Zoya Redbook Trio swatched

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Do you like red nail polish? Do you like it as much as I do? It’s a classic, right? Very womanly, very sexy, very everything. Well, if you do like it, you’re in for a treat. Especially as Zoya Redbook holiday trio is so much more than just red.



These three nail shades are a holiday edition by Zoya. We have two nail shades here and one sparkly top coat. Let’s take a look.



Renee is the red I promised you.



It’s not too dark. It’s bright and vibrant and super Christmasy.



It’s ever so elegant and womanly and cool at the same time.



I mean, even if you don’t generally wear red on your nails, what time can be better suited for it than Christmas time?



Yes. I know 🙂



Also, it’s such a classic it’s a good match for just anything, so you don’t have to bother changing you nail colour during the holiday season, when you have so many more interesting things to do.



Marjorie is this deep and sparkly Burgundy shade.



Dark. Sultry. If you want to go sexy for Christmas, and at the same time to be all holiday like, this shade is perfect.



It’s darker, but it’s loaded with sparkle. It’s not gold, so you’ll stand out from the crowd 🙂



If you just like darker manicure, you’ll probably really get into it.



Also, this shade is not too common. It’s not black cherry. It’s not Bordeaux. Really special.



And all this shine and sparkle looks really good in a darker shade.



The third shade in the set is Cindy.



If you just apply in on your nails, you’ll get very little colour. Just some golden sheen and an ever so loose bunch of bigger holographic glitter.



But see what happens, once you apply it over Renee.



Isn’t this beautiful?



Isn’t this Christmas?



Classic red all of a sudden turns into this golden red beauty with bigger glitter here and there.



It’s like my nails magically got decorated together with all the Christmas trees and homes and streets and everything around me. Magnificent.




Ok, now let’s try it over Marjorie.



Oh. Stunning. Golden Burgundy. Golden sheen.



And all the sparkle stands out big time against this Burgundy background.



I think we’re all set here for at least one Christmas party. Right?



I mean, what more can you expect from holiday manicure? Santa Claus and elves would approve, I think. And not just them.




Wow, did Zoya nail it or what. They so did. Holiday season starts now with their Redbook Trio. All shades here are great. The red. The Burgundy. If you want more of naked manicure look, you can just go with Cindy on bare nails. Although to me, personally, it’s a top coat. A great one too. And then the red and the Burgundy topped with Cindy are two more separate shades to enjoy on this very special time of year.


You’ve just got to love it, when someone does something really right.


These three bottles give us so many possibilities. Just think about it. You don’t necessarily have to top all your nails with Cindy, you can top only some of them creating spectacular nail design look. You can even combine all three shades in one manicure. After all, if you’re going to try something like that, holidays are the time for it, right?


  1. I just came across this article and it brings back memories. I was one of the contest winners to help name this trio. Marjorie was named after my mom . ❤


  2. Diane, I’m glad I could bring back some good memories. I remember that contest, yes. Marjorie is a beautiful name. I’m glad you won. Diane is a beautiful name too, by the way 🙂


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