ANNY Luxury Mountain Resort Cozy Days in Aspen collection swatched

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Boy’s that’s a long collection name! 🙂 Might be the longest one in history. Hard to remember, no? On the other hand, it’s nice. Luxury Mountain Resort is a nice thing. And Cozy Days in Aspen are as good. It sounds a little bit contradictory to me though. Luxurious and cozy seem to be two completely different things. Luxury is about beauty. Coziness is about comfort. Ok, ANNY, you got me intrigued. Bring it on. What’s in your collection? Six shades. Traditional for ANNY.




When I look at it, I do see kind of two parts here. The first one is all about classic shades. Red and mauve. And then there’s this edgier black and white part. And this bronze like shade, Ok, Ok, copper like, is a kind of transition between the two. So…


222.40 really cozy



Looks mauve in the bottle, proves to be dusty lilac, once it’s on the nails.



It’s like you take this happy lilac we usually get in summer collections and then make it as elegant and understated as humanly possible, then you get this.



I’ll give you that, ANNY, it is cozy. You could wear it with a big selection of outfits, and it will be a good match for all of them. From sweater and jeans to a flirty dress. It’s all good. It’s works. Nice and cozy indeed.



The new nude kind of shade.



073 red red wine



It’s a red red wine, huh? Red wine it is. You could call it Bordeaux too. Or cherry red. And you’ll be right. It depends on what you personally are used to call this shade.



What it is actually is this darker red classic. Not the kind of red you picture when you hear red lip and nails, but its darker counterpart.



I think, most people out there would call it cherry red. One of the first lip and nail shades to be worn ever, probably.



Not to be mixed up with black cherry though, which is considerably darker. This is cozy but sexy at the same time.



151 the new copper



Not quite cozy, not quite luxury, somewhere in between leaning to luxury, I’d say. Oh, yes, it’s copper, no doubt. Metallic. Bright.



I, personally, just don’t like bronze shades. Or copper shades, for that matter. Not on my nails, not on my cheeks. On my lips – maybe. It’s not that they don’t look good on me. Actually, they do. Ever so good. It’s a case of unrequited love though, I’m afraid.



I’m not a fan. But if you like copper and bronze on your nails, it’s a good one.



Application is easy enough, where it doesn’t get out of control in terms of being streaky. And if you use a top coat, it will be perfect. This copper shade is bright and luminous. Cleopatra like 🙂



318.90 cool dress



Cool? Only if they mean cold. It’s tender, really, not cool. It’s pearly sparkly shiny white with a pink undertone to it, or else pink glow that all of a sudden appears at certain angles in the certain lighting or natural light.



. I don’t even like white nail shades much, but this one is just soo pretty. So Aspen like. Yes, it’s definitely about Aspen part of the collection. Mountain resort like too. So becoming.



Also, it’s versatile. Truly wherever you go whatever you do, you’ll look gorgeous with it.



Very nice, ANNY. It takes some effort to get me to like a white nail shade.



353.40 come closer



Yes, do, please. Do come. Closer 🙂 I don’t know what any of that has to do with the shade proper, sounds cool though.



It’s a metallic dark grey. Attention, silver fans. Not silver – grey. Even though it’s metallic.



It’s a nice shade. Because it’s not silver and not black. But something more rare and interesting than that. If you like black manicure, you might enjoy this for a change.



Another shade that you can just apply and then go through a series of looks, and it will work well with all of them. An exciting darker sultry manicure shade.




361.90 stardust style



Was the toughest one to get hold of 🙂 I was like – huh, I guess people like it. Well, they probably do. Or else they should. Because it’s a beauty. And the two shades I’ve been just talking about – white cool dress and pearly grey come close – make total sense all of a sudden. Bear with me, I’ll explain why.


So, stardust style top coat is pretty much a transparent base with tiny black glitter – remember, say, I’m Not Edible shade by Deborah Lippmann? No? I’ll have to show you later, it’s a good one for spring 🙂 Anyway, we have the same tiny black glitter here and bigger round circley silver things. It’s AWESOME. And it works great on black, grey, white. It’s one of those top coats that can turn your manicure into a wonder and a whole new world in a second. Here.


cool dress + stardust style



Really, this is so beautiful I can’t get over it.









come closer + stardust style










IMG_0481 2


This top coat will also look good on clear bright red, clear bright blue, clear bright purple, maybe. You know, those strong basic colours. Oh, yes, it will. Not on muted shades though, I don’t think.


So, I was right, there are two parts to this collection. The first one is cozy and womanly. Muted lilac, cherry red, you know. Then there’s a copper to carry us into the lush part of it all. The second part that is resorty and chic. Edgier, so to say. Sparkly white, metallic grey and an awesome top coat. It’s a great way to put a winter collection together. I like it. It has all kind of stuff in it to suit most tastes. Like classic? – got for lilac and red. Artsy is you thing? – here’s metallic copper for you. Edgy and lush fan? – white, grey and this amazing top coat are waiting for you here. Well put together, ANNY. You did it yet again. This collection is marvelous.

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