Make Up For Ever Artist Eye Studio palette holiday 2015 swatched

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Make Up For Ever is one of those professional brands that are ever so good at putting together ready-to-wear palettes. With holidays not knocking at our door, but already inside and settled comfortably, such palettes often come in handy. I mean, if we’ve prepared beforehand for the big days, like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and New Year Eve and… yeah, it’s overwhelming, just too much. So on those days in between the actual holidays, or if we’re on a holiday vacation, we wanna have something in terms of makeup that’s easy to just grab, apply and get going. At least, I do 🙂


So, I always look out for those palettes. Also, palettes just make me happy. Well, makeup always makes me happy, but palettes are like concentrated joy, because there’s so much in them. So much beauty.


Well, for starters, Make Up For Ever this year has achieved the most girly design ever.



I mean, what can be more girly than shimmering pink with signature Make Up For Ever lips logo?

IMG_7461 2





C’mon, admit it.




Also, we have a booklet with looks all played out and talked about. The booklet is pink and shimmery too, by the way.




Once again, I usually just plunge right in, when I see makeup in front of me, and only then I study the brand suggestions. It’s just that way I am J But there are people who like to know what’s out there first, and only then get to it. So, it’s good to know the booklet is there.



Inside – as usual of late in Make Up For Ever palettes – we see nine shades… of eyeshadow? No, one is actually a blush shade. What?? A blush shade. Yes, a blush shade.



Then we have an eye pencil and a mascara.



Let’s take a closer look at these two first. And then get to the eyeshadow and blush.


Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eye pencil is a waterproof classic eye pencil – eye liner formula. It’s medium soft and works well enough.



I don’t need eye liners and mascara to be waterproof, as they rarely get smudged on me, so I use Aqua Eyes only rarely. It’s professional quality and is really hard to get off once you apply it. So, yes, it is waterproof.



Oh, it’s black. So, it’s a classic. And it’s a mini product, not full size.

IMG_7532IMG_7564IMG_7542IMG_7555 3


Next we have a mascara. Another mini.



Smoky Extravagant Dramatic Impact & Graphic Precision mascara



When I open it and see the brush, I go ‘hm-m’. I’m not sure how well it’ll work. It’s bigger and wider on one side. I generally prefer brushes that are evenly wide all along.



I try it, and I’d say it’s Ok. It’s not the best mascara I’ve ever used in my life, but it proves to be better than expected, given the brush situation.

IMG_7555 2


So far so good 🙂


Moving onto the eyeshadow. As usual in such palettes there are three looks. In three lines. Top to bottom in the palette. Which still makes as little sense to me as it did before. It seems more natural to me that the shades should be aligned left to right, maybe, it’s just me though, I don’t know.



In the first look that’s called Urban Sunset



we have three shades.

IMG_7582 2IMG_7641


The first one is actually a blush, according to the booklet. But as it’s professional texture, it’s close to multi tasking, so you can use it as an eyeshadow too, if that’s what you prefer. Anyway, the shade is pearly soft coral orange.

IMG_7582 5IMG_7646


To the eyeshadow proper now.


Matt darker greige leaning to milk and coffee

IMG_7582 6IMG_7646 2


Super pearly lighter greige with a lot of silver in it

IMG_7582 7IMG_7646 3


So, this look – Urban Sunset – is a neutral greige background with a bright orange accent. Will look good on you, if your eyes are chocolate brown or hazel. A good makeup option for brown, beige or golden outfits. I actually like it, when smoky eyes are brown or beige instead of black that is a little bit overdone. Orange is not my personal favourite either as a blush or as an eye shade, because it doesn’t look too flattering on skin tones that have any sallow in them. But if that’s not your case, you can go ahead and try it. Otherwise, I’d say, skip the orange.


Next look. Look 2 Boudoir.



Three eye shades

IMG_7582 3IMG_7641 2


Matt black

IMG_7582 8IMG_7646 4


Pearly bronze brown leaning to auburn

IMG_7582 9IMG_7646 5


An ever so light almost off white pearly beige

IMG_7582 10IMG_7646 6


This calls for classic smoky eyes. Which is loved by a lot of people out there. The bronze shade can add a touch of variety. Something hot and special to your smoky eyes. Obviously, smoky eyes is a clubby, going out makeup. The holiday season is on, so, it can come in handy. I have to say, I’m a little bit tired of special occasion smoky eyes with long gowns. I’d prefer seeing this makeup as part of rock glamour style. With jeans and lacey shirt and biker jacket, maybe. Or something of the kind. Or a little black dress and sneakers. Or fish net stockings and black high heels. It’s not in vain that this look is called Boudoir 🙂


And Look 3 Riviera.



Something artsy, huh?

IMG_7582 4IMG_7641 3


Here we have:

Sparkly and pearly cool beige

IMG_7582 11IMG_7646 7


Sparkly turquoise

IMG_7582 12IMG_7646 8


Pearly, but not too heavily pearly aqua green leaning to green

IMG_7582 13IMG_7646 9


It’s like smoky eyes go welcome green and blue eyed beauties. Probably, won’t be as flattering on dark eyes. Although… depends on what you wear. If you wear green or blue, all good. This feels like a resort version of smoky eyes. If you go on vacation for holidays and wear gem coloured dresses and shirts, this makeup option is perfect. If your eyes aren’t green or blue, and you want to try this look, but don’t dare J , soften it up with the cool beige. You can always top the two bright shades with it, making them more subdued. As with any smoky eyes, you can layer the turquoise and aqua to give more dimension to your eye makeup.


That’s the palette.



It’s nice, but it’s not like there’s anything new about it. I’m torn here. On the one hand, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen almost exact shades – greiges and beiges and aqua and turquoise and black in Make Up For Ever palettes before, and I’d like to see something new. Something special. Especially for holidays.


On the other hand, my heart goes all out for these greige shades. I love greige. I think it’s so appealing. I can’t say it was love at first sight, but once I’ve come to understand greige… there’s definitely something about this silvery beige colour. And it looks good and different on just everyone. I like it a lot now.


The bottom line for me is this palette is nice and pretty from the point of view of its design and shades, but there’s something missing about it. What’s missing is the holiday wow effect. If it weren’t for holidays, I’d be quite happy. As it is, I like it, don’t love it though.

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