Shiseido Festive Camelia palette holiday 2015 swatched

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You know what, usually Shiseido makeup and myself are as mismatched as it’s humanly possible. Shiseido is perfectly fine in terms of quality, it just doesn’t work for me. There’s something about it and me, where we just don’t click. It’s a love story that’s never meant to be. And it’s a pity, because they have some shades that other brands generally don’t. Bolder and artsier shades. Still, sometimes I see things by Shiseido that I just can’t miss. This here definitely falls into the category.


For holidays 2015 that aren’t really over yet, because New Year, at least calendarwise, is still to come, Shiseido created this face and eyes palette called Shiseido Y’s Festive Camelia A multi-color palette for the face and eyes in collaboration with famous fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto.


The palette is encased in darker purple box with flower pattern and raspberry pink lettering. It’s satiny to the touch and looks pretty cool.



Have you ever noticed this tiny little extra bit of carton sticking out kind of that Shiseido has on all their makeup packaging? It makes it so-o much easier to open it. Love it. Great thinking. Great idea.



So, I pull the palette out of the box and… wow. I mean it. Wow! For starters, it’s not square, rectangular or round. Also, it’s decorated with silky purple fabric with gorgeous flowers. Everything about it screams limited edition in my face at the top of its lungs. I’m impressed. Shiseido, I’m not sorry I got this.



The design is just so modern and edgy and cool. It makes sense it’s a collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto. I can see that. And I love it.


Once I stop marveling at the packaging design, I can open the palette and get to the shades proper.


There are six of them. The quality is quite good and is in line with what we’ve come to expect from Shiseido.



At the first glance I see the purple side

IMG_7810 2


and the beige side.

IMG_7810 11

IMG_7810 10


But I have to take a closer look before I can draw any conclusions. Well, here we go.


Snow. Shimmery white. This is the white that’s not a base shade, it’s actually a shade that can be very flattering, especially when you’re tired and don’t want it to show.

IMG_7810 4IMG_7833 2


Velvet. Ink purple. This is as close to actually purple ink as I’ve ever seen. Matt.

IMG_7810 6IMG_7833 3


Japonica. Pearly shimmery gold that really scared me, when I was swatching it. Here’s why. No matter how many times I’d swatch it, this gold turned out pink. For a while I couldn’t grasp, what’s going on here. Then I accidentally turned my arm and realized it’s a chameleon. Golden pink. Depending on how light hits it, it’s either pearly shimmery gold or pearly shimmery pink. You couldn’t tell looking at it in the palette. It looks dead on gold there. An interesting shade.

IMG_7810 5IMG_7833 4


Winter rose. Here we have a classic medium pink. Satiny. Pretty and romantic. Quite bright, not your light pearly whitish pink. Bolder. In their look suggestion Shiseido uses this shade as blush, but I, personally, love pink eyeshadow, so I’ll probably use it as that.

IMG_7810 7IMG_7833 5


Petal. Light brown. Warm. I was tempted to say warm beige, but it’s darker than beige. Warm light brown is the right way to describe it.

IMG_7810 3IMG_7833 6


Heart. Mauve. A very pretty mauve, in fact. With some sparkle in it. Quite a bit. Holographic. So, there are all colours sparkling and shining there. And silvery glow too. This shade would be really nice. The problem – as it always is with matt eyeshadow with sparkle – the sparkle just goes all over the place. It doesn’t stay on the eyeshadow, it will be all around your eyelids, not on them. To me, that is a problem. Don’t know about you.

IMG_7810 8IMG_7833 7


And that’s the palette.



Good colour choices. This palette curtseys to the holiday makeup trends, that is purple which is a very strong holiday trend for sure. At the same time it remains fresh and light and nice. I’m no big fan of ink purple period. But I do love the pink, light brown, mauve – if only it were not for the sparkle – and golden pink chameleon. And I rarely appreciate that many shades in one palette.


This palette is interesting, off the beaten track, it’s special in terms of design and shades selection and renders both Shiseido and Yohji Yamamoto feel and DNA, which is tough to achieve in a collaboration, when you have to do it for two brands in one product.


All in all, I’m very glad I got this palette. That was a good call. I’m probably going to put it aside till spring. In spring these shades are going to look ever so beautiful.


P.S. This palette is so awesome makes me think – maybe, I should give Shiseido another chance, huh?

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