Deborah Lippmann spring trio – Blue Orchid, Shape of my Heart, Bring on the Bling swatched

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Here’s the trio Deborah Lippmann released this spring to help us look good and have fun in this new season. It’s a very spring trio by the look on it. It’s all pastel and romantic and cute. Which is what we’ve come to expect from spring season makeup and nail colour collections.



Good news is Deborah Lippmann formula is good, so, we can always rely on it to go on easy, to last and to shine. And the shades… Well, even those of us who wear dark or nude manicure most of the time in all other seasons might just go off the beaten path a little bit and try something more romantic than that right now. Spring season is just right for that, so why not try any of the three beauties here?


Blue Orchid is an award winning shade by Deborah Lippman.



A light blue creme. No pearl, no sparkle.



Baby boy blue.



Not turquoise. Not aqua. Nothing of the kind.



A very cool blue. Very pretty. I like it a lot.



I like blue on my nails, it’s one of my favourites, so I wear this shade whenever I feel like it.



I think, the best thing about Blue Orchid is that depending on the look you build around it, you can look romantic and baby doll like or very elegant and sophisticated.



Just imagine it with, say, grey outfit and light blue accesories.



You know what I mean.

IMG_1241IMG_1252 2


Or you could go the other way around and use a fun top coat to make this shade even more baby doll like.



Like I did in this post here Baby doll manicure


The next shade is called Shape of my Heart.



It’s a very becoming and very nice light pink shade.



Not pearly at all. Not sparkly. But brighter than nude.



A pretty pink. A cool pink.



Very well balanced, so that it’s not too light or whitsh, and at the same time not too bright.



If you don’t like nudes but feel like you need a shade to lean on, that is, something you can wear on a bunch of occasions and with a bunch of clothes, and where you don’t have to change your nail colour to often and bother, this might be it.



It’s a new pink classic.



And it can be elegant too, if played right.



Or very girly, very fresh, very romantic in a way.

IMG_1261IMG_1275 2


Depending on what you wear it with and how you wear it.



By the way, I pulled out a bottle of Shape of My Heart I have and compared the two, and is it just me, or it’s not exactly the same shade? Feels like one is warmer, the other one is cooler. Wouldn’t you say so?



Uh, anyway. Are you tired yet of creme nail shades? Do you like shine and sparkle? Here’s one for you then.



The third one of the trio. Bring on the Bling.



As it’s stated on top of the box, this shade contains virgin diamond powder.



And what can be more sparkly than diamonds? So, get ready to shine.



The shade is goldish beige. Or beigish gold, if you like.



It has sparkle in it, but it’s a subdued and sophisticated kind of sparkle. Not over the top kind.



This nail shade is sheer in coverage. Looks like a dressed up nude shade 🙂



It glows and shines and sparkles on your nails, but doesn’t go off the cliff doing that.



I have to tell you, I don’t like sheer coverage on my nails, but this shade is interesting. Very much so.

IMG_1286IMG_1298 2


I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything of the kind. Maybe, it will work well as a top coat? I have to try that 🙂



And that’s the spring trio by Deborah Lippmann. You can get any of the shades separately, which is a good thing, because you aren’t obliged to like all of them 🙂 Or you can get them altogether. I’d say this trio is a classic – I mean, blue and pink, what can be more spring like than that – but for the Bring on the Bling. It’s an odd man out here. In a good way. Shake it up kind of way. Special way. I like this trio. Good one.


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