ANNY Industrial Look in Soho collection swatched

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Industrial look in Soho… Ok. Presupposes something artsy and edgy. Especially as all the names of shades in this collection by ANNY have something to do with art. I look at the six of them that comprise the collection and see…




Some mauves, some nudes and one rather sublime glitter. There’s really only one bright shade here – a plum. Well, I guess ANNY has a different view of Soho. Let’s take a closer look and try to get into the groove.


We’ll start with the purples.


065.50 suspicious painting



A very nice plum. I mean, seriously, I’m fed up with plum already, but this here is darker, sultry and classy.



It’s really dark, so could pass for a black cherry too, if you’re a fan.



If you like hot womanly shades, take a good look at this one.



It’s a going out shade. Or an everyday vampy shade. Depending on how you look at it.



147.80 stuff for chicks



Funny name J This stuff for chicks right here is mauve with a good deal of pink in it. I guess, some people will say it’s a pink shade, others – it’s a purple shade.



It’s calm and nice and elegant. The kind of shade that will match just anything. That you don’t need to bother to change too often.



A step up from a well groomed nude pink look.



The good news about this shade is that it will play with any outfit and any style – jeans, evening-gown, mini skirt. Really anything.



218.40 undercover show



Another mauve, believe it or not.



You like mauves and purples? This collection is your destination then. Half of it is right up your alley.



Anyway, this mauve has significantly more purple in it than pink. It looks like a mix of purple, grey and beige and is much cooler than stuff for chicks.



If you like greige and purple, you’ll love this, because this shade combines the two. I’d say, it’s another one that’s anytime/anywhere kind of thing.



Done with the purples, getting into the nudes here.


316.50 one size



The first metallic in the collection. Greige with so much grey, that is, in this case silver in it, that it looks totally silver in certain kind of lighting. At other times it looks delicately metallic greige.



Very elegant. And understated. My preference would probably be more beige, not just as much silver, but it’s a matter of personal taste.



Will look good with greige evening gowns.



When I say it often looks silver, I mean it though. It’s like you’re wearing greige nail polish, then turn your hand slightly, and your manicure is silver already.



278 sexy provocation



When I saw this shade initially, I was about to say – and the winner for ‘the most misleading name of nail polish shade’ is… I don’t know if you’re with me here or not, but when I hear ‘sexy provocation’, I picture reds and Bordeaux and purples, maybe… but not this. It’s as nude as it gets.



It’s an off white shade almost. Well, on the second thought there’s some beige there, but only very slightly so.



The more I look at it though, especially once it’s on my nails, the more I see sexy provocation. There’s something about this shade. It’s just right in terms of balance of white, beige, grey, mauve, maybe, and God knows what else that makes it just SO HOT.



Agreed, it is sexy provocation. And by the way, I can’t believe I’m actually saying it about a nude shade.



361.80 thrill of ecstasy

glitter effect



Ladies and gentlemen, the first and only glitter in the collection. Thrill of ecstasy would be a good name for sexy provocation, I think. Anyway, by the look of it, this glitter is very fine and rather generic. It’s silvery to the eye with holographic effect, so that it sparkles nicely with all possible colours. When I try it on though…



OH MY GOD. It’s beautiful. It’s like I’m in a winter fairy tale all of a sudden. Christmas is back, New Year is here already.



I am wearing this on the New Year night. Nothing in the whole world can stop me.



This shade is a beauty. It’s gorgeous. It’s spectacular. It makes the whole collection worth it. It’s like you’re wearing jewellery on your nails. Oh, ANNY, thank you!



And that’s it. The six shades. Still not sure why the collection is called Industrial Look in Soho. Maybe, artists like nudes and elegant mauves? I don’t know. It’s not what I expected, but it’s nice, and those two shades, the ones with the hottest names – sexy provocation and thrill of ecstasy – are ever so beautiful and ever so special. I’m happy. This collection is great.

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