Urban Decay Vice 4 palette swatched

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I promised you spring, right? Well, here’s some. Vice 4 eye palette by Urban Decay is directly related to spring and spring makeup trends. And it’s just so great it’s worth a look anyway, even if it weren’t 🙂 Here, let me show you what I mean.


It’s a limited edition. Makes sense. Look at this cool edgy Urban Decay like boxing.





And then there’s a small bag. Love the small bag 🙂 And the extra effort that’s gone into coming up with it.





The design of the actually palette packaging is truly spectacular. I look and it, and I’m happy 🙂





The brush first. Very heavy in my hand. Actually metal, I think. Solid. Nice.



And look at this cute ub vice thing written on it.



Two sides. One is an eyeshadow brush proper (on the left). The other side is more flared smoky eye like thing. Oh, yes, smoky eye brush will come in handy with this palette more than once.



There are 20 shades. Did you hear that? Twenty shades. 20. This is going to be so great. I can’t wait to tell you.



The shades are arranged in four rows, five shades in each. And the amount of looks and combination that this palette can provide is truly endless.



I mean, just look at all this beauty, and don’t tell me your heart doesn’t flutter, at least, a little bit. Anyway, mine does.



I’m going to look closely into these shades and try them all out and tell you everything about them. Off we go.


The first row of five. What do I see here at the first glance? It’s a greyish kingdom with some blue and purple in it. Let’s see if I prove to be right about it.


IMG_0513 6


Bones is a beautiful tender pearly light cool silvery beige. Love it soo much. Talk about romance which is the theme of this spring season. What can be more romantic than this shade that will become anyone?

IMG_0471 2IMG_0513


Grip is a light satiny grey with some silver sparkle. This is a very appealing grey. Not too dark. Just right. Well balanced. If you pair it up with Bones in one makeup, wow, it will be really something. Talk about sophistication.

IMG_0471 3IMG_0513 2


Deadbeat is a midnight blue loaded with silver sparkle. This is one of those shades that I like, but that doesn’t really like me, I’m afraid. That is, it won’t look good on me, unless I try very very hard. But if your eyes are blue, do smoky eyes with this shade, if you dare, as it will be dangerously hot.

IMG_0471 4IMG_0513 3


Beat Down is pearly medium blue with a purple undertone. This blue is quite bright without going over the board bright. One of the shades that’s surprisingly got ever so trendy this spring. A little bit brighter than what spring usually brings us, but here we go, this year it showed up in a lot of collections. What do you do if your eyes aren’t blue? Right. Use it as an eyeliner 🙂

IMG_0471 5IMG_0513 4


Pandemonium is an ever so pearly and sparkly cool purple. Attention. Not warm purple. Not plum. Cool purple. And, yes, there’s more sparkle in it than in Deadbeat even. There’s a burst of silver sparkle somewhere in the middle of this shade and greige like pearly undertone to it. It’s gorgeous. And it’s also hot this spring, as some brighter than usual lilacs showed up in a lot of spring collections this season.

IMG_0471 6IMG_0513 5


Moving on to the second row in the palette. And behold, it’s all lilac with just a little bit of pink. Very spring like.


IMG_0513 6


Framed is this matt very warm beige shade. A base shade, really, for the rest of the shades that are in this row in the palette. It’s a nice pastel shade that is a nice one to wear in spring. If warm beige shades become you, this is a good one to have.

IMG_0471 2IMG_0513


Fast-Ball is a pearly medium pink with a shy orange shadow lingering in the background. I’d say it looks more coral like, swatches more pink like. This pearly pink is another one that’s romantic and spring like. And it’s a little bolder than all those light delicate pinks we see in eye palettes almost every spring. It’s a medium pink. Not an off white shade that has a pink undertone to it. It’s like a doll’s satin pink ribbon. Or like those pink ballet shoes you wanted to have when you were a little girl. Pretty and trendy, what can be better than that?

IMG_0471 3IMG_0513 2


1985 is a satiny bright purple shade. You know, like those bright purple nail shades that luxury brands like to have in their permanent ranges – Dior has it, Michael Kors has it and others do too. It’s a bold shade to wear on the lids, as it’s not your classic plum. But once again, this is exactly in the area of what’s trending this spring, so, maybe, it’s your chance to try it.

IMG_0471 4IMG_0513 3


Underhand is a vampy plum with a golden sheen to it. It’s like if you could never bring yourself to wear something like 1985, you’ll probably like Underhand, that’s more of a classic. Smoky eyes? Eyeliner shade? You pick it 🙂 What I like about it is that it’s not a boring plum, it’s special due to this golden touch.

IMG_0471 5IMG_0513 4


Harlot oh, I absolutely love this! It’s a crispy silvery pearly lilac. This here is a beauty. Forget about those brighter shades that are trending. Romance is still there in spring collections. And modern romance is a huge trend this season. Well, this shade is modern romance personified. How ironic is it that this shade of all is called Harlot? 🙂 It’s like you took tender lilac and upgraded it with silver sheen to fit into the 21st century world. Gorgeous.

IMG_0471 6IMG_0513 5


The third row is… is… oh my, look at these greens. Too bright? Too crazy? Too much, huh? Wait, let’s talk about them first.




Discreet Urban Decay, what are you doing to me, guys? This is the third base shade in the palette, and it’s just so good. While usually I don’t like base shades, as there’s just not enough colour in them, I absolutely love base shades in this palette. This one is a cool beige base shade leaning to greige big time. It’s awesome. Will work well with lilacs and silver shades.

IMG_0471 2IMG_0495 2


Grasshopper Well, here we go. That’s what Urban Decay is. They do shades that no one else does 🙂 Grasshopper is a great name for this shade. It’s a bright vibrant pearly and sparkly… who’s going to guess it? Right, green. Not aqua, not blue green. Just GREEN. I mean, this is bright. Even if you like green eyeshadow. Here’s an idea though – eyeliner. With grey eyeshadow it will look stunning.

IMG_0471 3IMG_0495 3


C-Note is another green, but this one is wearable for more people than Grasshopper and is more in tune with spring trends we’re seeing this year. It’s more of an emerald green with silver pearl. A very interesting shade. Rare. Pretty. Spring like. And is exactly a brighter kind of take on green pastel that’s trending right now. So, take a close look at this one.

IMG_0471 4IMG_0495 4


Arctic is a bright and pearly aqua with silvery sparkle. I just can’t get enough of these greens. All three are exceptional. Aqua is more of a summer shade usually. But once again, this spring is about bringing typical spring shades to a new level, so this cheerful aqua might well be woven into some of your blue or green eye makeup looks to give them a fresh little twist.

IMG_0471 5IMG_0495 5


Robbery is a magnificent pearly greige shade. With a silvery sheen. It’s greige satin, that’s what it is. Love this shade. It’s so appealing. Will look awesome on most of people out there. And it’s not crazy bright, so it will work for most days or nights. Actually, this shade is really nice for special occasions, if you’re wearing beige or silver.

IMG_0471 6IMG_0495 6


So, what have we got in the fourth and, sadly, last row of the palette? It’s a dark world 🙂 Browns and a little grey and orange.




Bitter is not quite a base shade, it’s a very warm medium brown. One of those spice like shades. Cinnamon like. The kind of brown that seems to have a touch of orange to it somewhere in the background. It’s quite rare. If your eyes are brown, try this one. If it works on you, might become one of your favourites. And it’s not overused.

IMG_0471 2IMG_0495


Flame is a brighter satiny orange loaded with fine golden sparkle. There’s a lot of sparkle here. I look at it, and I go immediately – grab this one and Bitter and do smoky eyes look. It will be as sexy as ever. But you can also use this fiery orange to do accents in your makeup looks with more subdued shades. And once again not so typically, this year oranges and corals couldn’t wait for summer to come, where they rule traditionally, and made their way in spring collections. So, this shade is all hot right now 🙂

IMG_0471 3IMG_0495 2


Low is a grey shade with a touch of brown to it that looks pearly in the palette, but somehow doesn’t give off much pearl, once swatched, a darker grey with silver sparkle in it. This shade is dark. So, smoky eyes, maybe? I don’t think it will work that well as an eyeliner, as the sparkle will go all over the place. If it were up to me, I’d say – give me more pearl less sparkle in this one 🙂

IMG_0471 4IMG_0495 3


Crowbar is the same as Low in the sense that it looks very pearly in the palette, but not so much once swatched. It’s khaki green with a lot of fine golden sparkle in it. Or marshy green, you could say. A good shade because it doesn’t get done and released too often. I’d like it to be more pearly though. I think it would look better then. As it is, just like with Low, the sparkle is not going to stay on the shade for long, and then the shade will just look like plain khaki green.

IMG_0471 5IMG_0495 4


Delete looks medium warm brown in the palette. But it’s a weirdo shade in a sense that, once swatched, it turns somehow 🙂 into more of a black brown shade. A dark matt cool brown. This is the biggest metamorphosis I’ve seen overcome 🙂 a shade in a long time. Just be sure not to be deceived by what it looks like in the palette, look at the swatch, as that’s what you’ll get on your lids.

IMG_0471 6IMG_0495 5


That’s Vice 4 with all its trimmings. It has some nice shades in it, trendy shades, romantic and bright, pastel and sultry, anything you want, pretty much. Now it’s high time to wear those deeper blues, greens, lilacs and those orange shades too. This spring promises to be full of colour and fun.


IMG_0513 6


IMG_0513 6






Romance, you say? Well, romance is going to be like never before this time around. Romance and vice can’t come together, you say? I think they can. And the result is going to be definitely worth it. See how this palette that looks so bright can prove to be very wearable and fit all the biggest makeup shade trends of this spring? Also, it has to it that special modern edge that comes hand in hand with romance this season.

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