Bobbi Brown Bellini Mini Lip & Eye Palette and Caviar Mini Lip & Eye Palette holiday 2015 swatched

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While spring collections are already stepping on our toes here, I’m still digging some of my holiday favourites. Here are two. By Bobbi Brown. What’s great about them is they are just so tiny, and have so much stuff in them. Travelling, you’ll say. Absolutely. But they are tiny. So, they are also great for just sticking in your purse to have a great makeup up batch on beckon and call all ready for you. I love this. I never have too much stuff in my purse. Especially as I love smaller purses, clutches and stuff. I like to hold my purse in my hand or have it under my arm. Not practical? Agreed. But so cute. And hot in some inexplicable kind of way.


So, here we go.



Bellini Mini Lip & Eye Palette



I’m still not tired a bit of this year holiday design by Bobbi Brown. I like this black packaging with silver lettering just as much as I did when I first saw it. And I still think it’s ever so elegant.



Here is this small pretty thing. Traditional holiday heraldic design by Bobbi Brown.



I like to know my shades close and personal. I like to know them by names, I like to know their arrangement… So, this thing here is a good thing for me.



Look how well it arranged inside. How cleverly the space is used up here.



For the makeup now.



Nice and lush.

IMG_1711 2IMG_1725


Bellini High Shimmer Lip Gloss

IMG_1711 3


Thank God it smells like sweet sour hard candy 🙂 If you read my post about Bobbi Brown holiday lip colour sets called     you know why I’m saying this. The scent of those lip glosses in lip gloss trio really bothered me. It’s a mirror shine gloss texture with sparkle or shimmer, as they put it. I’ve had Bellini before. It often shows up in Bobbi Brown holiday collections. It’s this nude warm pink with a slight beige undertone to it with light pink sparkle. A pretty shade. I like it. I like pink nude lip. It has gotten kind of pushed off the stage to an extent by beige nude lip. I, for one, think pink nude lip is very flattering and like it a lot.

IMG_1711 4IMG_1716IMG_1725 2


And then we have five eye shades to match this little Bellini lip gloss. Or else, it being a nude shade, Bellini matches all of them.

Копия IMG_1693 2IMG_1725 3


Bone Eye Shadow is a matt, off white, very light, base like beige



Sable Eye Shadow is matt greige. I’d say medium greige, not too light, not too dark.

IMG_1693 2IMG_1725 2


Rich Brown Eye Shadow Rich brown it is. A matt chocolate brown shade. Yummy.

IMG_1693 3IMG_1725 4


Here are all the three shades swatched together.

IMG_1693 7IMG_1722 2


Moving on the the other two eye shades in the palette.


Golden Pink Metallic Eye Shadow You call that Golden Pink?? I call that bronze. Yes, definitely, I do. Where’s any pink? Any gold? This shade is sparkly bronze, I’d say 🙂 Very metallic, that is pearly, and kind of sparkly too.

IMG_1693 4IMG_1725 5


Blazing Star Sparkle Eye Shadow Blazing Star, huh? Maybe. Aren’t stars silver or gold though? What I see here is a sparkly – very much so – light and surprisingly cool beige, almost off white. Loaded with light pinkish glitter. Very fresh and pretty. This shade is not really pearly, as it’s not metallic. It’s almost just like a bunch of sparkle proper and that’s it. Maybe, a very distant off white colour in the background. Just a touch. Ok, Ok, if I look very very close, maybe, I do see some platinum in this glitter. Some golden sheen to it.

IMG_1693 5IMG_1725 6


Take a look at both.

IMG_1693 6IMG_1722 3


It’s a pretty typically Bobbi Brown greige like palette. You can get it to be chocolate luxury too. If you go heavier on Rich Brown shade. Hot. Or night it town kind of look, if you really put that sparkle to use. It’s up to you to decide. For my money, it’s always nice to have a palette that allows you go from nude look to special occasion look in a matter of minutes.


Caviar Mini Lip & Eye Palette



The same black and silver design.






The same heraldic design of the palette itself.



And the shade chart is still here.



And again, this thing is small.



Really small.



Oh, some nice shades here.



I can’t wait to see them. So, let’s do it.


Bright Pink Lip Gloss

IMG_1807 2


The heavy overpowering super sweet scent is back. Too bad. I guess, I’ve mostly used sparkly lip gloss by Bobbi Brown before that has this fresh lemonady scent to it, like Bellini in the other palette, so this scent here was not an issue. Well, it is to me. The shade is nice though. Bright clear pink. Not fuchsia. No purple in it. Warmer pink, actually. With mirror shine. I would love to wear it, but probably can’t due to the scent. I’ll try though. If you can handle the scent, if you don’t have Bright Pink shade yet, and if you like bright pinks in lip gloss texture, it’s a great one to have.

IMG_1807 3IMG_1818IMG_1832 2


And the five eye shades are…



Ivory Eye Shadow is an off matt (only a little off and mostly white) white base shade.

IMG_1807 4IMG_1832 4


Naked Eye Shadow Naked?? I don’t know. It’s a warm medium beige. I wouldn’t call it a nude shade. Too dark for that. It’s interesting though. A rich warm beige with pink undertone to it that’s only revealed when swatched. I like the shade a lot. Pretty rare. If warm beiges become you, take a close look at this one. Can be very lush.

IMG_1807 5IMG_1832 5


Caviar Eye Shadow We know this shade by Bobbi Brown well. It’s matt black. Here’s a question. The first palette is called Bellini, right? That is, by the name of the lip gloss in it. Ok. Then how come the second palette is called Caviar by the name of one of the eye shades? It’s a mystery 🙂

IMG_1807 6IMG_1832 6


And the three shades together.

IMG_1807 3IMG_1832 2


And back to our palette. The best is still to come.


White Sand Sparkle Eye Shadow White sand? Hm. It’s silver. Kind of pearly silver with a whole lot of sparkle. A very nice shade. I like it.

IMG_1807 8IMG_1832 7


Pink Lilac Sparkle Eye Shadow Uh-huh. That explains how the light pink in the other palette is golden pink. That one in Bellini palette is a little bit warmer – still cool, I’d say 🙂 This one is super cool. A panoply of cool and crispy lilac pink sparkle. Pretty. Want to wear it with silver White Sand 🙂

IMG_1807 7IMG_1832 8


Two awesome shades.

IMG_1807 2IMG_1832 3


What I truly love about this palette is White Sand Sparkle and especially Pink Lilac Sparkle Eye Shadow. I love fresh but glowy look such sparkly eyeshadow in pink and lilac and silver provides. And if you can wear that Bright Pink Lip Gloss with it… wow. That’s such a fresh and pretty look. Spring is coming, and this look will work so well. Modern romance is the big trend this spring. Well, this palette as in tune with it as it can be. And you can always use matt black Caviar Eye Shadow as an eyeliner for a bolder and more dramatic twist. After all, it’s modern romance, so you know… 🙂

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