Lancome Audacity palette swatched

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Audacity palette by Lancome was released this fall.



Why am I writing about it now? Because I think spring becomes this palette. Or this palette becomes spring… anyway, you got the point. Some of the shades in it, say, lilac, are traditionally spring shades. Others like pearly beiges and pink beiges will look lovely in spring. Also, this palette is nudy but interesting. And has bright spots in it. It’s versatile. So, it will look good whatever the season or occasion.



As usual it’s ever so hard to take a picture of Lancome packaging, as it’s silver and black and everything gets reflected in it like crazy 🙂



I try though and see…



Godzilla? Walking over Paris? No, wait a minute, gigantic prehistoric dinosaur monsters don’t wear high heels. It’s a woman on cloud number nine 🙂 Nice design, Lancome. Much appreciated.



There are 16 shades in this palette. 16 shades! 16 shades! I love the sound of it. And the palette is so slim and small nonetheless.

IMG_1342 2


Believe it or not, this time around Lancome managed to impress me in between me marveling at the packaging and actually getting to the shades. What is in between? Right. The brush.



You know how brushes usually are that come in palettes. They are sort of stand ins. Like brands are thinking – well, there must be something there to apply all the stuff with. Of course, everyone’s going to use their own brushes anyway… Still gotta do something. Well, there are some exclusions to the rule. This one definitely is.


This brush is all about eyeshadow application. It’s full size, so it’s comfortable to hold in hand and use.


It’s dual ended. One end (on the left) is fluffy for all over kind of thing. The other end (on the right) is wide and has a kind of even edge to allow precise application.

IMG_1358 2IMG_1358


Seriously, this is the best brush I’ve seen in palettes in a while.


The shades. 16 🙂

IMG_1342 9

I guess, it’s up to us to decide which of them are eyeshadow and which are eyeliner. Or else it probably means that we can use any of them as both. The beginning here is rather pastel, the middle is nude, by the end of it though we’re getting into sultrier and darker shades that might well be eyeliner, if necessary. Let’s take a look. First 12 shades.

IMG_1342 3



And off we go.  One by one. The first twelve shades.

FILIGREE Pearly light kind of yellowish beige shade. Just a whisper of colour on your lids.



CHOUQUETTE Matt light beige – very light almost base like shade. Or, maybe, you like pastels, then it’s a good one.

IMG_1342 2IMG_1392 2


PARFAIT Matt light lilac – very light almost base like shade. Makes me think of pairing it up with matt light beige to create a tender, romantic or sophisticated look.

IMG_1342 3IMG_1392 3


JOIE Pearly cool beige. I like pearly cool beiges 🙂

IMG_1342 4IMG_1392 4


VOYAGE Matt heavily darker pink beige – love this shade! It’s so rare. And so becoming. So elegant. So stylish. So everything. Beautiful. And almost never ever done in palettes or on its own. I don’t know why. It should 🙂

IMG_1342 5IMG_1392 5


SANTE Matt orange beige. Hot spice like shade. You know, like all those saffron, mustard and the like ones. Well, this one is turmeric, I guess 🙂

IMG_1342 6IMG_1392 6


EXHIBITION Pearly satiny heavily pink beige. A great one. Magnificent shade. I want to do makeup with it and VOYAGE. This combination is going to look awesome. Now this is how I picture nudes. Are your eyes green? Don’t be afraid of these pinks. They’ll look good on you.

IMG_1342 7IMG_1392 7


ZIP ME UP Pearly purple with a silvery sheen to it. Talk about eyeliner shades 🙂 This one will work so well as an eyeliner on you, if your eyes are dark brown or hazel.

IMG_1342 8IMG_1392 8


VOLCANO Warmer satiny grey, darker rather than lighter. There’s some distant purplish sheen about it too.

IMG_1342 9IMG_1392 9


AUDACIOUS Satiny brownish grey. Interesting shade. Very rare. I can’t say I like it as much as those pink beiges, still it’s interesting. As an eyeliner. Or for smoky eyes.

IMG_1342 10IMG_1392 10


COUTURE Matt brown, not chocolate brown, this one is a lighter kind of brown. There’s a Bordeaux undertone to it. Just a hint of it.

IMG_1342 11IMG_1392 11


“IT” LIST Matt black. Shall we do some smoky eyes? 🙂

IMG_1342 12IMG_1392 12


And four shades on the bottom. Initially I though it would make sense, if these were eyeliner shades, while the rest 12 were eyeshadow. But no 🙂 I guess, it’s just me who thinks it’s logical.

IMG_1342 4



KITTEN HEEL Pearly orange. Another spice like shade. Only this one is more complex because of the pearl. I don’t like orange colour in makeup and manicure, but this one is a good one. I have to admit it.

IMG_1342 5IMG_1429 2


TENACITY Pearly greige. Beautiful. Luring. Calling for smoky eyes. Demanding them, actually.

IMG_1342 6IMG_1429 3


CLOCK STRIKES 12 Matt charcoal grey. Fancy shade name 🙂 Eyeliner shade. Or smoky eye shade. If you do smoky eye look with it, I’d add a touch or silver.

IMG_1342 7IMG_1429 4


NUIT Grey blue with silver blue sparkle. Very nice. Another rare guest in luxury makeup palettes. Or else, it’s rare that this shade is so well balanced and has sparkle in it. Maybe, instead of silver, this one could be a match for CLOCK STRIKES 12. Together they’ll provide a spectacular smoky eye look. Especially, if your eyes are blue. Or grey.

IMG_1342 8IMG_1429 5


Nice 🙂 A lot of shades I like in this palette. It’s off the beaten track, at the same time, it’s not too funky or artsy. It’s will suit a lot of tastes, almost all of them. And, yes, you can get ever so many looks here. Different looks. From pastels to nudes to edgier to smoky. Tell you what, I love palettes, as they have so many shades in them they make me feel very happy, but… it’s hard to put a good palette together. That is, it’s hard to put together a good assortment of shades, where they’ll work well with each other, won’t be boring and will appeal to as many people as possible. Well, Lancome managed it elegantly. There’s something about this palette. It’s not like the rest of them out there. It’s chic. Truly so. I love it.

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