Make Up For Ever Artist – Shadows 3 palette spring 2016 swatched

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I’m already getting used to this new form Make Up For Ever artist eye palettes are taking. Remember, they used to be all small and handy. Now they are bigger, square and all professional like. The quality of the eyeshadow is these palettes is solid and… well, professional.


This spring Make Up For Ever Artist released yet another limited edition variation of this palette. There are nine shades in it. And it comes in this square black box with white lettering.



Very professional looking too.



On the back of the box we get a breakdown of the shades and their numbering. And once we take a close enough look at this breakdown, we find out there’s one blush shade in this palette and eight eye shades. These palettes by Make Up For Ever almost always have one face shade in them. Blush or all over. It depends.



Anyway, here’s the palette, the packaging is carton, which I’m definitely not a fan in terms of look and feel. It feels light in your hand though and it’s more natural than plastic.



Inside we get the usual manual too telling us about the shades and how to use them and what looks we can create with this palette. The manual has the same lip logo pattern on it as the palette proper.




From the manual we learn there are three looks wrapped in this palette. And the shades for creating these look are arranged in vertical lines in batches of three.



And here are the shades proper.



Hm. Interesting. It’s like a classic spring look meets a modern artsy spring look. Or rather clashes it creating something new. I like that 🙂



We’ll go in batches of three here by the looks Make Up For Ever suggests.

IMG_2409 2


Emerald Blossom



Wow, what a great name. I’m impressed. I mean, I just love green so-o much 🙂


This looks awesome. Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to get to the shades.


Here’s a how to guide.



No brushes though. This palette is truly professional in a way that you have to have your own brushes ready to use any of these shades 🙂 There’s a recommendation by the brand though on what brushes of theirs would be more suited for these looks.


Anyway, let’s see the three shades that comprise Emerald Blossom look.

IMG_2409Копия IMG_2424


ME-230 sultry aqua, or peacock, but not quite, a combo of green and blue leaning to blue with a satin sheen and the tiniest possible blue sparkle that adds depth as opposed to making the shade sparkling proper. These aqua leaning to blue smoking hot shades are signature shades of Make Up For Ever. And there’s a reason for that. They just do them so damn well. If this shade is too much for you to wear as an eyeshadow, try adding it as an eyeliner to your softer nude shades. You’ll see how special it can be.

IMG_2409 2IMG_2424 2


D-236 aqua proper, bright, vibrant, happy, summery. It’s sparkly too. I love this shade. It’s not like we haven’t seen any aqua shades. We see them a lot. It’s just that this one is so well balanced. It’s bright, but spring like. Especially as this spring modern romance is the trend, which means, it’s not all those cute little pastels. It’s brighter, bolder, more of a statement. And that’s exactly what this shade is. It’s vigorous and girly at the same time in a good way. Just as in case of a deeper peacock blue aqua shade above, if this aqua might be sort of too much for you, try it as an eyeliner.

IMG_2409 3IMG_2424 3


S-404 is a matt medium yellow shade. Quite rare. Quite deep. Darker than what these matt yellows usually are. Be careful with this one. Matt yellows, especially darker ones like this one here can be very unappealing. If you have any sallow in your skin tone, forget all about this shade and move onto the other ones. Why is this shade included here? We’ll talk about it, when we talk about the first trio of shades.

IMG_2409 4IMG_2424 4


The first trio is artsy. I mean, aqua and yellow. That’s pretty artsy, there’s no way around it. Looks cool though. Striking. This is the look to be remembered for sure. Especially if you’re wearing a green or blue outfit. The thing to know here is that in this look yellow more gives dimensions to the two aqua shades than acts as an independent shade. And of course, you can always skip the yellow and just do the peacock-aqua smoky eyes. You probably do those from time to time anyway, if your eyes are green or blue 🙂




Moving on to the next look. If the first one was way too artsy for you to ever try wearing it, this might be your thing. Nude Blossom.



This is definitely more calm and more nudy than Emerald Blossom 🙂



And here are the shades:

IMG_2409Копия this


I-544 warmer and satiny coffee and milk shade. Not milk and coffee. Not greige. It’s a warmer satiny beige shade. It’s stunning. So flattering. I can’t imagine any eye colour or complexion that this shade won’t go well with. Very rare. Almost never happens in makeup world. All the more reason to go right at it. Smoky eyes with this shade are going to be so languid and so understated they’ll easily compete with black smoky eyes for the hottest look ever. This shade is noble and sophisticated. Seriously, it’s red carpet level beautiful. It calls for evening gowns, high heels, exquisite perfume. For when you look your best and even better.

IMG_2409 2IMG_2424 2


I-804 (blush) the first thing to say about this shade it’s an odd man out in the palette, because it’s the only blush shade here surrounded by all the eye shades. It’s coral pink, and coral is definitely the key word here, because it’s leaning to coral big time. It’s satiny in its finish. I usually don’t like orange blush, but this one is a good one. There’s enough pink in it to balance it and then ground it really well. It’s very flattering and very spring like.

IMG_2409 3IMG_2424 3


ME-512 this is a super light and super pearly beige shade. A very cool beige. Not warm by a long shot. The shade is very light. I, personally, like this kind of shades, they can brighten up your look in a second. For most people this is more of a highlighting shade though than eyeshadow proper. It’s not as much colour as just a wash of shine and light on your lids that can make you look well groomed and sophisticated with minimum effort and time involved. Always a good thing to have at hand.

IMG_2409 4IMG_2424 4


Nude Blossom is more of an everyday, nude, well groomed rather than made up look. Elegant, still there’s this modern twist to it I detected in this palette up front. It’s not a bad thing. It’s always nice to have a zest. And there it is. Always nice to be chic and up-to-date all at the same time. And you can be that with Nude Blossom. Also, these understated looks always work well with complex special occasion outfits and hair styles. When there’s kind of a lot going on there already you just want your makeup to look perfect and classy. And that’s it.




Next and final look. Orchid Blossom.



Purple purples 🙂 Here’s a step by step instruction.



And here are the shades.

IMG_2409 2this 2


ME-930 is a deep and satiny ink purple shade. I can’t say I love ink purple shade on the lids, generally speaking. It’s usually too dark. Or else it can be too dark. And it’s hard to operate very dark shades, unless you’re a professional makeup artist. Well, this shade is an exclusion to the rule. There’s a satiny finish to it that makes it glow from inside, kind of. Making it ever so great in a mysterious kind of way. It’s very special. Smoky eye like. Hot. Can be super hot, indeed. If this shade is too dark for you, try it as an eyeliner. You’ll love it. It can bring out the depth in your brown, blue and green eyes you never even know existed.

IMG_2409 4this 3


I-918 is a pearly and light lilac shade. This here is not a modern romance. It’s a classical romance. It’s pastel, it’s pretty, it’s girly, it’s tender, it’s soft. You’ve got all that covered here. It might be too light for some people. It’s very tender, just a lilac glow on your lids. Very pretty. If you don’t like romance, try it as a base shade for other shades you like instead of a pearly white or pearly beige base shade. You’ll be surprised. This lilac can brighten up your day and make you look splendid. This is one of those magic shades that can help you look well rested when you are so not 🙂 Also, I’m going to say something crazy now, so brace yourselves. Smoky eye look with this shade can be pretty cool. It’s not going to look smoky, it’s going to look like your eyes are bathed in light. Awesome 🙂

IMG_2409 3this 4


I-528 is a pearly white shade. A lot of people out there will say it’s a base shade. Or under the brow highlighting shade. And there’s definitely some truth to it. To me though, a lot said above about the lilac, applies here too. That is, this light glow on the lids can look very nice. And can light up your whole look. And is a very natural way to do it too. A good alternative for nudes when you need to go out and make your look stand out from the crowd in a delicate and posh kind of way. And yet again, just as it is the case with matt yellow, this shade is here for a reason, it’s a part of the third trio that we’re about to discuss.

IMG_2409this 5


It’s not like purple look of this kind is something revolutionary. We do see it in makeup plane from time to time. Almost any brand has a palette that’s aimed at creating a version of this look in their permanent range. Once again though, when it comes to this palette by Make Up For Ever, it’s all just not as simple as it looks. Yes, it’s a classical layout of purples. But these purples, man… they are so interesting. Both of them. Superb. And clashing them against white pearly base shade is a great idea that will help you create gorgeous looks. Don’t be afraid of these purples. Go for them.

IMG_2409 2



Now that we’ve seen the three looks, we know that the blush is universal and suggested to match all three looks. It makes sense, as there’s only one blush shade 🙂


Tell you what, it’s a great palette. I want to start using it like NOW. It’s just so well designed and put together in terms of shades and their combinations. And looking good but different on just about everyone.




And I think this feel of something classic with an underlying artsiness to it is very much in tune with what Make Up For Ever brand is all about in its essence. This is a very very good job.

IMG_2409 2



Oh, and have you already thought about this – you don’t have to follow the vertical lines combinations of shades suggested by Make Up For Ever. You can go, say, in horizontal lines.

IMG_2409 2

IMG_2409 3



Or diagonal lines. Why not? Or hand pick and match any shades in this palette you want. And, of course, use the cute blush shade on your lids. You know what I’m saying… 🙂

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