Deborah Lippmann Valentine Exclusives – Sweetheart Duet and Sweetheart Trio swatched

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It’s Valentine’s tomorrow. What are you wearing on your tips and toes? What’s your manicure going to look like? What shades are you going for this year on this day? In case you’re still not sure, here are some suggestions by Deborah Lippmann – a duet and a trio of shades meant to make this day even more special than you pictured it.


What I love about Deborah Lippmann nail colour, is that I can always rely on it in terms of quality. I mean, it’s good. Really good. Never lets you down. And isn’t that all you ever wanted from your manicure? Well, not all. I also want great shades. Let’s see what Deborah Lippmann has to say in this department.


First we have

Sweetheart Trio


Obviously, there are three shades here.

Like a Virgin

My Old Flame

Crush on You



It’s not like the shades are new. But I’ve only tried Like a Virgin and Crush on You now. Why? We’ll get to it later. Let’s go one by one here.


Like a Virgin



It’s white. But not this dead on ever so white kind of white. It’s softer and nicer.



Kind of sheer, but not all the way. Actually, it being sheer bothered me at first. But then it turns out it gives you options. Oh, I love options. I’m all for variety. I get bored so easily, when I wear the same shades all the time. So, I just don’t 🙂



Like a Virgin proved to be buildable.



You can go with one coat to create this no nail colour, well groomed, manicured, Frenchy kind of look.



Or you can go with two coats. Then you get nude kind of look in white.



There’s still some sheerness to the shade. It’s this creamy white. Creamy not like beige creamy, but milky creamy. A little softer than this super white shade that I don’t really like.



Or you can go full on three coats the way I did here. Then you’ll get an almost full coverage and retain all the benefits of this softer nice white nail look.



I don’t generally like white nail polish. This one I kind of love, actually. That’s new 🙂



My Old Flame



I’ve had Old Flame already in a set where it came together with a lip shade. It’s a red shade. With a strong raspberry undertone.



It’s one of those Old Hollywood posh red shades back from the times when reds ruled the makeup world, because they were pretty much the only ones available and apropos.



It’s a lush shade. Beautiful. Timeless classic.



And I like that it’s not a neon red. This raspberry feel about it softens it up, makes it languid in a way, sexy and womanly.



It’s very shiny and will give you full coverage in two coats, but once again, there’s something about it, where it’s not like all the way plastered on the nails. There’s just a touch of, maybe, sheer there, just a luring moment when you think your nails would show through, but they don’t really.



There’s just something so hot about this. Valentine’s Day, you say? Well, yes, it suits. Try to swap the red you’ve already reached for on your shelf for My Old Flame. And, maybe, Your Old Flame will get to be your new one again.



Finally, there’s Crush on You



Another one I haven’t tried before it was released as part of this set here. I mean, it’s pink. And there are way too many exciting nail shades in this world for me to go for pink. Right?



Well, not exactly. I do like pink sometimes. And this one is a good one.



It’s not crazy pink, not neon pink, not fuchsia pink.



In fact, it’s warm. Warm and nice and cozy. And girly and womanly at the same time.



Bright but still elegant pink. It feels like pink from those times, when pink was still a makeup classic as opposed to this overused and vulgar shade that it turned into now.



This shade reinstates pink. Says it’s still there. Still up-to-date. Still special. Still pretty. Still high class.



It’s a medium pink leaning to bright, I’d say. And it gives your nails a little extra than just a nude pink look. It gives them sophistication, high class feel, tells the world you’re you, but you’re not that simple.



This pink tells us we can still wear pink. There’s no need to be afraid. Forget about all the stereotypes you have in your head about pink colour. Crush on You is different. It’s special.



That’s the trio. Sweetheart of a trio 🙂



Sweetheart Duet now.


Two shades, makes sense 🙂

Between the Sheets

Lady Is a Tramp



Between the Sheets



Valentine’s Day is getting hot here, huh? 🙂 Between the Sheets.



Well, I’d say it’s a very modern take on Valentine’s. This shade is a bright purple. Not too bright. Not neon bright. It’s fuchsia like, but there’s definitely more purple in it than pink.



This shade is not a Valentine’s classic by a long shot. It’s not your good old pink or red. It’s purple, and that’s a statement. Of a modern girl.



What can I say? Why not? I mean, we’ve done red and pink and cute white over the years in which we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day. Why not go for something new?



Given that my personal choice for Valentine’s would be a softer purple. More like lilac. And more pearly, maybe. More romantic. But that’s me.



And after all, what are you supposed to do, if you’re wearing a purple dress for Valentine’s? A bright purple one?



I mean what if it’s the most stunning dress you could find and grabbed hoping to wear it on this special night? Then what?



Well, you know the answer now. Take Between the Sheets and round up your look like never before.



Lady Is a Tramp



Told you it’s getting hotter 🙂



This shade is a classy cherry red. Throbbing heart like, that makes it a great option for Valentine’s Day.



It’s interesting in terms of coverage.



Just like My Old Flame, it’s full coverage, but it shines from within, almost about to get sheer, but not really doing it.



Well, this is not the red we all picture first thing on hearing Valentine’s Day. It’s darker, classier, it’s more sultry.



It’s a more subdued take on the good old. At the same time, it’s not too dark. Not vampy. There’s still some romance hovering above it and lingering on your nails once you apply it.



And if your lips are as cherry as this nail colour, you’re bound to have a good Valentine’s Day this year. This cherry shade is warm love personified. And promising to get hotter any moment.



It’s up to you to decide what your Valentine’s Day will be like: romantic, sexy, elegant. Everything is possible with this shade. What I love about it among other things is that reds are so much of a classic they got to be pretty universal. So, it will be a good match for a lot of different outfits.



And that’s the duet.



These are Deborah Lippmann Valentine Exclusives this year. Well, I do think both – the duet and the trio – are sweethearts. And all five shades can be worn on this day and are bound to find a way to someone’s heart.

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