Givenchy Noir Couture Volume holiday set swatched

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Holiday season is here, it’s open, and we’re getting all those sets we’re getting pretty much every holiday season. There are so many of them. And they are so beautiful. Still, we have to take our picks. Well, when in comes to Givenchy, we did get all those sets with full size lipstick and mini mascara and full size mascara and mini lipstick and stuff this year, but my heart all goes out for this holiday eye makeup set in a very unholiday like flowery packaging. Very stylish, very Givenchy, shaped like a purse, that can be saved to keep some of the makeup in.



I have to admit this flowery pattern is a nice distraction from all the snowy holiday stuff.


Inside there are six eyeshadow colours, mini mascara and mini eye pencil. Nice.



The eyeshadow looks pretty and interesting, that is not just like all those other eyeshadow sets we get every holiday season. Let’s take a closer look and see what they are all about.



First we have this charcoal grey with some sparkle in it. Holiday like smoky eye shade.

IMG_5523 2IMG_5557 9


Then there’s this awesome burgundy like shade. Leaning to red, not purple. This shade looks beautiful on brown eyed beauties. And green eyed ones. Try it, you’ll see.

IMG_5523 4IMG_5557 8


Great khaki green. For once khaki is not too dark and not too golden. It’s the way khaki should be. A very complimenting shade for brown and green eyes. And if your eyes are green, and your hair is red, forget it, this shade will turn you into a dangerous seductress.

IMG_5523 5IMG_5557 7


Light beige loaded with sparkle. This is a great combination of a light and shiny romantic shade and a whole bunch of holiday like sparkle. Very rare. Very pretty.

IMG_5523 7IMG_5557 6


Subdued gold. Pearly Elegant. Darker as opposed to super crazy shiny.

IMG_5523 8IMG_5557 5


Light pearly silver with some sparkle in it. A good way to do festive silver. Not dark and sultry, but happy any glowy.

IMG_5523 9IMG_5557 4


These six shades have so many combination wrapped in them. Charcoal and silver. Beige and gold. And believe in or not, I want to do red Burgundy and khaki look. Whatever your combination is though, it will be a good one. And holiday tuned.


Please, see more swatches.

IMG_5557 3

IMG_5557 2




There’s a dual ended sponge eyeshadow brush to help you apply the eye shades.


And then there’s also a mini eye pencil in black.



Givenchy Magic Kohl.



It’s very small, but efficient enough, where it does it job, if you need contouring.

IMG_5551 3


Also, there’s mini Noir Couture Volume mascara.



The brush is full size, only the stem is shorter, so it’s comfortable enough to use.



Now, mascara brushes with this blob in the middle are not my personal preference. I like brushes that might be bigger, but evenly big all over. If you like Noir Couture Volume though, it’s an extra bonus for you.

IMG_5551 2


To me this set is all about the eyeshadow. These shades are just so good. Just when I started thinking most holiday sets are useless. It’s like the design is all beautiful, and I get them, and then wind up never using them. You know how it feels. These 6 eyeshadow colours though definitely make me want to get all over them. Good sign 🙂

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