Dolce & Gabbana The Essence of Holiday 2015 swatched

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Pre-holiday season continues with this collection by Dolce & Gabbana. I want to say first that I love the name. The Essence of Holiday. It’s a good reference to Dolce & Gabbana perfume – a new richer and stronger version of The One called The One Essence – that is good marketing. But it also makes us think about what holidays really are. What’s behind all these frills and trimmings, all the décor and hustle and shopping and everything. Why we love holidays so much. Who we want to spend them with. And how holidays make us feel. See what the right name of one makeup collection can do? 🙂


Dolce & Gabbana is pretty concise as usual. That is, there are not too many products in this collection compared to, you know, Chanel and Dior. Still, there’s more here than usual.


We have some face products, some eye products, some lip products and some nail products. Let’s see if Dolce & Gabbana makeup team managed to put a look together and how interesting and exciting this look is.


Face first. Two products here. One is an up to me, the other one is a definite down. Or is it?


I’ll start with the good stuff. Believe it or not, just when I think they’ve done it all over and over again, here’s something new by Dolce & Gabbana.


Shimmer powder. When I hear that, I imagine a big can of loose glittery stuff or a classic compact with some sheen and shine to it. Well, I’m wrong, obviously 🙂 Not in Dolce & Gabbana world, it’s not.


It’s a small square box. Cream eyeshadow like. Or even smaller. Gold and shiny. Hm. They grabbed my attention here, so I read on what it says on the box.



Uh-huh. Duo Creamy Powder Cheeks and Eyes


What?? Eyes?? Not exactly a base product, is it.


The shade is called Glow Light 1



Full of anticipation I get it out of the box and see a cream eyeshadow like pot.



And something creamy and sparkly inside by the look of it.



Ok. Open. Creamy stuff. Shiny and pearly and sparkly, but not too much.



The shade is nice and interesting. Lighter, but not too light. Beige infused with glow, with gold, but this gold is very exquisite and understated. Also, along with all the beige and golden shine there’s some delicate pink rose sparkle.



All in all, it all looks very natural to the eye. Not crazy sparkly.


They so got me here.


I swatch it. And here’s what I see.



Lighter beige glowy base and a whole bunch of golden sparkle. There’s actually more sparkle here than I expected.


The texture is creamy eyeshadow like, easy to apply. I like it.



What I like about the shade is that it’s not this heavy and almost suffocating rich gold, it’s light and bright, which is very becoming.


I tell you what, I can’t wait to wear this on my eyelids and cheeks, maybe. This is interesting. And great.


To the down now 🙂 The second face product in this collection is… a bronzer. My gut reaction is – oh no. Please. No.


Don’t we have enough bronzers in summer? They are all over the place. They are often used in excess. And when they are, they make us look tired and even older.


Why oh why release it in a holiday collection? I’m devastated.


Nonetheless, here it is.


Dolce & Gabbana

The Bronzer

Collector’s Edition



It’s a limited edition, at least. Makes me feel a little better 🙂



Ok, I admit, the packaging looks nice.



Dark and rich chocolate brown. I think last year we got the same in red. This brown box is nice and classy. And off the beaten track, because as opposed to black, brown is not used in makeup packaging and décor that often.


The shade is 25 Honey Matte



It’s a limited edition too. Ok, I like that too 🙂


In Dolce & Gabbana permanent bronzer range there’s Desert 20 and Sunshine 30.


Honey Matte is obviously somewhere in between.



It feels nice to the touch. Generally speaking, face products by Dolce & Gabbana are good. Especially their Creamy Foundation. It’s just awesome.


Anyway, Honey Matte is bronzy without being all the way bronze, which is something I appreciate. It’s truly a shade of sun kissed skin. If that’s what you want now or later on this year, go for it.



You know what, as much as I’m not a fan of bronzers being part of holiday season collections, this one proved to be a good one. Bronzer in general is not my cup of tea, but the shade is so good it can definitely be used for sculpting and contouring.

IMG_6337 2IMG_6360


Please, see both face shades for this season swatched side by side.



Shimmer powder is on the left, bronzer is on the right.

IMG_6352 2


I’m happy with what we got in face section here and hopeful about the rest of the products.


Eyes. Cream eyeshadow is what we have here. Three shades.



Cream eyeshadow is probably my favourite eye colour texture. The two other favourites would be classic powdery texture and cream eyeshadow in a stick.


Cream eyeshadow formula by Dolce & Gabbana is good and solid. Soft on the lids and stays on.



Let’s see the shades.


Dolce & Gabbana

Perfect Mono

Cream Eye Colour

25 Pearl Dust



My first reaction on seeing this shade is – isn’t it too close to Shimmer Powder shade that we can also use on our lids?



I’m going to take a closer look at Pearl Dust first and then decide.


25 Pearl Dust is a cool beige shade with some golden sparkle and sheen. Light golden sparkle.



It’s a nice holiday shade, if you generally like nudes. This is like nude took a holiday twist and turn. You’ll feel good in your own skin, as it’s not something way too outside your comfort zone, and look party like at the same time.



The key element to this shade is that it’s so light and, most importantly, so cool, which is rare in holiday season collections with all the lush warm golds and browns.



The other use for this shade that I can see is wearing it with bright lip. Even those of us who usually stick to neutrals in lip colour plane, often go for bolder shades for holidays. All the reds and purples and hot pinks – they all look good with understated eye shades. Pearl Dust is a good one. You can pair it up with any lipstick and look ever so good. The great thing about such makeup is how easy it is to do.



Oh, and getting back to the beginning, Pearl Dust is much lighter and more beigish than Glow Light shimmer powder. Glow Light is more gold and definitely warmer. And has more sparkle in it. Having tried both, I can say they are close, but not too close. Not the same. Glow Light Shimmer Powder is on the left here, Pearl Dust cream eyeshadow is on the right.




Take a look.



So far so good. Next shade, please.


Dolce & Gabbana

Perfect Mono

Cream Eye Colour

Antique Gold 117



Talk about all the lush golds – and here they are J Given I’m a little bit tired of them, as we get them every holiday season in more than one collection, it’s a holiday classic without any doubt. When we think holiday makeup, we think gold. Even if we see it way too often.



What can I say in its defense? 🙂 Antique Gold is not just gold. It’s a sophisticated take on gold. A more elegant and mature approach to it. It’s not a super shiny and cheap looking thing. It’s lush and hot and opulent. Darker.



If you have to do gold any of those times you’re going out this time of the year, you might want to think using this shade or something along the lines in place of usual sparkle. Especially if you’re wearing a gold, brown or beige outfit.



Holiday season makes me think of doing smoky eyes with this shade. It will be different and gorgeous. Very special.



Shade number three.

Talk about smoky eyes… 🙂


Dolce & Gabbana

Perfect Mono

Cream Eye Colour

150 Extreme Black



This is obviously for those who are actually going to do classic smoky eye look. Matt pitch black shade.



Well, first of all, it can be used as an eyeliner and worn with any of the other two shades. Yes, even with the light Pearl Dust. In fact, I like wearing light shiny shades with black eyeliner. It looks surprisingly good.



The other thing you can do with this black shade is give your smoky eye a little bit of a different holiday like direction. How? When you do smoky eyes, just top it with any of the two other shades. All over. Or in the middle. Or along the lash line. Yeah.



Now we’re talking. This smoky eye look is going to grab everyone’s attention, will be softer and look very festive. And it’s not been done quite as much as just smoky eye. But it’s as hot.



Okay. So, we’ve been through all the eye shades here. Left to right: 25 Pearl Dust, Antique Gold 117, 150 Extreme Black.



Going for the lip shades. There are only two.


First there’s a lipstick.


Dolce & Gabbana


Cream Lipstick



This is probably the most classic cream lipstick formula of all on the luxury market. And it has the most vintage powdery makeupey scent to it. The formula was relaunched not too long ago. And I like it better now, although it’s not my favourite.



The one and only shade Dolce & Gabbana released this holiday season is

Dora 628



It’s a steaming hot pink. Ever so hot and bright and vibrant like crazy. It’s so pink it almost looks reddish at times.



But… this is not the hot pink we’re used to seeing. It’s like they took a classic pink and heightened its brightness to the point of no return. You could call it modern day raspberry, if you like. Not a classic raspberry but this gloriously bright kind of raspberry. Pinkish raspberry. That’s what it is.



Reds have been a holiday classic so long they’ve been giving up their positions a little of late. Instead we started getting purples and bright pinks. This here is continuation of this trend.


This shade is sexy, and if you like pinks, it’s worth trying. It’s definitely a way to shake up those frosty holidays with a splash of colour. As red and gold have been done so-o much in holidays collections, I don’t mind seeing hot pinks and gold as a change of pace.


It’s a good enough match. And it’s different. And this pink is not too common. We’re more used to seeing the fuchsia side of pink. This is on the other end of specter. It’s an ever so warm pink. Super warm.



Don’t like lipstick? Prefer lipgloss? Here’s the one shade of lipgloss by Dolce & Gabbana for holidays 2015.


Dolce & Gabbana

The Lipgloss

Sheer Shine Gloss



Pearl Shine 40



I’m no big fan of Dolce & Gabbana lipgloss formula. I don’t appreciate the scent that’s too strong for me. But in terms of looks, it’s all good. It will give you the mirror gloss and shine and all you want from a lipgloss.


If on seeing the lipstick, you’ve been thinking – this pink is so bright there’s no way I’m wearing it – you might like this.


Pearl Shine is a sparkly loose shiny golden shade. Yes, it’s pearly. And very very light. So light it doesn’t even look too gold. It looks like a whitish cool beige shade with light golden sparkle.



Almost like a pearly transparent white with light golden sparks. It’s a very appealing and very versatile shade that can be matched up with almost anything. It can be nude with a holiday touch. It will look good with any intense eye makeup.



Well, and just as I want to top the black cream eyeshadow with golden or pearly beige shade… You know what I’m going to say now, right? I want to top Dora lipstick with this lipgloss. The result will be stunning. And it’s very much in tune with all the holidays and parties out there.



Just like with eyeshadow, this lighter gold on the lips is something I like a lot. It’s fresh and nice. And full of light and sparkle. And it will look different on every one of us bringing out our natural beauty.



Here are the two lip shades back to back.



Pretty 🙂

IMG_6247 2


To round up the look Dolce & Gabbana offers three nail shades.


Classic first.

Dolce & Gabbana

The Nail Lacquer

Intense Nail Lacquer



813 Antique Gold



Gold nail polish is as much of a holiday classic as gold eyeshadow. Gold is an ever so holiday shade. We see it all around us in all the holiday décor. It only makes sense that we got in the habit of using this colour in our holiday makeup looks.



Well, this particular gold is antique.



That is, just as in the case of cream eyeshadow, it’s darker and more sophisticated and complex than just shiny gold.



Still it’s a traditional gold nail shade, something we’ve come to love so much and wear so eagerly around this time every year.



And I love that Antique Gold nail polish can be paired up with Antique Gold cream eyeshadow. Very chic.



Very chic.



Next. Modern classic.

Dolce & Gabbana

The Nail Lacquer

Intense Nail Lacquer



627 Dora



Remember Dora lipstick? Uh-huh. What can be more classic than lips and nails painted one and the same bright and glorious shade for holidays? It’s old Hollywood posh. This nail polish and lipstick will easily provide a red carpet look. Especially if you’re going to dress up.


The shade is the same as Dora lipstick shade. This hot and bright pink. Lighter raspberry pink. Classic pink brought to a different level of brilliance and brightness.



I don’t know about you, I do like the good old lips and nails one shade formula.



You can see it as traditional and classy.



Or as decadent, if you’re into more edgy shades, generally speaking.



There’s something about it though.



There’s a reason why this formula has been standing for such a long time.



Dolce & Gabbana

The Nail Lacquer

Intense Nail Lacquer



104 Glow Light



I LOVE THIS SHADE! It’s as impressive as Glow Light Creamy Powder. The best way to describe it is to say it’s frosted beige. It’s light and bright and shiny and pearly and full of holiday feel.



This shade is rare. We don’t see it that often. Which is a good thing, because it means we aren’t fed up with it 🙂



It’s glowy. It’s like snowflakes and icicles. It’s soft and nice and pretty.



I want to wear this shade for holidays.



. It’s wintery pastel. It’s muted enough and beautiful to the point, where it will match any clothes and any looks, so I can wear it through days of holidays without having to change it till I come to want something different. And knowing me, I will 🙂



And once again, we have all those counterparts for this shade in the collection. Shimmer powder in Glow Light, cream eyeshadow in Pearl Dust, lip gloss in Pearl Shine.



I’d like to say real quick that I don’t really like Dolce & Gabbana nail colour formula after its recent relaunch. It’s too thick, and I don’t have enough control of application. Well, it holds true for Dora. But pearly shades – Antique Gold and especially Glow Light work better than Dolce & Gabbana nail polish usually does for me. So, on top of getting this stunning wintery shade you’re getting good quality.


Well, that’s The Essence of Holiday by Dolce & Gabbana. I have to say, I like their view of this essence quite a bit. This collection is well thought through, well matched, it all works together to create a look or several looks that I can see quite clearly here. These looks are special enough for holidays. And there are several beautiful things in the collection I love. Like, shimmer powder and Glow Light nail polish.


The holidays are almost here. What’s their essence? It’s up to each and every one of us to answer this question. Is the essence of holiday something that’s so deep it’s the same to all of us? Or is something special and different depending on our nature, tastes and outlook? Probably, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, as it usually does. Some part of the holiday essence is universal and unites us all. And then there are things we personally have come to attribute to holidays and expect from them.


Whatever it is, hopefully, the holiday season is going to be a happy one. And our dreams will come true, and in place of old dreams new dreams will come. And life will be full of joy and warmth.


The Essence of Holiday collection by Dolce & Gabbana helps us to get in the right mood for what holidays have in store for us. And equips us with stuff we need to look all pretty and express all the positive emotions brimming inside in how we look on the outside.

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