Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD305 swatched

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Inspired by my very pleasant experience with Festive Camelia holiday palette by Shiseido, although Shiseido products usually don’t work for me, I try here their Lacquer Rouge that I was given as a bonus, when I got the holiday eye palette 🙂 It’s always nice to get presents on holiday season and at any other times. Especially as New Year is still to come.


Lacquer Rouge by Shiseido is a liquid lip colour. Depending on your taste and preference, you can say it’s a liquid lipstick. Or an intense lip gloss, that’s quite trendy now in makeup world, and luxury brands keep coming up with those. I perceive it as an intense gloss, which to me means, if you apply it sparingly, you get quite a sheer kind of coverage and shine. If you apply quite a bit of it, you’ll get full on lipstick coverage with wet shine to it. So, it’s two in one, kind of, which is not a bad thing at all.


As in case of all Shiseido products, their packaging is easy to open. It’s such a relief after I had to suffer through YSL holiday makeup packaging commotion. It’s not a coincidence, Shiseido actually makes sure their customers can efficiently get to their products, which is always pleasant.


The packaging design is typically Shiseido – glowy red and brown with white lettering. It’s quite small – slimmer than your average classic lipstick packaging and much shorter than your average lip gloss packaging.



Lacquer Rouge comes in a smaller and medium thick round – well, not quite round, shaped like Shiseido brand logo camellia, really – brown tube. It looks more like a lipstick, but it opens like a lip gloss by turning its lid sideways.



There’s almost no scent to Lacquer Rouge. There’s a chemical whiff to it up front, but only very minor, and it’s gone almost right away. And then there’s no scent whatsoever, which is an advantage to me.


The brush is your classic lip gloss like spongy applicator. We’re so used to those we’re very apt at this kind of application technique 🙂



Lacquer Rouge feels so good and comforting on the lips I actually went back to the packaging to see if it has any care elements in it. And it does say that it ‘improves rough lips’, so my sense was correct, there is something there. It’s not full on colour and care, but very much on the way to it.


Shiseido labels their shades by numbers and letters, not by names, which is a big drawback to me, because I can remember shade names, but I can’t remember numbers and letters. So, the shade I got is labeled RD305.



Well, hello, RD305. Let’s see what you’re like.



Turns out, it’s a very appealing mauvish nude kind of shade. Looks quite beige on the brush, but gives off more mauve on the lips. I have to give credit to Shiseido yet again here, this is the right shade to give as a bonus to your customers, because it will look good on most people.

IMG_7850IMG_7870 2


I’ll say it once again here, Lacquer Rouge by Shiseido is very light and comfortable in terms of texture. Really nice. It’s a great lip product.


Also, as long as I’ve just swatched Festive Camelia holiday palette, I’ll say this – RD305 – sounds like a robot name, very sci-fi 🙂 – is a great match for this palette. It will look awesome with all the shades in it.


I’ll be sure to wear a combination of the two in spring. As it is, I’m very very happy with Lacquer Rouge by Shiseido. It’s a truly good job of creating a lip product formula. Wow. I’m impressed. And happy. Maybe, I’ll start looking more into Shiseido makeup world.

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