Valentine’s Day makeup and manicure

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It’s Valentine’s – or almost Valentine’s – depending on where you are in the world. And it made me think here – what do we wear on this ultimate date night of the year? What shades, textures are most suited for it? In a word, what makeup and manicure is going to be a hundred percent hit on Valentine’s? Let’s see.


Manicure first.


We’ll start with good old and traditional, because there’s a reason why it became a tradition, it means pretty much, that it’s worked long and enough and for a lot of people 🙂 And in this case traditional is… of course, red and pink. There’s no escape from red and pink on this day. Why? The answer is simple. It works. Still does. Obviously, red is more passionate, pink is more romantic, but both are solid and elegant choices for this day. The good news is, you can match them up with almost any outfit you choose to wear. Also, reds and pinks can be different. I mean, wine red, plum red, raspberry red, neon red, brick red, fuchsia pink, coral pink, purple pink, baby pink, beige pink, pearly pink… And I’ve only just begun here.


The next obvious choice is white – all shades of white. As Valentine’s is so romantic in its essence, this innocent and cute shade is a good way to go. And just think how versatile white is. Sheer, not sheer, creamy, more yellowish, more beigish, more lilacish. Pearly, shiny, sparkly. Surprisingly enough, in this basic shade, the simplest one of all, a whole world is hidden. You world that you can rule the way you want.


Luckily, Valentine’s Day comes at the time, when spring makeup collections get released, and luckily, spring mood coincides mostly with Valentine’s Day. It’s romantic. So, almost every year we get all kind of pastel limited editions. Well, great because pastels are just what we need for Valentine’s. And they give room for imagination too, because pastels are so much more than just pinks and beiges and lilacs. Baby blue and mint green are pastel too, you know. And they can be a better match for your blue or green outfit than the good old reds and pinks.


Go pearly. Pearl softens up any shade. So, if you want to wear a bolder shade but doubt whether it’s suitable for this day of hearts and flowers, going with a pearly version of the shade you want is a good road to take.


Nudes. I’m no big fan of nudes, but it’s no accident that they are just so popular. And Valentine’s Day is so soft and fluffy and nice in its root that understated nudes definitely make sense in this equation.


A little bit more of an artsy twist on Valentine’s here. A lot of brands now release all those top coats with cute flowers and all kind of stuff. If they can seem too girly and too stupid even on any other given day of the year, on Valentine’s they suddenly make a whole lot of sense. So, dig in 🙂


And makeup.


Red and pink lip. It just has to come first. It’s a classic. And if your manicure is red or pink, there’s nothing more elegant and more sophisticated than a matching lip colour. Once again, pink is a softer and romantic version. Well, and I’ll tell you what, if your date has never seen you wear red lipstick yet, the impression made when they do might be really really worth it.


Pastels. Just as in the case of manicure, softer lilacs, beiges, corals and any pastel shades on the lips and on the lids period will make a good match for your outfit and shoes on this day.


Nudes. If nude lip is your thing, and you know how to do it properly, why not go for it on Valentine’s? Especially if your eye makeup is on the stronger side. Or, if you’re wearing red lip, there’s nothing better than nude eye makeup to bring out all the power of this most womanly lip colour.


Lip gloss. Not in terms of shades, but in terms of texture, gloss or sheer texture on the lips is always more romantic than dead on matts. I don’t know why, it’s just is. So, think about it.


Eyelashes. Are you good at eyelash fluttering techniques? It’s high time to show your skills 🙂 Jokes aside though, longer eyelashes are very romantic. There’s just something about those longer eyelashes. Seriously. So, pull out all the bases, mascaras and devices you have to make you eyelashes longer and fuller and get to business.


Pearl and satin. If you ask me, I’d stay away from sparkle and too much shine on Valentine’s. Pearl and satin is different though. This mysterious gleam, as opposed to the glow that blinds everyone around you, is a very good Valentine’s option. You can do it on your lids or lips.


And on the face I’d say natural is the result I want to achieve. I mean, no extra shine, no bright blush, more like natural shades and textures. Subdued. Because Valentine’s is not about makeup opulence, it’s about who and what you are.


And guess what, if makeup and manicure is good for Valentine’s, it means it’s good for any date night. So all said above is not really a one day kind of thing, it’s an all year round kind of thing.

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