Dior Holiday Couture Collection Pret-a-Porter Nude & Couture Creations palette

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Palettes – I love you, as you are so beautiful, and there’s so much nice stuff in you. I hate you – because there’s so much stuff in you I can never use it all up. You’re awesome 🙂 Here are palettes that Dior traditionally releases every holiday season to help us create that special look. Sophisticated and elegant.


Why I like these palettes by Dior? For starters, they are great Dior quality. And that’s always pleasant. I can’t say they vary a lot in terms of shades… Year to year we get nude like and smoky eye like selections and red or pink lip. Although… we’ll see. Maybe, things change. Who knows?


The great thing about these palettes though is that they come in limited edition design and packaging. And that’s something I always appreciate. And this year…


Dior Holiday Couture Collection Pret-a-Porter Nude palette



Black boxing with golden lettering.



I turn it and look at the back of it and…



This looks beautiful. I can only hope it will be as good in life as it is in the picture.


I see here pink for the lips, which I like, and some interesting shades for the eyes, not quite the beiges that Dior usually does.

IMG_9941 2


Full of anticipation of all the good things I pull the case out of the box. And I know this will be one of my favourites there are then even before I open it. Why? Here’s why.



This case is just so chic. Design is stunning! The most stunning of all I’ve seen in Dior holiday collections. Wow. And wow again. And again.



Once I get over my wonder and joy on seeing this case that I’m going to keep and enjoy even when I run out of makeup products in it… I pull together enough strength and energy to move on to looking at the makeup in it.



We have here three eye shades. Hm. Interesting. There’s some yellowish glow and greyish greige going on here. Now what I’ve come to expect from Dior in these holiday palettes.



And the brush. Two sides.



One is for the eyes – typically spongy thing. The other is for the lips – also quite classic.

IMG_9889 2IMG_9889 3


Here are Dior’s suggestions on how we can utilize the shades presented in the palette.



Two out of three shades here are greige. Greige is my love that was not at first sight at all. I like milk and coffee a lot. Greige I couldn’t understand initially. But when I did understand it, I’ve come to love it. It’s a great shade that becomes a lot of people. And it’s so different. Can be nude. Or smoky. Or sparkly. Anything you want. Let’s start at the beginning here though.

IMG_9915IMG_9956 8


At the beginning – that is, first in the palette – we have this very pretty light yellowish pearly sparkly shade, not too pearly, not too sparkly, not too yellow, not over the top, just a touch of colour and shine. It’s an ever so flattering shade. I absolutely love it. Very rare too.

IMG_9915 2IMG_9956 5


Right next to it there’s satiny lighter greige with so much grey in it almost looks grey. Very interesting. It’s like greige balancing on the tip of the cliff about to fall into grey, but not quite falling. Sometimes looks grey, sometimes looks greige. A very sophisticated shade. If your eyes are grey, it’s a killer.

IMG_9915 3IMG_9956 6


And, finally, there’s this matt greige with almost just as much grey in it as in the lighter greige, so that it almost looks grey. But not quite, not quite as much grey. There’s a little bit more beige in this one. And it’s darker. And oh so pretty and interesting, because this shade has not been overdone.

IMG_9915 4IMG_9956 7


This one and the lighter one is a smoky greige, not like in smoky eyes, but like in greige with an additional portion of grey in it.


All three eye shades in this palette are gorgeous and will help us create very chic and elegant looks. I’m very happy with them.


And I’m ever so eager to see, whether lip shades are going to be a good match for eyeshadow.



Here are Dior’s suggestions for lip colour application.



And here they are.

IMG_9934IMG_9956 2


Ok, not lip shades, lip shade. Because one is really a lip balm. Or else, lip maximizer, that is, it makes your lips plumper, as it has collagen in it. No colour, pretty much it’s transparent, gives you just a delicate sheen on the lips. You know what, it makes sense. I don’t know about you, my lips are sensitive, that is, they are not in perfect condition most of the time, and they could really use an extra step of lip balm before I apply lip colour. Now I often tend to skip this extra step, as I am in a hurry or whatever else is going on 🙂 Well, I shouldn’t. It’s not in vain that professional makeup artists ALWAYS apply lip care first. Only then lip colour. This palette won’t let me skip this step, because once I open it, the lip balm is right there under my nose and right next to lip colour, and it’s a good thing.

IMG_9934 2IMG_9956 3


And the lip colour… is lipstick of this bright pink colour, my favourite kind of pink. Cooler bright pink, but not fuchsia. No leaning to purple here. And it’s buildable from just a touch of pink on the lips like you’ve been biting on them or having berries to a vibrant pink result. I love this pink, always have. It being here in this palette makes me totally happy. It’s a cherry on the cake. And have you thought about this – lip balm, as long as it’s right here, is a great tool to make your lipstick as sheer or as creamy as you wish. If you want sheerer, just go heavier on the lip balm. I’d say this lipstick could use a little lip balm under it anyway so as not to make your lips dry.

IMG_9934 3IMG_9956 4


This is one marvelous palette. Christmas, New Year and all the joy and good stuff is back to me, when I look at it and apply these shades.


And that was just the small one. Here’s a bigger palette by Dior for you.


Dior Holiday Couture Collection Couture Creations palette



The same black boxing and golden lettering on this one.



I look at the promise in the back. Oh, it looks so-o nice. So much makeup. And beauty. And holidays.



Please, please, let it be just as good as it looks.


The pink for the lips is still here. Only it’s even brighter and warmer. And for the eyes… there’s all the sparkle and shine. Oh, and there’s a powder and blush too. Ok, let’s get to business here.



But before we do… the same case, as stunning as ever, only bigger, like that big wallet that holds cards and stuff too, you know. OMG. Just look at this design. Talk about chic. Dior, whatever was going on there, whatever your thinking was, it worked. Wow.



I’ll have this wallet like thing forever and ever. Long after I’ve used up all the makeup. And smile every time I pull it out too.



Well, and here’s what I’ll be wearing while the makeup still lasts. The joy of it, when it all looks so good and luring 🙂



Just a sec, let’s talk about brushes first.



Classically spongy eyeshadow brush. Two sided.

IMG_0088 2


One side is wider and more blunt. The other is narrower and more pointed. Obviously, intended for eye lining. Ok.

IMG_0088 5IMG_0088 6


Lip brush. Two sided.

IMG_0088 3


Quite what you can expect, when it’s a lip brush. Both sides are the same here.

IMG_0088 4


There’s a third brush here. Makes sense, as we have two face products in this palette – powder and blush. Ready? Just look at this.



I mean, look how clever this is. This looks like a blush brush, right.



But here it is opening like a book to turn into…



a powder brush. I mean, look at this. C’mon, you have to admit this is cool. And cute too.



I really appreciate such small details. I’m so excited, and I haven’t even gotten to makeup proper yet. But I’m going to. Right now.



Here are Dior’s ideas for face products usage.



Powder and blush.

IMG_0077 3


Powder, or else, I’d say, highlighter, at first, and then powder, as it’s very sparkly on top, not so sparkly underneath. Golden with golden pearl and sparkle and very flattering pink undertone. This is awesome. Not only for holidays. For any going out. Just a touch on your cheek bones. Will look splendid. And then, once the sparkly coat on top wears off, you’ll just get this golden pink powder. Like a kiss of health and sun on your cheeks.

IMG_0077IMG_0134 2


Blush is light matt pink. One of my favourite blush shades ever. That doesn’t really look like a blush, but looks like a natural touch of blush on your cheeks instead. That’s what blush was first invented for, pretty much 🙂 Very flattering, becomes everyone. Customized in terms of it looking different on any of us. Not doll like at all. Not fake. Not over the top. Good one.

IMG_0077IMG_0134 3


To the eyeshadow now. There are two batches of three shades here. One is beige pinkish. The other is smoky greyish.

IMG_0077 2


Here are Dior’s suggestions for the first three.



And here they are:

IMG_0077IMG_0134 14


Very light beige, almost silvery and whitish, satiny, snowy almost, very nice and very very flattering.

IMG_0077 2IMG_0134 4


Pearly beautiful greige. With more beige in it than grey.

IMG_0077 3IMG_0134 5


Silver sparkle, or else, platinum – a lot of it – with just a touch of silver greyish colour to it.

IMG_0077 4IMG_0134 6


These shades are so elegant and subtle and everything.


Moving on to the next three shades here. Let’s see what Dior says first:



Let’s take a look.

IMG_0077IMG_0134 15


Pearly darker grey – love it. Love the fact that it’s pearly rather than charcoal. Want to do smoky eyes with it right NOW!

IMG_0077 2IMG_0134 7


Matt charcoal grey with a small bunch of silver sparkle. I like the sparkle addition. One of the signature Dior shades. They always do it.

IMG_0077 3IMG_0134 8


Golden sparkle – a lot of it – with just a touch of golden beigish colour to it. My smoky eye look is getting interesting with this golden sparkle 🙂

IMG_0077 4IMG_0134 9


Both trios of eye shades are gorgeous. Here’s why. Notice how instead of following the path that’s been beaten to death by everyone, that is, doing beige with golden sparkle and then grey with silver, or else platinum sparkle, Dior went creative here and swapped the two, immediately turning it all into a whole different story. Artsy, special, interesting, exciting, sophisticated. I’m impressed. And I want to wear these shades with this magical platinum sparkle on that greige and that lush golden sparkle on that pearly grey and matt grey with silver sparkle, that will add some depth to those smoky eyes to the point, where they can get to be almost too sultry and too hot.


These eye shades combinations are special. And what can be better than special?


If those lip shades are as good, it will almost be too good to be true.



Here’s Dior manual on lip colours:



And the lip colours are:


IMG_0134 12


First we have lip balm. Well, it’s not lip balm really. It’s Dior Addict Shine with volume and care element to it. Pretty much transparent with just a sheen to it. Once again, it’s always good to wear lip care under any lip colour. Or on its own, for that matter, if you like the nude lip look.

IMG_0077 3IMG_0134 11


And the lipstick shade in this palette is… raspberry like bright pink lipstick, warmer than the one in the smaller palette, although it actually swatches a touch cooler than it looks – oh yes, bright pink is the new red for holiday/winter lips. It’s everywhere.

IMG_0077 2IMG_0134 10


I like bright pink. This pink is intense and super vibrant. Might be too bright for those smoky eyes. On the other hand, as I’ve already mentioned, lip balm can always make it sheerer and shinier. That’s what I like, anyway. Or you can go full on bright pink. I know, we’re used to red lip for holidays, but this one here is a good option too. I, personally, can’t do red lip every year and for every special occasion, I’ll just get fed up with it then 🙂


These are the two Dior holiday palettes I got, and I couldn’t be happier with them. Both are nice. Both are worth it. Both make me feel good and holiday like no matter what day it is on the calendar. Both palettes have all the trimmings here, not just the makeup, but more, so much more. Most importantly, high spirits and good mood all wrapped up in them, that jump at you as soon as you open them and stay with you and make you smile. Sounds good? 🙂

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