Estee Lauder Give Every Shade holiday 2015 swatched

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Isn’t makeup a great kind of present? Aren’t you happy when someone gives you makeup for holidays? Ever so much? Not so much? Not always? Uh.


Seemingly, makeup should be a welcome gift for everyone who uses it. But it’s not all that simple. We’re all so different. Everyone uses makeup in their own way, has some favourite shades and textures and looks and products and… So, the great advantage that is giving makeup to a makeup fan can turn to a big disadvantage, should this makeup prove to be something they don’t really like. So, what do we do? And is makeup a good present or not, eventually?


I’d say, it depends. It’s perfect, when you know what someone wants ever so much and can surprise them by giving them just that. Say, a limited edition or a specific shade or palette. That’s all good. Or you can always give a limited edition of their favourite product – perfume or lipstick or whatever. This will make them happy for sure.


But what if you don’t know? Then you give them this. Of all the makeup sets and palettes and holiday stuff this year Estee Lauder managed to come up with the best one.


Give Every Shade. That’s what it’s called. And that’s exactly what you want to do, when you’re not sure. Go for variety. It will give choice to the person you’re trying to make happy. And what can be better than being able to choose what you like? And… when there are a lot of shades, the chances are, at least, some of them will hit the right spot. And prove to be the ones your loved ones love.


Holidays are ever so close. If you’re still undecided as to what kind of makeup to give to some special people in your life, go grab this.


I’ll explain why.


For starters, look at this packaging. Isn’t it amazing? Estee Lauder signature navy blue with golden lettering and this very special disco ball like texture. Guess what, it’s so beautiful, you don’t even need to wrap your gift, if you’re in a huff. And if you do wrap it, it will make a great first impression, once it’s pulled out of the box or paper.



Moving on. I pull it out, and inside the box I see two things. First of all, this booklet with looks and techniques. A good one. A lot of people like to have that.



And then the palette itself in the same design – navy blue and disco ball texture. Awesome. That’s what holiday presents should look like. I open it, and inside I see… I see… anyone who wears eyeshadow is going to exalt at this point. I mean, they have to. I would. I did.



Inside I see three – three! – palettes with ten – yes, ten – eye shades in each. And an eye pencil. And two lip glosses.



Mind that the snowflakes reflected here are part of my holiday design at my place and not Estee Lauder design of this set 🙂


Thirty shades, thirty times less chance you’re going to miss the target. This present is special. It’s the right thing. It’s really something.


The quality of the eyeshadow is old fashioned good. Soft and satiny. The shades are mostly understated and elegant. Here and there we see a bright or a dark spot. All in all, it looks solid, it looks posh, it looks good.


Let’s see the brush we have here first.



It’s dual ended. One end is a wider softer look eyeshadow brush. The other end is a sponge. Both are workable enough.



Now we’re going for the shades.


The first batch looks interesting. At the first glance I see here some nudes, some silvery greys, a bright blue and black.




Well, this is what Estee Lauder booklet suggests. #smokyskies



Now let’s go for some personal experience with these shades. Ten of them. As not all of them actually swatch the way they look in the palette.


30 Sugar Cube SATIN An off white matt base shade.

IMG_7121 2IMG_7171 2


07 Waves A satiny yellowish beige ever so light shade.

IMG_7121 3IMG_7171 3


18 Sepia Sand SATIN A warm lighter milk and coffee like shade.

IMG_7121 4IMG_7171 4


63 Tempting Mocha SHIMMER A satiny greige like shade.

IMG_7121 5IMG_7171 5


12 Wild Truffle MATTE Milk and coffee proper.

IMG_7121 6IMG_7171 6


48 Silver Bell SHIMMER Silvery grey.

IMG_7121 7IMG_7171 7


73 Peacock Blue SHIMMER Bluish grey.

IMG_7121 8IMG_7171 8


68 Nocturnal Blue SATIN Purplish blue.

IMG_7121 9IMG_7171 9


15 Black Chrome Charcoal grey with silver sparkle.

IMG_7121 10IMG_7171 10


15 Black Chrome (Somehow the two share the same name) Matt charcoal grey leaning to black.

IMG_7121 11IMG_7171 11


Well, having gone through all these, it makes sense that Estee Lauder suggests this palette for smoky eyes. Blue eyed and grey eyed beauties could create some interesting looks with those grey blue shades. And this nude half will appeal to those who like nudes. I, for one, love milk and coffee shades. They are just so appealing. Well, and all those greys and blues call for complex and sophisticated smoky eyes, if you feel comfortable enough creating such look.


Next palette.




Estee Lauder booklet suggestion. #temptingnudes



And here we go.


10 Ivory Slipper SATIN Off white beigish matt base shade.

IMG_7209 2IMG_7223 2


60 Sugar Biscuit SATIN Satiny ever so light beige with silvery undertone.

IMG_7209 3IMG_7223 3


50 Sandbar Beige MATTE Warmer yellowish beige.

IMG_7209 4IMG_7223 4


47 Nude Fresco SATIN Satiny pink.

IMG_7209 5IMG_7223 5


05 Khakis Satiny beige with a golden sheen.

IMG_7209 6IMG_7223 6


18 Sepia Sand SATIN Milk and coffee leaning to brown.

IMG_7209 7IMG_7223 7


35 Hot Cinnamon SHIMMER A copperish shade.

IMG_7209 8IMG_7223 8


05 Khakis (Again two shades share the same name) Satiny khaki with a golden sheen.

IMG_7209 9IMG_7223 9


02 Cobblestones Orangey light brown, auburn like.

IMG_7209 10IMG_7223 10


45 Lavish Mink MATTE Matt chocolate brown.

IMG_7209 11IMG_7223 11


These shades will look stunning on green eyed and hazel eyed beauties. They can also help to create this soft posh look for very special occasions. Such warm brownish shades, golden khaki and lighter pinks can provide a panoply of looks worthy of red carpet. It’s not bold smoky eyes, it’s a more sophisticated and understated chic and sensuality. All those shiny beige and golden dresses we so often wear for holidays matched up with these shades… wow.


The third palette. Pink and purple by the look of it.




See what Estee Lauder says here. #steelorchid



And off we go.


01 Pink Flash SHIMMER A matt off white base shade.

IMG_7258 2IMG_7281 2


07 Waves A satiny silvery light beige.

IMG_7258 3IMG_7281 3


13 Tranquil Moon SATIN A muted pink, darker elegant pink.

IMG_7258 4IMG_7281 4


66 Candy Crave SATIN A light and happy pink. Girly.

IMG_7258 5IMG_7281 5


07 Smoky Ember SHIMMER A purplish Burgundy like shade.

IMG_7258 6IMG_7281 6


12 Wild Truffle MATTE A darker milk and coffee shade.

IMG_7258 7IMG_7281 7


26 Iridescent Violet SATIN Satiny greige leaning to beige and purple.

IMG_7258 8IMG_7281 8


14 Provocative Plum MATTE Extreme plum shade. Dark and sultry.

IMG_7258 9IMG_7281 9


09 Amethyst Spark SHIMMER Plum with a good deal of purple. Another sexy one.

IMG_7258 10IMG_7281 10


15 Black Chrome Matt charcoal grey leaning to black.

IMG_7258 11IMG_7281 11


It’s all plum and purple around here. Hot purple. We know how many people like plums. Hazel eyed beauties have long learned how becoming they are. Those two last purples before the charcoal grey are really something. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such sexy plum eye shades. And as I’ve said more than once already, these pink and purple colours can turn green eyes into dangerous weapon. I’m not sure how it works and why it works, but it just so does.


These are the three palettes. My personal favourites are blue greys, milk and coffee shades, softer browns and oh those two plums. What are yours? Anyone will find something to their liking here.


And it’s not all.



To add to everyone’s pleasure and joy, there’s a classic black eye pencil to make your look even bolder, if you so choose.



It’s soft and nice.



And then there are two shades of lip gloss.



Both are pretty loose in terms of colouring and sparkly.


One is nude.Praline Paradise SHIMMER


It’s a nice flattering nude with warm golden undertone.

IMG_7342IMG_7337IMG_7340IMG_7367 2


The other shade is… plum. Surprise 🙂 Plum Divine SHIMMER


It’s not as dark as it looks in the tube, because it’s not too pigmented. It’s a typical lip gloss texture. A handful of sparkle too. Vampy.

IMG_7347IMG_7335IMG_7344IMG_7367 3


These two lip glosses are a great choice. Once again, they’ll appeal to a lot of people out there. At least, one of the two will. Pretty much these two shades cover nude and romance and femme fatale and daring. Day and night. Work and fun. Just everything.


This set is gorgeous. Love it. And others will love it too. It’s so holiday like. So full of beauty and elegance and so versatile. The ultimate gift. I rest my case here.


Holidays are here, almost here. If you’re travelling, by the way, consider getting this set for yourself and bringing it along. Or just Give Every Shade to every person you love or one very special person you love. And enjoy 🙂

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