Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir makeup collection – lipstick, nail base, top coat and nail polish – swatched

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Recently Guerlain has released a whole new addition to their makeup range. All these new products, and there’s a bunch of them, are an homage to an ever so famous perfume by Guerlain called La Petite Robe Noir.


Here’s what got me interested right away. I love sheer lipstick. And that’s exactly the kind of lipstick that’s part of this range. Sheer and shiny. Cool. I love this.


The other part of the range is all about nail colour. I love that too. We got a new base, a new top coat, and the whole nail colour range got revamped. I’m happy. Here’s why. I don’t think that Guerlain nail colour formula was the best out there. I didn’t particularly like it. So, I can only hope that it got better in this new edition.


Say, my feeling about Chanel Le Vernis range relaunch is the opposite. I think, Chanel Le Vernis was pretty much the best nail colour formula in the luxury market, so now I’m afraid it got worse. Although maybe, Chanel pulled it yet again, and it got even better. Who knows. I’ll know soon enough, once I try it.


Anyway, back to Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir makeup here. I like it when brands do something that goes back to their DNA and history. And this makeup range is exactly what it is.


We’ll start with the lipstick.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir

Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour


Deliciously Shiny, huh? I sure hope so 🙂


The packaging is all black and sleek and thin. Love that. Talk about Little Black Dress.



And then on the other side of all black and sleek we get this.



How very Guerlain. How very French. So far so good. Very good, in fact.

IMG_1201 2


Uh, cute. You know what, I generally don’t like transparent plastic in luxury brand packaging, but there are exclusions to the rule. Say, Dior Addict lipstick is an exclusion to the rule. Well, this one here is too. It’s ever so cute. Ever so La Petite Robe Noir like. And this combination of black and transparent in the tube is ever so hot.



The first shade I got is called 003 Red Heels.



Great name. Will go well with la petite robe noir, if it’s paired up with, say, a red belt and a red purse.



Anyway, it’s a bright and vibrant red. Not too dark, which makes me happy, because this vigorous and happy red is exactly what I like.



I open it and feel the… ugh. Strong berry like scent that doesn’t go away ever but just keeps hovering in the background. Very strong. Don’t like this at all. Why oh why not make it lighter. It’s not so much I don’t like this scent, it’s just too damn strong for me. Scent sensitive? Then be careful.


Once I manage to overcome a huge olfactory disappointment, I’m back to marveling at this red shade. Very pretty. Very red. Very sexy. Very shiny. Very everything. If it weren’t for the scent, I’d get all over this shade.



The formula is a typically sheer formula. Not full coverage in one shot and shiny. Wet shine is definitely there. I think it’s a good sheer lipstick formula. If only it weren’t for the scent.

IMG_1212 2IMG_1213IMG_1230


That’s that for the red classic. The other shade I got is on the other end of things. It’s artsy. Very much so. When I got it, I was like – I’ll only be able to wear it for Halloween 🙂 But guess what, Guerlain proved to be smarter than that. Here, let me show you. The shade is called 007 Black Perfecto.



The same cool packaging.



The same black and sleek tube.



The same cute details.



And here’s the shade.



Don’t get scared and shun right away. In fact, before we take a closer look at it, let me ask you this – do you like purple lip colour? Dark purple? Plum, maybe? Do you dare go for any darker purple lip shades at all? And if so, when? On what occasions? And what look do you do to accentuate your dark purple lip? Or is it your dark purple lip that accentuates your look?


Well, this purple here is very dark. Ever so much. Ink purple almost. Makes me think – there’s no way, no way in the world this will work. Well, it does. It’s very sheer, even compared to other shades, say, to Red Heels. So that it only gives this interesting dark purple sheen and fine sparkle on the lips. Mysterious sheen. Artsy sheen. Unusual. Might work really well, actually, and much more wearable than expected.



And if you dare, you can layer it as much as you want. That’s another thing I like about this sheer lipstick formula. I love it, when it’s sheer, but when you can layer it, so that it’s full on colour and shiny. Because who knows what mood I’ll be in, when I’m about to wear it, right?


Anyway, this shade looks freaky in the tube, but it’s worth trying, if you like bolder lip colour. Not too many luxury brands will do something like this, I don’t think 🙂


Here are the two lip shades swatched side by side.



Obviously, Red Heels is on the left and Black Perfecto is on the right.

IMG_1230 2


My conclusion, when it comes to La Petite Robe Noir lipstick is as follows: would be mighty fine, if it weren’t for the bomb of a berry scent. If you can bear the scent, it’s probably worth it.

Moving on to the second part of this makeup range, that’s no less interesting. Nail colour. But before we get to nail colour, let’s look at the new base and top coat.


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir

Nail Polish

Protective Long-Lasting

Base Coat



Protective, long lasting, all sounds good. The packaging is black with clever golden lettering. Because it’s not crazy shiny gold, it’s a subdued nicer gold hue.



And the artsy Parisian pink lettering in the back is still there. Nice.



Oh, just look at this bottle. Once again, I’m not a fan of transparent plastic, but this is so nice. Love this.



I’m not a fan of La Petite Robe Noir perfume either. It’s not my kind of frangrance. If you do, you get an extra bonus because this packaging reminds you of your favourite scent.



The base is transparent and works pretty well. I can’t really complain. I think it’s a perfectly fine luxury market base.



Let’s see the top coat now.


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir

Nail Polish

Ultra Shiny

Top Coat



Yes, please, ultra shiny. I want that.


The same kind of packaging.



And the top coat is transparent too. Although the base and the top coat are a little bit different in colour, so that you won’t mix them up. And it’s a good thing. Yes, the top coat is shiny. And it performs well. Good quality.



The base and top coat both have a kind of bubble gummy scent to them, not quite, but in the family. Not completely not chemical but nicer than what we usually get. I like it a lot, it’s a very pleasant surprise.


Let’s see what we have in nail colour department now. I picked the two that are perfect additions to my lip shades.


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir

Deliciously Shiny

Nail Colour


So, nail colour is deliciously shiny too. Good 🙂


The packaging is the same as the top coat and base packaging. Consistent. I like consistency in makeup collections style, so I’m happy.



The first shade.

003 Red Heels



Told you it’s a perfect lipstick match 🙂


Just look at this bottle. I mean, just look at it. Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve seen in a while? Especially in this red shade? I’m so happy I got red. It looks gorgeous.



The quality of nail colour got better.



Yay. It’s easier to apply, it holds, it lasts, the brush got better. It’s pretty fanned out and wide, a little bit too wide, to my taste, but it’s easy and comfortable enough to use.



And this nail colour does shine. I like it. Very very good. Now I can finally like Guerlain nail colour.



The shade is as beautiful as Red Heels lipstick shade.



It’s red without being too dark. It’s bright and happy and vibrant and red and just right.

IMG_1166IMG_1174 2


Sexy. Optimistic. A great red. I can only hope that the rest of Guerlain nail colour range is as good.



Speaking about it, here’s another one.



007 Black Perfecto



Wow. This bottle, man. It looks as great with dark nail shade in it as it looks with red nail shade in it. It’s an extra kick. Even before applying nail colour, I’m happy just looking at the bottle.



Unlike Black Perfecto lipstick, which is very sheer, Black Perfecto nail colour is uncompromisingly ink purple.



It’s dark and sultry and hot.



It’s vampy.



If you like darker nail shades, check this one out.



In certain lighting it almost looks like it’s an off black shade.

IMG_1185IMG_1197 2


So, if you like black, you might like it as a change of venue, so to say.



The formula works as good as it works in Red Heels.

Tell you what, I’m very happy with this new nail colour formula, much happier than I was with the old one.


There are more shades of both lipstick (20 all in all) and nail polish (8 all in all). I think the design of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir makeup range is spectacular. I wish the lipstick didn’t have the scent. And I love the nail polish. This new range by Guerlain is interesting and elegant with an artsy twist to it. Very Guerlain.

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