Bobbi Brown Art Stick trio & lip gloss trio holiday 2015 swatched

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Of all the good stuff we get for holidays here’s something that will come in handy for almost all of us. Even if big holiday makeup sets have all the things in them we don’t really use and aren’t ready to pay for, lip colour is probably the most widely used makeup product ever. Well, and mascara 🙂 If lip colour is your thing, you might want to take a closer look at these two sets by Bobbi Brown.


Here we have two different textures. Whatever you like – classically matt or shiny, it’s all covered and ready for you.


Also, holiday makeup is always packaged so nicely, so we’re getting a pleasant bonus on top of the makeup itself.


We’ll start with this.


Art Stick Trio



Art Stick is the most matt lip texture by Bobbi Brown. That comes in the shape of a pencil. It was released not too long ago. And is definitely a part of a sweeping matt lip colour trend that we’ve been watching going for a while now.


I tried it back when it came out, and I’ve got to say my impression back then was not too favourable, because this product made my lips majorly dry. I’ve never experienced any lip colour product making my lips THIS dry. So, it kind of veered me off Art Stick. As usual though, my curiosity and my love for makeup is too strong to stop me from trying again and again, till I make sure something out there in makeup world is truly incompatible with me.


And these holiday sets are just so cute… So, here I go again 🙂


Before we get to the shades though, there are some things we need to know about Art Stick. For starters, your lip condition should be as good as ever to apply this texture and wear it, because this thing is going to emphasize any temporary imperfections on your lips you are not going to believe how much 🙂 Who is perfect though? Anyone? Maybe. To get to be perfect in this case there’s a good supporting tool, that is lip care. Before applying Art Stick, or any matt lip colour texture for that matter, we’d better use lip care. Yes, being perfect is as simple as that 🙂


Here’s something else to think about. What’s the purpose of Art Stick by Bobbi Brown and products like it? Right, it’s to achieve matt like coverage on the lips. Dead on matt. Absolutely matt. A hundred percent matt. Have you ever thought about this though? If you love a shade, but prefer shiny lip colour, just do what professional artists do, add a touch of transparent lip gloss on top. And you’ll get the same shade you loved so much initially with the mirror shine you were looking for. Cool? 🙂


Back to our holiday sets here. Art Stick Trio



Black box with silver lettering. Just like the rest of this year holiday packaging by Bobbi Brown. It’s part of the family 🙂


I look at the back of the box to get a feel for what’s coming. Hm.



Three shades. Brown Berry Art Stick, Harlow Red Art Stick, Electric Pink Art Stick.


Wrapped in paper. Just like a present. Nice 🙂



Oh, look, a sharpener.



I love this. I don’t want to find my pencil sharpener every time and clean it every time. Too much fuss. So, I do want every pencil shaped makeup product to have its own sharpener or most of them.


This one is a biggie too. Because Art Stick is so much thicker than your usual eye pencil or lip pencil. So, you need a bigger sharpener.


Ok, so, here’s the most interesting part of it all. The shades.



Brown Berry



Really? I don’t know. It’s not brown. And not berry.



Just like iconic nude shade by Bobbi Brown always looks mauvish to me, this one here that has ‘berry’ in its name doesn’t look purple to me at all. It’s beige. Warm beige. What do you know, warm beige in the world where cool beige rules 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but seems to me, the chances of coming across cool beige in makeup world are much higher than stumbling upon warm beige. Well, this one is warm. Might be very flattering. Check it out.


Oh, and by the way, this time around Art Stick doesn’t get my lips as dry as it did last time. Feels better, especially when I layer it big time on my lips. Still I’m pretty sure my earlier statement about lip balm first, then Art Stick holds true. It’s better this way. Back to the shades now.


Next. Harlow Red



When I hear any shade names like this, the first thing I hear is naturally ‘red’. Then I get suspicious, because there’s a prefix there, another word, which means it’s not pure red but red with some addition.



This one’s addition is orange. It’s not red with orange undertone. It’s orange red. Orange is a strong element of this shade. Do you like bolder corals? This shade might be a good addition to your collection, something new. It’s bright, so unless you wear brights on your lips on a regular basis, this is a going out kind of shade for you.


And Electric Pink



Bright cool pink. Not fuchsia. No purple in it. It’s a clear and vibrant pink. Yes, it is electric.



Pinks. One of the most often worn lip shades in the world. Why I like pink is because it’s milder than red. That is, if I feel sometimes that there can be occasions or places out there where red would be inappropriate… You know, maybe, you don’t wear red lip colour to the office. Or whatever. Our life is so rich 🙂 Well, pink is different. Even brighter shades of pink feel more appropriate on more occasions. So, if you like bright lip shades, pink is a good one to keep in mind.


Now that I’ve seen and tried out all the shades (left to right: Brown Berry, Harlow Red, Electric Pink) I can say it’s a great set shadewise.



The key word here is essentials. Nude, red and pink. What can be more practical than that? On the other hand, it’s clever. That is, all these shades have a twist on them – so that it’s not boring and is signature Bobbi Brown. I like it. I’m quite happy with this set.


Oh, and if you love any of the shades, but prefer sheer texture… Remember I told you it’s crucial to use lip care up front. Well, by underlying Art Stick with, say, lip balm you can regulate its intensity and even its texture. More lip balm and just a touch of Art Stick equals… right, sheerer coverage. You got it.


Next set.


Lip Gloss trio



The same black packaging with silver lettering. Chic. And very holiday like.



This is classic lip gloss formula. Sheer and shiny and sometimes sparkly, depending on the shade. Speaking about shades, there are three: Pink Oyster, Pretty and Sequin.



Before we get to them though, there’s something I have to tell you. Even before I applied it on my lips, I could feel the strongest possible absolutely overpowering ever so sweet scent coming off this lip gloss. Ugh. What happened to the cute hard candy like scent? This scent seriously makes it impossible for me to wear this lip gloss. And if you’re anywhere near scent sensitive, this is not going to work for you. Be careful. And smell before you buy. I’m not kidding. Go to a store and smell this first 🙂


Pity 🙂 I brace myself though and try it anyway.


Pink Oyster is this very light pearly sparkly pink, the kind of nude that was on before we even learned what nude is.



Well, it might be too sparkly to be called nude.



It’s romantic, versatile and very nice and flattering. Very light, so that you can’t see much pink in it. More like shine and sparkle and your natural beauty. That’s what people will see, when you wear this shade. I like it. And it makes me feel good, because this was the first lip colour I’ve ever worn in my life, when I was just venturing into the makeup world. I am definitely going to swap nudes that I’m kind of tired of for this shade on one of the next special occasions I’m attending. The great thing about this shade is that you can also wear it with jeans and a T-shirt. And look stunning.


Pretty is a bright cool pink with a pretty strong purple undertone.



If Electric Pink Art Stick is pure pink, Pretty is pink with a whole lot of purple in it. So, if you like purple pinks, it’s right up your alley. It’s a lighter shade, as it’s sheer.



When purple is added to pink shades, I’m always conflicted. On the one hand, it makes it more versatile. If pure pink is not your shade, Pretty with a helping of purple in it might be it. On the other hand, it makes it not that appealing for those who are looking for pure pink. So, as usual, there’s no universal recipe here. Some people will be happy with it. Others won’t. This shade is pearly too. Just like Pink Oyster. And very very shiny.


And the third one. Sequin



Very light beige, nude like beige. Pearly and sparkly all right. The interesting thing about it is that it’s warm beige. Usually such nude light beiges that come in lip gloss texture tend to be cool. Well, this one is not. So, if you’re looking for warm beige as opposed to cool beige, because that’s what you like, or that’s what becomes you – and if you can bear the scent 🙂 – take a look at this shade here.



Looking at it makes me want to pair it up with that warm beige Art Stick. Remember? Brown Berry. So, if you do want intense colour and shine and sparkle and everything at the same time, you can top Brown Berry with Sequin. Wow, it’s going to be great. Such warm beige lip shades like Sequin – with almost a golden sheen to them – are always a great match for golden dresses, by the way 🙂


That’s the set. My favourite is Pink Oyster. Unfortunately, the super sweet heavy scent ruins it all for me. If you can handle it though, and if you like lip gloss texture, it’s a nice set to have. Lighter shades that will look chic and pretty anywhere. Thin and easy to carry around tubes. Don’t take up too much space. If just like me you’re getting tired of nudes, these shades are a good alternative. And by the way, after holidays and winter spring is coming, you know. This trio will be perfect for spring. All these shades. Romantic kind of. In a nice way. Understated way. Not in ever so pink and lilac way. Shadewise this set is truly a shiny beauty multiplied by three (left to right: Pink Oyster, Pretty, Sequin).



Don’t you just love lip colour? I do 🙂 The very action of applying lipstick or lip gloss or any kind of lip colour, gets my spirits right up. Well, if you do love it, just like me, then here are these two holiday sets by Bobbi Brown – go right at them.

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