Zoya Whispers Transitional 2016 swatched

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Transitional, huh? So, what does it mean exactly? And where do we transition? Well, in this case we transition from winter to spring. And that means, we’re getting an additional in between seasons collection here. I’m all for it 🙂 Especially as, there is some truth in the fact that, depending on where you are in the world, and what your climate and weather is like, there might be the time, when it’s not quite winter already and not quite spring yet. So that winter shades are too dark kind of. And spring shades are too light and pastel and romantic.


So, here’s what Zoya is suggesting in this case. The collection is called Whisper. Very nice. Subdued. Here are the six shades – the usual number in Zoya collections.



Very Whisper like indeed.



Hm, Ok, I kind of get it. This does look transitional. There are some nice shades here too that appeal to me big time. Maybe, some of them appeal to you too. You know you can hand pick and buy the shades separately, the ones you like, as opposed to getting the whole collection.



So, let’s get going. One by one.





It’s a warm beige nude shade. You know, the kind of well groomed without being made up look.



It’s nice if you like nudes. And specifically warm nudes. That is, the beiges that actually lean to yellow in their core.



Here’s something that threw me off here though. It rarely happens, when it comes to Zoya formula, but this specific shade got really clumpy on my nails. Really really clumpy.



Now, I don’t know, whether it’s just me or it’s the formula of this shade, just saying… I edited the clumps out, although I try not to edit photos of actual shades to make sure you see what they look in real life, but in this case I just couldn’t subject you to seeing all the clumps 🙂



I have to say, this shade makes sense in transitioning from winter to spring. It’s elegant, it doesn’t stand out, it’s understated in a chic way.



It will match all kind of clothes, warmer, lighter, monochrome, colourful, classic, romantic, anything.

IMG_1462IMG_1481 2


And when you aren’t quite ready yet to go to all the spring shades, you can come to like this shade a lot and enjoy wearing it.






Another beige. Only this one is a cool one, that is leaning to greige or pink in its core. Everything said above about Cala applies here. It’s muted, it’s elegant, it’s versatile.



You don’t have to change your nail colour too often, because whatever you wear and wherever you go, this is a winner.



If you like nudes, it’s a good one to have.



Modern chic, that’s what it is. It makes sense when girls who are always on the move wear it. When they need to transition swiftly and smoothly from the office to the party and look stunning in all those settings.



Nudes also make sense, if you’re soft and womanly, if red vampy nails are so not your kind of thing, if you’re more on the sporty side.



I guess what I’m saying here is, although nudes aren’t necessarily my kind of thing, I get it 🙂

IMG_1497IMG_1536 2


Unfortunately, I have to say April was as clumpy as Cala on my nails. Pity 🙂 Once again, I just had to edit the clumps out. Seriously, you don’t need to see that.



Next on our list. Misty



Looks grey in the bottle.



Misty is a good name for this shade. It is misty.



When I look at it in the bottle I go – it’s a nice and comforting and calm grey. Another great one in terms of transitioning.



Well, when I swatch it, this shade proves to be even better, because it’s not as simple as it seems.



Depending on the light, some green, grey green comes through in this shade.



So that it gets to be so beautiful that I stop and ogle it and gasp.

IMG_1537IMG_1580 2


When the light is different, some grey and khaki shows up in this shade all of a sudden. It’s awesome.



All in all, this shade is like a step up from nudes in terms of colour. I mean, it’s not a nonshade, not just a well groomed nail look, it’s nude, but you get some colour here. It’s the kind of shade that almost never happens, so it’s something I’m happy and honoured to have.



This shade was less clumpy that the two lighter ones, still clumpy though.



Next. Eastyn



Greige. I was wondering, when it will show up on the list.



It’s very transitional. Moody in a good way. Not too light, not too dark. Nude like, but not quite nude.



A mixture of beige and grey. Maybe, there’s a touch of purple or mauve there too, just a touch.



Why does it fall so well in the whole transitional scheme? Here’s why.



Depending on your outfit, on the light, on all kind of things, it sometimes looks more grey, sometimes more beige.



It’s interesting. It’s muted. It’s quite special. It’s delicate and elegant. If you like and wear greige, you know what I’m saying. It’s a magic wand that works on any occasions. If you don’t like greige, I get it, I didn’t use to myself. But then I got into it. And now I like it a lot. A very womanly and cozy shade. Makes you feel good in your own skin.

IMG_1548IMG_1607 2


A little bit clumpy, even less so than Misty.






O-oh. It’s a beauty.



It’s blue. Are you ready to scroll through it, because you hate all the romantic baby doll pastel blues? Wait. This one is super special. It might help you like blue, even if you don’t. Or it might get to be the only blue you’ll ever wear.



It’s light and understated. But not too light, not whitish. It’s the best transitional blue ever.



It’s not a romantic one. It’s just a touch of blue on your nails. It’s elegant. Who would have thought that blue could be that? Well, it can, if it’s Lake by Zoya.



It’s gorgeous. You can wear it anywhere. This shade is really something. And because of how well it’s done, how nice it is, how calm, it’s perfect for transitioning.



It’s like saying – I know, spring is there, it’ll come soon, it’s not here yet, but I’m ready. Ready to welcome it.

IMG_1612IMG_1649 2


Boy, this shade is great. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a blue, and I love blue on my nails. You got me here, Zoya. It’s almost not clumpy too. Wow.






The name here gives an idea of what this shade is like.



I mean, on hearing Ireland, I go – it’s probably green. Well, it’s not St.Patty’s green. Zoya holds true to their idea of transition and whisper to the very end here.



It’s a muted khaki green. But it’s definitely green.



Just like Lake can urge you to wear your first blue, Ireland can urge you to wear your first green on the nails.



It has all the benefits of green without all the downsides. It’s not too bright, not too crazy, not too artsy. It’s elegant, once again. All these transitional shades seem to be elegant.



Ireland is comforting, it will be a great match for brown, beige, green, bronze, yellow clothes. It’s a nice soft shade. Womanly.

IMG_1616IMG_1661 2


This is just such a great green, just like blue Lake, it’s waving hello to all the pastel greens that usually get released in spring collections, saying it knows that spring is at the door and is ready for this new season. Almost not clumpy, just as Lake.



That’s transitional Whisper collection 2016 by Zoya. Now that I’ve seen it all, I can say that the concept of shifting from one season to another is very well done here. These shades are transitional. And some of them are so great I want to wear them in spring. I want to wear them from time to time all year round. Personally, my heart goes out for Lake and Ireland. This is the best elegant and sophisticated take on blue and green I’ve seen ever. All the other shades are pretty too. I just wish some of them weren’t as clumpy.

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