Chanel Le Vernis 675 Troublante swatched

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Chanel 675 Troublante  is a limited edition shade that is part of Rouge Allure collection. A handful of limited edition and permanent Rouge Allure, Rouge Allure Velvet, Rouge Allure Gloss, Rouge Double Intensite, Aqua Crayon and Le Crayon Levres shades and a couple nail polish shades.



So, I look at Chanel website and see this beautiful pink green nail polish shade in the photo. The colour chart square designed to show off the shade is divided in half, one part is pink, the other is green. I get all excited. I mean, how cool pink and green chameleon nail polish is? And when it’s by Chanel, by any luxury brand for that matter, they so rarely go off the beaten track of the shades that they keep releasing over and over and that are safe, it’s even better.



So, my excitement brimming, I order it online, get the delivery, pull the nail polish out of the box. And what do I see? Bronze nail polish shade. Metallic.



Where’s pink? Where’s green? Where’s anything close to what I’ve seen on the website? It’s just not there. At all. I mean, this shade is as different from the photoshopped website picture as they come.



I’m going to say it again here. It’s bronze. That’s all there is to it. Forget all about pink and green.



The quality is good. Chanel like. Bronze shade is metallic and shiny. There’s also some sparkle in it. But that’s all there is here. Really.



I mean, if you’re looking for a bronze nail polish shade, this is good, but it’s not the point here. The point is, there is a certain promise of a shade by Chanel, that has so not been kept. I haven’t been this disappointed in a long time. And Chanel of all brands. It’s just sad.



I’d like to forewarn you, so that you don’t have to suffer through the same kind of disappointment. Chanel Le Vernis 675 Troublante is bronze. Period. See the swatches before and if you buy.

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