Deborah Lippmann Money Now Sleep Later, Chain Reaction and Dream Weaver swatched

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So, what do these three shades have in common and why are they shown off together in one post? It’s holiday season. It’s Christmas. And all these shades are very special greens.


When I think Christmas, I just can’t help thinking green. There’s no escape from it. It’s everywhere. In Christmas trees and decorations and elf costumes. I happen to like green. And I think green can be a great option for holiday manicure. Especially if this green is not too common, not what we immediately think, when we hear green.


Yes, believe it or not, green can be sexy and elegant and super festive.


I’m thinking in terms of Deborah Lippmann, because her nail colour is good quality. As usual though remember – you can find these shades in your favourite brands, if you happen to like them.


Can green be sultry? Darker? Yes, it can be. Look here.



Deborah Lippmann 20121 Money Now Sleep Later is an aqua shade, really.



But it’s so unlike the aqua we’re used to seeing in summer makeup collections.



It’s hot. Mysterious. And ever so suitable for Christmas night or New Year night.



It will go well with black dresses without being just black. Actually, it’s the colour of the night sky, so it fits in perfectly.



There’s a lot of blue in it, so, if you’re a fan of blue, you might like it too.



Deborah Lippmann 20194 Chain Reaction is another pretty nail shade.



It’s a little bit more subdued in a way than Money Now Sleep Later.



It’s a green khaki shade. Medium. Not too dark, leaning to light, I’d say.



What’s great about it and what makes it go so well with holidays is that it’s a metallic shade full of sparkle.



It’s as if khaki had an explosion of gold inside. So beautiful.



Deborah Lippmann 20289 Dream Weaver is another take on darker green.



It’s more of a dark silver green than Money Now Sleep Later.



It’s close, but Dream Weaver has less blue in it.



It’s has some of chameleon quality to it bragging purple metallic shine in certain lighting.



Another good venue to explore for holidays, if you want something, that is not red, not gold and not purple, which seems to cover most of the options offered in luxury market holiday collections 🙂



Think about trying something bolder for all those holidays parties you’re going to. Or to some of them, at least. Manicure is the right area for experiment. With makeup I’d say – better safe than sorry, you know. Manicure though can help you with that very special and very you touch to the whole going out look.


It’s a good way to try something new and to find new love in nail colour world. Maybe, even more than one love. Who knows?

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