Zoya MATTEVELVET collection winter/holiday 2015

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Holidays are over? No, they are not. Not really. That’s what I love makeup for. We still are and will be having all the fun in the world with holiday makeup collections. If they are well done, they are tuned for winter wear, and if they’re beautiful, we’ll enjoy them on special occasions, weekends and on any other day we choose to wear them. Agreed? Good.


Now let me ask you this. Do you like matte effect in nail colour? You do? I’ve got to tell you I didn’t like it up front. Matte or velvet finish nail polish came on after matte lip colour has been done across the board by luxury makeup brands. Matte nail colour was an addition to matte lip colour that made total sense, I’ll give them that.


Anyway, it took me a while to get over the stereotype of ‘manicure done right shines and glistens’. I kind of liked the Mats by YSL, but only liked them, not loved them. You can see what I thought in more detail here, if you’d like YSL La Laque Couture the Mats swatched.


And then Zoya came up with these. Six shades for winter and holidays and a top coat designed especially for matte or velvet nail colour finish. Because you do need a special top coat, or else you’ll ruin the whole matt effect – or do you really? Let’s try to figure it all out.



I look at the six MATTEVELVET shades by Zoya, and I do see holiday like feel about them – red, green, blue, purple, white – I’d have these colours in holiday collection myself. Beige – hm, not sure about that. But I’m always ready to give it a shot. Who knows – maybe, it will work better than ever? You never know before you try, right? And that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.


15430059   ZP819   Honor is rich green.



It’s not really Christmasy green even, which would be a natural thing to expect in a holiday collection. No, Zoya is smarter than that. It’s this deep but still bright green.



Who would have thought such bright green can be sultry? Well, it can, if it has this matt or velvet finish to it.



I’d say, satiny finish. Wow. Hot. Given I do love green nail colour. And yes, I’m aware of the fact, not many people do. This one is a beauty though.



This finish becomes this shade. It’s an adult Christmasy green. If a femme fatale were to wear green, she’d wear this, I think.



15430058   ZP818   Yves is as rich a blue as Honor is green.



Once again, this is a perfect combination of finish and colour. A perfect hit. This blue looks awesome.



It’s not quite navy blue. It’s deep and darker, but still bright. Stunning. Sexy and sophisticated.



Another vampy one. Festive one. Going out kind of shade. Artsy just a little to the right degree. Gosh, it’s good. Really good. Wintery. Cold season like.



Calling for a little black dress, a little blue dress, a little grey dress. Something. So satiny. A gorgeous way to do bright blue. Love it, and I don’t generally LOVE blue nail colour. This one is worth it though. All the way.



I’m going to pause here for a minute before I move on to the rest of the four shades. I’d like to show you the top coat that Zoya released together with this collection. MATTEVELVET Topcoat. Obviously, it’s intended to make nail colour with this finish last and stay on, well, you know.



I’ve had a not too pleasant experience with Chanel top coat of the kind that was released this fall. I’ve already told you how I feel about it in my post called Chanel Les Automnales collection fall 2015 swatched.  Go ahead and check it out, if your heart so desires. I’ll just say here I didn’t really like it. It creats a blurry film on top of nail colour intended, I guess, to make it look matt and not shiny. Well, I don’t like this. Changes the colour too and not for the better. Ugh.


So, I was wondering, whether it’s possible at all to do this any other way. I couldn’t tell you what this way is off the top of my head, but then again I don’t make nail polish 🙂 My hopes were high, when I got Zoya top coat. Their nail products quality is usually very high. But…



This must be the only way to do it. The same thing happened here. Zoya MATTEVELVET top coat creates the same blurry kind of film on nail colour. Also slightly changes the colour, although less than Chanel. I just don’t like what it does to nail colour. I don’t. Smells terrible too 🙂 You know what, I do want my manicure to last, but not at this cost. I’d take shorter wear and right colour over lasting power. Don’t know about you.



Here I’ve applied Zoya MATTEVELVET Topcoat over Honor to show you what I’m talking about. On the left here I have just Honor. On the right – Honor topped with MATTEVELVET Topcoat. See what I’m talking about?












Just to make sure I did the same to Yves. Just Yves is on the left, Yves topped with MATTEVELVET Topcoat is on the right.












Nope. It’s just not working for me. Love the nail colour. But I’d drop the top coat.


Going to look at the four remaining shades here. Hopefully, they’ll make me feel better 🙂


15430057   ZP817     Iris



Iris it is. If Iris were super hot. As it is, it’s a quite tender flower. Well, this Iris is hot though. It’s this intense purple. Darker but still bright. And so-o satiny.



Just as in the case of blue, I can’t say I’m a fan of purple nail polish, but they got me here. Love it.



Love the fact that it’s not plum but purple. And still it’s sexy. This rich nail colour will look so good this winter. And fall too.



And if you wear something purple or Bordeaux, maybe, this satiny purple will be a great choice no matter what. Womanly purple. Just like green and blue, it’s edgy just a little bit. A tiny little bit. In a good way.



Next. 15430056   ZP816 Amal



Red had to show up in this winter/holiday collection. What can be more holiday like than red? What can be more attuned to winter season than red? What can be more classy and more of a classic than red?



Nothing. The ultimate nail shade. And lip shade.



This red is dark and still bright. It’s not orangey. It’s a true red. Sexy. Just imagine pairing it up with a classic cream red lipstick or matt red lipstick – OMG! Almost too much beauty.



What’s great about this satiny hot womanly red is that it will work for any seasons, any occasions, any times… I mean, Valentine’s Day is coming up in February, right? Uh-huh.

IMG_9725 2


15430055   ZP815   Sue



This one was an odd man out for me. I didn’t really get it up front. I was like – why are they doing it in winter/holiday collection?



It looked like a pearly white shade, while there was another cleaner white right next to it in the package. And I was like – too tender for winter, no?



Little did I know. Shouldn’t have doubted Zoya. It proved to be not white. It’s beige. Nicely so. Snowy like. Wintery like.



But not in an on the nose kind of way. Satiny past the point of no belief. This shade somehow manages to look both pearly and satiny matt at the same time. I’m in awe. It’s a keeper.



15440006   ZP814    Aspen



Winter and holidays. Here’s some for you. This is snow white.



Let me start here by saying what I’ve already said – I don’t really like dead on white nail colour. White nail colour in general, actually. I do wear it for variety sake, but it’s not my favourite by a long shot.



Yet again though this mattevelvet finish or whatever you want to call it works wonders. I love this. This finish becomes this shade.



It does look like satin. White satin. Lush satin. On your nails. In several strokes. Unbelievable. Beautiful. Special. Just like Sue – the beige one – it somehow manages to look luminous and matt simultaneously. Wow.



This collection is spectacular. I can’t recall a time, when my starting point for the collection was – I don’t like this finish, and my finishing point was – I love this! I’m sure it happened, but not for a while 🙂 This collection is a bunch of great holiday (let me amend this to special occasion, actually) and winter nail colour picks. I love the thinking that Zoya’s done to put it together. How they matched shades with texture, that is finish, nailing it magnificently. I appreciate it. And I can’t wait to wear all these shades. They are sold separately, so, you can take your pick. Or picks 🙂 I just hope that, if you do, you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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