Givenchy La Révélation Originelle spring 2016

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Revelation? That’s a pretty daring name 🙂 It makes sense though. It’s spring. The time of new life, new hopes, new starts. So, having high hopes to see a revelation in makeup promised to me here by Givenchy, I take a close look at this collection. And here’s what I see.



Givenchy Poudre Lumiere Originelle



Soft Powder Radiance Enhancer



The box is simple and classy.



And inside…



Wow, it’s beautiful. Gorgeous. Awesome. You pick it. This design, this pattern that is, is just so great. I love it.



I’m a little apprehensive though, because these universal radiance enhancing things rarely work well. And this ever so pale pink whitish shade bothers me a little. I cling to my optimism from before though and plunge into trying out this very first product of the very first spring collection I’m looking at this year.



Unfortunately, it’s a disappointment. It’s that whitish powdery thing without much shade to it, that’s designed to even and hide imperfections on any skin tone. It won’t work on any skin tone though. It will work much better on lighter and very light skin tones. And there’s really nothing special to it, not much radiance enhancing either. It’s like there are so many powders out there that are better, and where you could pick the right tone, I don’t know why you need anything of the kind… Well, actually, the design is kind of worth it for me. Maybe, use it as a highlighter. Why not?



Now, what is this limited edition powder telling me? That the collection will be very tender, which seems to go well with spring season feel. We’ll see whether it is so.


The second face product in the collection is Givenchy Le Prisme Blush.



Powder Blush – Radiant Color

4 Colors



The shade is 41 Lune Rosee



Once again, this shade name itself kind of indicates delicate. Interesting.



The packaging is what is expected in Le Prisme Blush. No limited edition design here.



I open the box and… hm. This doesn’t look so tender. Or delicate. It looks natural to brighter.



I see bold coral here, mauve, medium pink and red pink. Okay…



This blush is designed to mix and match though. Although, if you so choose, you can wear the shades separately. But they are intended to blend in together. So, I swipe over all the shades here and I get this.



Who would have thought, that these four shades that are quite bright on their own, can give such a – yes, delicate and, yes, tender – pink. It’s so pretty, so nice, so fresh, so girly in a way. Spring personified, that’s what it is. I love it. It’s like there’s a natural blush on your cheeks, not makeupey blush. Perfect.



Huh. Not bad at all in face department – the powder is on the left, the blush is on the right.



To the eye department now. Here we have first and foremost two shades of cream eyeshadow. And cream eyeshadow happens to be my favourite eyeshadow textured, so I’m excited.


Givenchy Ombre Couture

Cream Eyeshadow



16hr Hold – Waterproof



We have the usual packaging here too. A small little jar with Givenchy logo on the lid.



And here we go with the shades.


16 Jaune Aurora



Jaune? Really? Yellow? Delicate yellow? Romantic yellow? Spring yellow? Yellow is generally a very bright shade. Given, you can make it delicate, but almost no one ever does. Ok, we’ll see.


I look at the back first and see… ouch. It’s bright. Very bright. Where did all the spring go?



I mean, look. This is like neon yellow almost. Maybe, it will swatch differently?



Nope. It’s dead on very bright yellow with sparkle in it. I don’t know. Too much for me for spring. And how does it correspond with natural shade driven powder and blush?? I don’t know.

IMG_0772 2IMG_0786


Is this shade going to be flattering on anyone out there? Not sure. Only if you’re into experimenting big time you might want it.


Ready to see the next one?


Givenchy Ombre Couture



15 Bleu Celeste



I’m still shocked after seeing the yellow one. So, I look at the back.



Ok, this one is blue. And it’s not crazy bright. It’s brighter, but quite nice, actually.



Yep, it’s a nice blue without any green in it. That is, it’s not aqua. It’s a cool medium blue shade. Still pretty bright though. Matt and has sparkle in it too.



I’m totally lost here. Obviously, the blue doesn’t correspond with that yellow in any way. And both shades seem too bright to fit into the natural look concept we’ve seen in face product part of this collection.



Ok, moving on and will try to figure it out along the way. Here’s what we’ve got so far.



More for the eyes here. Eye liner.

Givenchy Liner Couture



Precision Felt-tip




Felt tip? Might be good. Might be easy to use.


The shade is 2 Brown.



What?? Brown? Brown liner? Yellow seems to work with brown, but that yellow is too bright. Cool blue doesn’t work with brown at all. ?????? I don’t know how these shades come together in any way. Trying out the eye liner though.



What?? Brown? Brown liner? Yellow seems to work with brown, but that yellow is too bright. Cool blue doesn’t work with brown at all. ?????? I don’t know how these shades come together in any way. Trying out the eye liner though.

IMG_0807IMG_0804IMG_0807 2IMG_0805


The shade is matt chocolate brown. Deep. Dark. I mean, it’s nice if your eyes are brown, hazel or, green, maybe.

IMG_0807 3IMG_0809


And you’ll be actually able to draw arrows with this liner, if for the life of you, you just can’t do it with liquid ones. Still not sure how it fits into the whole picture of the collection though.

IMG_0809 2


As it is, on its own, it’s quite nice.



Next eye product that will hopefully help to tie it all together. Mascara.



Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes


with Ball-Shaped Brush

Curls and Defines



I’ve already told you that when this mascara just came out, I was pessimistic, but it works. Although, I don’t think it will work for everyone. If you’re a traditionalist, then you’ll be uncomfortable using it. Consider though having it for some really precise work on your eye lashes.



Consider having it, but not in this shade 🙂

It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that it’s weird.

3 Deep Grey



Believe it or not, it’s not even that deep. It’s actually grey. I’d say, medium grey. Grey mascara? That’s totally weird, that is unusual, which makes me actually like it. It’s a very rare thing in makeup world – grey mascara.

IMG_0824IMG_0826IMG_0829 2IMG_0826 2


Here’s the problem though. Yellow eye shadow, blue eyeshadow, brown eye liner and grey mascara? C’mon! It’s all over the place as opposed to helping to create a look.

IMG_0829 2


I’m lost and don’t see a collection here. I’m going to look at two lip products though, before I draw my final conclusions. Oh, and nail polish, of course.



Here’s the first lip thing.

Givenchy Mister Scrub



Lip Smoothing




Scrub? For lips? Really? You got my attention here, Givenchy. It’s another thing that’s rare. Sounds good for those whose lips aren’t in perfect condition, but kind of scary too, as lips are so tender.


Let’s see what it’s all about.


For starters, it comes in this thin and sleek packaging that I love, when it comes to lip products. Couldn’t tell you why exactly, I just do. It’s hot.



To the eye it looks like we’re back in the tender world after the explosion of colour we’ve seen in eye department. It’s a very tender cool nude like pink. We’ll see how it swatches.



As much as I was afraid that scrub for lips will be too harsh, and it did feel that when applied, like it had sugar in it or something, then, once applied, against all reason, it felt quite good and comfortable on the lips. And if you like nude shades, take a look at this one. It’s worth it. Very nice and matt pale cool lilac like pink. Very pretty. You might like it just for the shade.



The more time passed though, the more it dried my lips. Pity 🙂 I’d say you can apply it, let it do its scrubby work, and then wipe it off and apply lip colour on your newly scrubbed smooth lips. Don’t keep it on for too long. Although, of course, it depends on what your lips are like. If you can pull it, if it feels different on you, let me know, Ok? I’m curious 🙂



All in all, I’d say, it’s not a full on care product. It’s an extreme and fast measure kind of thing to improve your lips condition right before you need them to look perfect.



Luckily, there’s another lip product in Givenchy collection that I can apply after Mister Scrub. Nice 🙂



Mister Gentlebalm



Lipcolor Enhancing Balm



So, we are back to all natural and color enhancing, huh?


Anyway, it looks like Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm, only instead of a cute little blue jar we get a cute little pink one, and it’s, well, you know… cute.



It’s all pink and nice with Givenchy logo.



Oh. It looks very bright in the jar. Brighter than I expected.



Swatched nicely though. Light and delicate and everything I hoped for. Like that tender pink blush. Love it.

IMG_0879 2IMG_0896


Feels good on the lips too. Comforting. Like Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm. This is a good one. It’s a keeper. And what I love about its packaging is that I can carry this jar around in my purse, because it does fit in, even in my clutch, actually. Cool 🙂



The only catch here is, if you don’t like to get in a lip balm jar with your finger, you’ll have to drag a brush around too. Not sure you love this idea 🙂



Here’s Mister Scrub (on the left) and Mister Gentlebalm (on the right) side by side.



Finally, here’s one limited edition shade of Le Vernis.



29 Rose Divin. Feels like it’s another delicate one.



Yes, it is. Look.



I have mixed emotions here.


My first reaction is – really? A limited edition of baby pink? Then I spot that it’s cooler than what is generally released in the luxury market. But before we even get to the shade…


I really don’t like the quality. This particular shade is too thick, streaky, hard to apply, and the coverage tends to come out clumpy. Very clumpy. I don’t know what happened with this shade formula, but it’s not what I’ve come to expect from Givenchy. I mean – ouch. I’m so not happy with it. I had to edit the clumps out to show you the swatches. I mean, you don’t want to see those clumps, trust me 🙂



The shade is Ok, pastel, baby girl pink crème.



It’s not unique in any way. It’s a nice fresh take on it given it’s such a cool light pink. I mean, it’s cool most of the time, but this is cooler than usual.



But we’ve seen something along the lines so many times, even in some permanent luxury brand lines.



I wish there were something more special there. And I definitely wish the quality were better. Much better, in fact. So, the nail colour is disappointing.


And that’s La Révélation Originelle spring 2016 by Givenchy. I’m puzzled. I mean, I get the concept of revealing and enhancing natural colour, and it’s a good one for spring but… Yellow eyeshadow, grey mascara, brown eye liner… There it all goes askew for me. I don’t really see a collection here united by one major idea. I see some products I like and can wear separately. And that’s not really what I expect from a collection.


P.S. Guerlain Spring Glow will be on next. And the new La Petite Robe Noire lipstick, nail polish and nail base and top coat. And then some…

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