality of all NARS makeup here is professional, not luxury. But it’s definitely good enough to have all your bases covered this holiday season. In fact, these seven products can produce a bunch of looks and makeup options. Accentuated eyes, accentuated lips, accentuated both, just anything. So that wherever you go and whatever you do for holidays, makeup won’t be a problem. This stuff is quite compact too, so you can bring it along even if you travel. Isn’t that great? I love it and can’t believe how wonderfully this fall collection by Nars fits in the holiday season.

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