Rouge Louboutin and Loubi Under Red nail polish swatched

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After my very first encounter with Louboutin nail polish, which frankly, was not a good experience at all (you can read about it here, if you’d like Louboutin nail polish Salonu and True Blue), it took with me a while to try again. But here I am trying. I just can’t get over my curiosity for this relatively new luxury nail colour range on the market. I just can’t help loving nail polish and new things in makeup 🙂


This time around I’m trying the most signature shade in Louboutin permanent range. You wanna guess the shade? Yeah 🙂 Red.


One shade – two shapes. Here’s the first one. Rouge Louboutin. The colour of ever so famous Louboutin shoe soles. Blazing red.


Before we get to the shade here let’s talk about the bottle. Yes, the bottle. Trust me, there’s a lot to talk about here.


Let me start by saying – it’s huge. Truly so. I mean it.


Huge. Even if regular Louboutin nail polish bottle is big due to its long long cap. This one is bigger, so much bigger. Look 🙂



I don’t know about you. The fact that it’s so big is inconvenient, to my taste. Too big. I mean, what happens when I travel? Can I bring this along? Nope. Definitely not.



Given that is looks pretty striking designwise. It does. But…


I don’t like that the bottle is encased in carton. Carton in luxury market? That is, paper packaging in luxury market? I don’t think so. Not my kind of thing. I’ll give them that though – inside this carton thing there is a regular bottle hidden, I think. Or something.


As crazy as this sounds, this huge bottle and huge cap with a brush proved to be somehow more comfortable to use than brushes in Louboutin nail colour of other regular shades. I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe, it’s because it’s so big it doesn’t matter anymore 🙂 Probably, it’s because the cap itself in this bottle is plastic as opposed to other shades in the range, where the cap is metal and much heavier. Anyway, this one feels better in my hand and is easier to use to apply nail colour. Of course, once you get over the size of this thing 🙂


Last time I tried it I was not a fan of Louboutin nail colour formula. Unfortunately, it holds true. It’s Ok from the point of view of application, there’s just something about this nail colour formula though that takes forever to get dry. I don’t know what it is. It takes as long to get dry as I’ve ever seen in luxury market. And yes, I was using my favourite Chanel top coat over it that usually speeds up the drying process. And it failed to do that with this nail colour.


I’d say, my overall impression of the nail colour this time around is a little bit better than last time. Last time I was like – oh, this is horrible. This times it’s more like – hm, it’s better, could never be my favourite though, too many things will have to change first.


Here’s one good thing though. The brush is smaller, thinner and is quite nice. I like it.



I like this red shade too. There’s something about Louboutin red. About those shoes. About those soles. About this shade.



It’s bright and vibrant. Just the way I like my red. I don’t like it when it’s dark. I like it glowing. In all its red glory. And that’s what I get here.



A good take on red, I’d say. A great one even. Dangerously hot, still wearable in everyday life, because it’s just such a timeless classic.



Bold and daring.



Here’s the second nail polish from Louboutin permanent range. The same shade though. What? 🙂 Bear with me, I’ll explain.


Loubi Under Red is the same signature Louboutin red, only it’s actually designed to paint… under your nails, pretty much. That is, the opposite, inner side of your nails. It’s an equivalent to Louboutin shoes red soles. You know, like even when their shoes are flats, even when you can’t see the soles, they are still red. The same here. Even if no one can tell the underside of your nails is painted red, it so is 🙂 That’s a cool artsy design idea.


Here’s the bottle with red bottom. Cool. It’s smaller. Still it’s bigger than normal nail colour bottle, but so much smaller than the huge Rouge Louboutin bottle. I guess, it’s because you don’t need as much colour to paint under your nail tips. Makes sense, when you come to think of it 🙂



What makes it actually tuned for painting under our nails, if the shade here is the same? The brush. It is designed especially to paint UNDER our nails to create Louboutin red soles feel. The brush is thin. Not too thin though. I expected thinner, to tell you the truth.



Well, I don’t think it’s comfortable or easy to try and paint the undersides of my nails, but… such thin brush is always good for nail design. You can paint with it, you know. Of course, if you can paint in general. I can’t 🙂 It’s like makeup precision application brush, pretty much. So, here’s what I used it for 🙂









The black here is NL V36 My Gondola or Yours? from Venice collection by Opi fall 2015. You can see all the shades from this collection here, if you’re curious Opi Venice collection fall 2015 swatched




Anyway, that’s my take on Loubi Under Red. I don’t know what you want to do to with it, if anything 🙂 My personal conclusion is Loubi Under Red is a cute toy. More toy than nail colour to me.


I’d say, having used these two – Rouge Louboutin and Loubi Under Red – my impression of Louboutin nail colour has improved some, but not all the way. Their design is creative, couture, love that part of it all. To me though the nail colour itself just has to be better. Seriously, it has to. Especially as it costs double the average luxury market nail colour price.

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