3 spring nail shades by Deborah Lippmann that fit the modern romance trend

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They are not really new, but they are just so pretty. So cute. Every spring I can’t help thinking about them. I wanna wear them. Right now! Here they are 🙂



They are so tender. And at the same time have a little bit of an artsy edge to them. Just perfect for this spring, when modern romance trend is full on.


Deborah Lippmann 20204 I’m Not Edible



What can be more romantic or more spring like than tender pinks? Nothing. JThis super tender pink is a spring classic. Nice and light and everything.



And it’s not just pink… it has this black glitter in it that changes everything.



I’m Not Edible is a perfect name for this shade. It looks like a fancy dessert. Yummy. Cool.



There’s just something about this shade. Something special.



If modern romance is the trend of the season, which it seems to be big time, then what can me more romantic and more modern that this shade? Anything?



Deborah Lippmann 20205 Rockin’ Robin



So, when I think spring manicure I first think pink. And then I think what? Probably, the same that you do. Pastels. Lilac, blue and green. Green is my personal favourite.



It’s so tender in spring that even people who don’t generally wear green, do go for it sometimes.



Bud green. Delicate and fresh. That’s exactly what Rockin’ Robin is like.



And it has this fun black glitter in it too, so, it’s not just boring and the same as every year. This shade is spring like. Very much so.



Dress or jeans, it works with everything. Trust me, I’ve tried 🙂



Deborah Lippmann 20203 Polka Dots and Moonbeams



Suppose you just can’t stand all those pinks and lilacs and pastels and stuff. That’s just not your kind of thing. Possible? Of course, it is. You are you, and the fact that all these girly shades get released in spring collections in abundance doesn’t mean you have to wear them.



Well, if that’s your taste, then the third one in my ever so spring batch might catch your attention.



It’s grey. Unexpected for spring, huh?



It’s a very light grey though. Who could have thought that grey can be pastel? Well, I guess, it can. This one can.



And the black glitter is still here. Nice 🙂



These are the three. You might already have these shades by Deborah Lippmann. Or if you don’t but you like them, you can get something along the lines by other brands. Or get a black glitter and use it on top of all those pastels you have in your stash 🙂 It’s a good way to shake it up and stick to the trends without being too much into them, where you look like everybody else. It’s fun. I’m not saying I’d wear these shades every day, but wearing them sometimes this spring is a good idea.



How romantic are you? How romantic is modern world, actually? Probably, not the same way as it used to be a couple of centuries ago. It makes sense that modern romance got to be ever so hot this spring. Life changes. We get tired of certain things and want to revamp them. We want our makeup and manicure to match our clothes. And this season lace is across the board in fashion world. And that brings me back to my three nail shades. Something’s telling me that these three tender ones with black little dots in them will look awesome with trendy lace. Oh yes, they will.

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