Bobbi Brown Rich Caramel Eye Palette & Greystone Eye Palette holiday 2015 swatched

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I have the last two bits of all the holiday beauty Bobbi Brown unraveled for us this holiday season. Two eyeshadow palettes. The good news is Bobbi Brown shades are always – or almost always – universal enough to wear well even after holidays are over. Especially if you like nudes, then this here will be great for you.


Having seen all of Bobbi Brown holiday makeup now, I’ve got to say it’s put together cleverly, that is, when there are two palettes, one is usually cool tones, the other is warm tones. It applies here too.


Here’s the first palette.



Bobbi Brown Rich Caramel Eye Palette



Rich Caramel? Yummy 🙂



As in the rest of this collection, the design is very elegant and nice.


Black boxing and silver lettering.



White lettering and heraldic design on the palette itself.



The palette includes five eye shades and a dual ended brush.



Let’s look at the brush first.



Dual Ended Eye Shadow / Eye Liner Brush



And now we’re getting to the most interesting part of it all. That is, to the shades in the palette.




Cream Eye Shadow a matt off white base shade

IMG_0068 2IMG_0155 2


Rich Caramel Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow a warm golden beige shade, beige with a golden sheen

IMG_0068 3IMG_0155 3


Bellini Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow  a lot of light golden sheen plus just a touch of cooler beige shade in the background. Not much colour, really, just a touch of shimmer. Nice. I like such shades. They make one look fresh.

IMG_0068 4IMG_0155 4


Toasted Cinnamon Sparkle Eye Shadow Yummy name, just like Rich Caramel 🙂 Kind of metallic bronze shade loaded with golden sparkle. Wow. This is pretty.

IMG_0068 5IMG_0155 5


Rich Caviar Eye Shadow It’s a complex matt black brown shade. Looks almost like smoky eye like matt black. But it’s not, really. It’s brown with black undertone to it. Now warm chocolate brown. A deep dark brown.

IMG_0068 6IMG_0155 6


This is a nice warm tone palette. It’s like you can do heavy sparkle and lush or you can do shimmery easy and light. Both are cool depending on the occasion. I like that black brown shade too as an eyeliner shade. It’s rare, a good way to go for those who’re sick and tired of black and brown proper. Tell you what though, when the holiday season is over, why not swap it use those sparkly shades as eyeliner, and more neutral shades as eyeshadow? That will add the kind of zest to your look that we’re all looking for.




Next palette.



Bobbi Brown Greystone Eye Palette



And here we go again. Black and silver.



Black and white with heraldic stuff.



Shade chart.



Dual Ended Eye Shadow / Eye Liner Brush



It’s all here.



And five shades again.



Only these are cooler.




And off we go.

Cream Eye Shadow the same matt off white base shade as in the other palette

IMG_0127 2IMG_0165 7


Chiffon Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow it’s like a cool version of Rich Caramel Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow. If Rich Caramel was a warm golden beige shade, beige with a golden sheen, this one is a very light greige with a strong light golden sheen.

IMG_0127 3IMG_0165 8


Winter Grey Eye Shadow matt medium greige. I like the name of this shade – Winter Grey

IMG_0127 4IMG_0165 9


Caramel Sparkle Eye Shadow a very interesting shade. Greige loaded with silver sparkle that sometimes gleams light gold and pink like too. Pretty. Love it.

IMG_0127 5IMG_0165 10


Black Steel Eye Shadow matt medium grey, not light, darker. Eye liner or smoky eye shade.

IMG_0127 6IMG_0165 11


Mixing greige with some gold is a bold thing to do. I appreciate that. Especially when it works. And it does here. Do you have grey eyes? If you do, this should look stunning on you. Everyone else can try it too. All these shades are neutral, very Bobbi Brown like. Looking at this palette and these shades what I want to do is play a contrast game. Grey background and golden shine. Not what you usually do? Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think eye shades? No, it’s not. But guess what, it’s a good thing 🙂


IMG_0165 6


That’s that. I’m kind of sad to say good bye to Bobbi Brown holiday makeup, but I’m eager to see what tomorrow brings. I have a feeling it will bring something very nice, because tomorrow… tomorrow spring starts. Right here, in this blog. Cool? And winter wonderland is not going away. It will continue. Double cool! Now, how eager are you? See you tomorrow 🙂


P.S. Here are the links to the rest of Bobbi Brown holiday collection and sets all in one place for you to be sure to find what you’re looking for 🙂

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