Zoya Hot Lips Luvie and Heatwave swatched

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Zoya Hot Lips is an addition to Zoya nail polish range, that I happen to love. I think Zoya nail colour formula is one of the best out there on the market. It’s professional, which means a lot of shades, a lot, really. And it’s great qualitywise. It has all my favourite things combined in it. Easy to apply, lasts, shines, sparing on the nails.


My love for Zoya nail polish is what motivated me to try their Hot Lips range. Let’s start by establishing it’s not really a lip gloss. If we read into what is stated on the tube, here’s what we see: Hot Lips glossy lip balm.


It means, I’m not going to just look for gloss and shine here, but also for this soothing balmy feel. Well, I hope I find it 🙂


I have two shades here. Lighter and brighter, pretty much. I’ll start with the lighter.


ZLHL11 Luvie



The tube is plastic, light in my hand and really very small. Seriously, I could fit this into a clutch. Isn’t it awesome? I happen to think it is. As you know how it usually goes with clutches and lipstick tubes. So, as it’s a tube, it means, you just basically squeeze this glossy balm out.



You have to press pretty hard to get it out, actually, which helps to avoid the accidents, when you squeeze out a third of the tube in one push, and it creates a total mess. Yes, we’ve all been there 🙂



The plastic applicator is smooth, rounded and comfortable to use.

There is a rather delicate and distant fruity berry scent to Hot Lips glossy balm. It’s not the strongest scent that you can come across in lip colour world. Frankly, I’d lose it, just because I just don’t need any scent in lip colour, I’m pretty sensitive this way, but it’s not intrusive, I don’t react to it badly, and it disappears a minute or two after you’ve applied. So, for me it’s all good.


Guess what? It does feel like balm on the lips. There’s more to it than just gloss, which is definitely there. It does shine on the lips. There’s this balmy soothing comfortable feel that comes with it. I love it. And it’s without it feeling too heavy on the lips. Splendid. That’s what a good lip balm should be. Glossy balm, I mean 🙂


Back to the shade now. ZLHL11 Luvie



is this pearly light lilac shade. This kind of light lilac can be not too flattering sometimes. Well, this one is. It’s light, it’s the right cool lilac colour, it has the right amount of pearl in it. Everything about it is right. It a perfect nude lip option too. It will go really well with smoky eyes and stronger and intense eye makeup. I’m usually careful about light purple lip colour, but this one is definitely a winner. When this shade is done well, it’s one of the greats.


The second shade I got ZLHL16 Heatwave is the bright one.



It’s described as coral red, so I was hoping it would be more red. But it proved to be a bright and nice shiny orange shade. It’s not what I expected, but it didn’t really disappoint me, as it’s a pretty and bright lip colour. A splash of shiny colour. Summery in a way, but will work all year round. If you like or would like to try bright orange on your lips, this here is so much better than dead on orange matt lipstick. So, go for it.



Please, see both shades swatched back to back. Luvie is on the left here, Heatwave is on the right.



This glossy balm by Zoya Hot Lips is so-o good. Zoya didn’t disappoint. It’s as good as their nail colour. You know what? I want more shades of Hot Lips. I want ALL shades. Yes, it’s that good.

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