Chanel Le Vernis 767 Fraicheur swatched

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Chanel 767 Fraicheur limited edition nail polish shade is obviously a tribute to Chance Fraicheur perfume by Chanel. Chance Fraicheur is green, right? I mean, the box and bottle and all. Well, so is Chanel Le Vernis 767 Fraicheur.



It’s this fresh and crisp green. No blue in it. Just green. Pretty bright. I can’t say it’s the brightest green nail colour I’ve seen. But if you don’t wear green, this one is probably too bright for you. It’s cream, that is, no pearl nor sparkle to it, just even colour coverage.



Now, I have to tell you up front, I’m so-o prejudiced here. I love green nail polish. It’s really hard to make one I won’t love. It did happen though. More than once 🙂


Well, this one is very much in tune with Chanel Fraicheur perfume. It’s girly, young, fun, sporty to an extent, vigorous. It’s a very good job Chanel has done in terms of translating perfume DNA into a nail shade.



The quality is good. Chanel like. One of the best nail polish formula in the luxury market for sure.



This green is a welcome distraction from our usual nail colour routine. From all the reds and nudes and corals and purples and whites. It’s like a breath of air. Freedom, that’s what it is. From stereotypes, from boredom, from the usual.



Wearing white or beige? Fraicheur by Chanel is a good way to introduce a little bit of a zest to your look.



What is it about green nail polish? I don’t know. It’s off the beaten track, that’s for sure. It’s so versatile. So many shades. And they are as different as they get. It’s a whole world of shades, in fact. From the most timid and subdued once to crazy bright and sultry dark. You’ve got it all right here. In this one colour. That’s what I love about it. And Chanel Le Vernis 767 Fraicheur is a good addition to my collection. I’ll enjoy wearing it. I wish it were part of Chanel permanent range.



Think about it, even if you’ve never tried green on your nails before, maybe, it’s time for something new?

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