Christmas, New Year and holiday makeup and manicure

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Every year, when this time comes, when holiday season is on, we’re full of anticipation, we’re caught in a whirlpool of discussions, gift ideas, shopping lists, snow – if we get lucky :-), nice thoughts, friends and family, picking clothes to wear on all those times we’re going out… by the way, what makeup and manicure are we doing? I mean, it’s exciting to think about it and pick, but with all the preparation there’s not much time left.


So, what do we do? Let’s review our options here.


When I think holiday makeup and manicure, the first thing that comes to mind – it should be special and beautiful. But then I think – to be practical for a minute, do I want to change my makeup to match any outfit I’m wearing? I could do that. Do I want to go through all the motions of changing nail colour though? No. I don’t think so.


This brings me to the first obvious option – nudes. Nudes got to be so much of a classic you can pair them up with any makeup you’re wearing. You won’t have to change it. Your nails will just look classy and well groomed. And whatever makeup you do, your nails will be a good understated and chic supporting option.


To go the opposite way for a minute here :-), red nail polish is probably the top Christmas, New Year and holiday season option. Or one of the top. It’s a brighter shade, and seemingly it doesn’t match just everything, but it’s such a timeless classic, you can always go for red for holidays, especially, if you’re about to do red lip, and then just keep red on your nails. Even if your makeup is all about nudes in the days following the celebration, red on your nails will look good and add a bright accent to the whole thing.


If bright red – which is a holiday classic, pretty much – is not your kind of thing, don’t forget that you can always do black cherry, Bordeaux, raspberry, bright red coral instead. All these are shades of red. Just pick the one you like most.


The other shade that comes to mind right away, when I think holiday season, and which is as welcome and expected for holidays as red, is gold. Gold is everywhere. All around. And our makeup is no exclusion to the rule. Golden eyeshadow, eyeliners and even mascara. We often choose golden dressed to wear too. So, golden manicure is a good holiday option no doubt.


Tired of gold? Have done it over and over again for holidays? How about sparkle and shine instead? Glitter, pearl, sparkle – all these are very special and help us get in the right mood. And look gorgeous in holiday lighting. If it’s not a sparkly nail colour you’re wearing, maybe, you could go for a glitter or shiny top coat to get the right finish.


White. What can be more Christmasy and holiday like than snow? And what can be more snow like than white manicure? Especially as white is as versatile as snow itself. It can be massive white like a snow pile, it can be transparent and sparkly like a snowflake, it can be delicate and almost nude like resembling a thin layer of first shy snow. And just like red and nude, it matches anything.


Green. I know, I know, there are not so many people who like green on their nails. Guess what though, green is as much of a Christmas colour as red. And if you don’t like dead on bright green, you can always go for khaki green or darker off black green. Still, it’s very holiday like. Subconsciously it reminds us of Christmas trees and elves and all the holiday glory.


Blues. Navy blue or pearly navy blue is a very sophisticated manicure choice. And it’s definitely as good as all the reds and golds. The minor catch here is that there are colours out there that blue just doesn’t really match. So, if you’re planning on your holiday manicure lasting, you’ll have to stay away from certain colour options in outfits. To make it match more clothes, it’s worth considering going for a really dark blue.


Black. Not too Christmasy? Not too holiday like? Very practical though, if you like dark manicure. Matches anything and everything. Looks great on short nails. And you could always throw in some fun with all the top coats out there. There are so many of them you’ll be able to get your heart’s desire, I’m sure.


Purples and plums. They are dark, sultry, mysterious. Like a holiday night. They can be shining like stars, should they have any glitter or pearl in them, and they often do. They are classy. Plums are more of an elegant choice. Purples can be funky. Or not. There’s so much to them. I’d say, for the holidays I’d drop romantic lilacs and brights and go for darker and intense.


Ok, so once we’re all set with nails for, hopefully, more than one holiday day in front of us, we can review our makeup options. They are vast, obviously, and as diverse as we are. Here’s my thinking behind holiday makeup and my top pics.


Nudes. If you like nude makeup and nude manicure, and if that’s what you usually wear, why should you go outside your comfort zone? Nudes and so subtle and so sophisticated, they can definitely be a holiday makeup strategy. You can always make them special by adding a special touch to them. Say, a little bit of glow on your cheeks, if you swap you usual matt blush for a glowy option. Or on the eyes, if you swap your beige eyeshadow for a pearly or sparkly beige. Or you could go for a shade brighter than the colours you wear on your lips most of the time. And yes, your nude makeup will match anything you’re going to wear for holidays.


Red lip. Just as with red nail colour, there’s no escape from red lip on a holiday season. And why should we escape from it? It’s womanly and stylish. And bright and happy. Vibrant with joy like holidays themselves. And if you’re wearing red on your nails AND on your lips, it looks as classy as it gets for sure. Also, don’t forget that red lip includes ruby, cherry, black cherry, Bordeaux, raspberry, orange red, that is, you can personalize it and make it your own signature red lip. Say, top it with golden gloss.


Shine and sparkle. Another one that you can try to avoid, but it will catch up with you on holidays anyway. It’s everywhere. On the eyelids, on the lips, on the cheeks. Even face products are shiny and sparkly for holidays. You don’t have to fully give in to this frenzy 🙂 But one shiny or sparkly accent in your makeup will indicate it’s holidays as nothing else. Or you can go all the way with it and play it to the full. Your choice.


Smoky eyes. Another special occasion classic. We’ve come to love it. It looks hot. Getting back to the previous point I was making, smoky eyes can be shiny and sparkly too. Just add some shine or glitter on top. And smoky eyes don’t have to be black. They can be brown, golden, purple, blue, green, bronze. And look as stunning as smoky eyes classic.


Arrows. A lighter version of smoky eyes. If you don’t want to do smoky eyes, but want accent on the eyes, arrows will do the job. And just like smoky eyes, they don’t have to be black. And they can be shiny or sparkly too.


Lip gloss. Pearly shine, mirror shine or sparkle. Lips can be the centre of attention. We know that. When they glow, it’s enough to get holiday mood going. There’s just something special about this glow on the lips. Unless you’re going for a matt lip, consider adding a touch of shine. It makes your makeup and look special in a second.


Just talking about holiday manicure and makeup makes me smile and think about holidays and feel very very holiday like and happy. And when I wear it… See, that’s why I love makeup so much. Hopefully, we all have a good holiday season and an awesome year to follow.

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