Spring 2016 makeup and manicure trends

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We’re still enjoying some of the sparkly pretty holiday things, whatever we got for ourselves or whatever we got as a present for holidays, but guess what, spring is coming. Yes, it is. Soon. Which means, we should already think about what’s going to be trending.


Well, this spring season is interesting. In fashion world it’s all about modern romance. The same kind of feel I get about spring makeup trends. Romance is traditionally there. We get it every spring, pretty much. You know why 🙂 That is, pinks are all over the place – nails, lips, cheeks. Also pastels are on. Lilacs, blues, tender greens.


Then we have all natural kind of trend, where we get just hints of colour on our lips and cheeks and nails. Where it’s more about our natural skin tone and lip colour than about artificial shades hiding it all.


Blue trend continues in manicure world. And surprisingly enough, it’s not always tender little spring blue. Often times, it’s pretty strong and bright. Speaking about bright…


The edgy part of the romantic trend in fashion world kind of got into the makeup world. It means, alongside all the tender shades we have some stronger shades. Brighter spots, so to say, among all the pastels.


Like coral and yellow. Corals seem to be much more there than they usually are in spring. It’s like there’s a feeling in the air, that after spring summer will come, when all the corals will get full blown crazy hot, and now they are just preparing to do so, peeking out here and there, being softer than in summer. But there’s a lot of them – on the lips, on the cheeks, on the lids.


And then the edgier part of romance manifests itself in traditional spring shades sometimes being more vivid than they usually are this time of the year. We’re getting some more vibrant blues and greens and lilacs, for instance.


All in all, if you like commonly springtime tenderness, you can go for it. If you’re kind of tired of it or feeling like something different, you can do that too. This way this season is nice. Or else, you can actually do the modern edgier romance, that is add bolder touches to your delicate spring makeup and manicure.

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