Chanel L.A. Sunrise collection spring 2016 swatched

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Oh, this collection is bright. Much brighter than what spring collections usually are. And that reflects the spring trend. This modern romance trend kicked in, and it’s stronger and more of a standpoint that all those cute and fluffy pastels we usually get in spring season. This is more like summer. Although not quite. If you take a closer look at this trend, you can see that it’s still romance, even if modern and even if strong. Those bright shades aren’t the brightest ever, they are bright in a clever way and usually diluted with shine and sparkle. That’s what L.A. Sunrise collection by Chanel is all about. It’s a perfect example of following this spring trend in makeup.


Traditionally for Chanel this is a big collection, there’s a lot of stuff, which is something I appreciate, because it means more people can find among all this variety something to their liking.


Now let’s see what L.A. Sunrise brings us and how this brighter modern romance trend in makeup is interpreted in this particular collection by Chanel. I mean, there’s all this makeup here, so I’d better get on it and start showing you things 🙂


The first and the only face product in the collection is this blush.

Or else, Blush Harmony 🙂


Sunkiss Ribbon

Blush Harmony




How is it Blush Harmony and not just a blush? Easy. It means there’s a combination of shades here, and not just one shade.


I think the picture on the box doesn’t do this blush justice, to tell you the truth, but here it is 🙂



Typical black velvety case.



I like the fact that the brush comes in its own special small velvety pocket.



It’s cute and convenient, if you need to pull it out and stick the brush on its own in your purse 🙂



Chanel black lacquered case.



And here’s the Blush Harmony proper.



It’s not in any way all cute and girly. I like it though. It’s in tune with modern romance as opposed to classic romance. It’s strict in a way. And very stylish. Very Chanel like. I love this design. So sophisticated. Truly Chanel girl design. Good job, Chanel.


The key to understanding and using this blush properly is very simple – it’s not a bunch of shades meant to be worn separately, it’s a bunch of shades meant to blend in and constitute one shade on your face.


That’s what the shade picture tells us on the back of the case too 🙂



I’m swatching the shades separately though here, in case you have you own very special way of using and applying such blush harmonies 🙂


Here we have:

IMG_2452 2


Brighter orange coral



Tender baby pink

pale pink


Brighter cool pink that looks not as bright and quite natural when swatched

bright cool pink


Nude beige, very warm, very nice, with fine golden sparkle



Darker red pink, bright

red pink


What we get in the end, when we swipe all through these shades…

IMG_2460 2


…is a very pretty and very natural looking medium pink with a beige undertone to it, very flattering, I like it. Universally chic. Universally becoming.



Here’s what I don’t like though. That super strong flowery scent that Chanel blush has. Permanent range blush too. Ugh. Too strong for me. Too strong for anyone who’s scent sensitive. Nice and soft to the touch though and easy to apply.


Here are the five blush shades swatched separately and (on the very right) the shade that we get in the end, once we go all through the shades to blend them:



Eye shades now. We have a lot to talk about here.

For starters,



Les 4 Ombres

Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow

262 Tisse Beverly Hills




The velvety case is still here.



And the black lacquered box.



I can’t wait and get a glimpse of the shades preview on the back of the box 🙂 Hm. Interesting.



And then as usual we have two short stemmed standard eye sponges.



And here’s the eye quad.



Nice. A good combo of darker, brighter, softer, lighter.


And some bright spots too. Brings us back to the brighter trend that’s on this spring in makeup.

IMG_2480 2


Matt bright turquoise leaning to blue big time. I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed. I expected so much more from this shade. I wish it had some satiny glow to it. Would look so much better then. As it is, it’s bright but will look good on few people out there. Mostly, on blue eyed beauties. Everyone else will have to work really hard to make this work.

IMG_2480 5IMG_2485 6


Lilac. Pretty and very romantic in a classical way. This is not the first time I see this shade in spring collections this year. Seems to be quite big. Only yesterday I saw the same kind of satiny pale lilac in spring palette by Make Up For Ever Make Up For Ever Artist – Shadows 3 palette spring 2016 swatched and here we go again 🙂 I like this shade. We get it only rarely. And it’s just so nice. Fresh. Tender. Flattering. And… it does have this sheen to it that I miss so much in the bright turquoise blue.

IMG_2480 4IMG_2485 5


Here’s a swatch for the first two shades.

IMG_2480 3IMG_2485 7


Slightly pearly white, more of a highlighting shade, although I do like to just swipe it over my lids from time to time. The fresh look it gives you is unbelievable. Trust me on this.

IMG_2480 7IMG_2485 4


Ink purple. Not a fan of this shade in general. Just too dark for anyone who’s not a professional makeup artists – like myself – to pull it 🙂 But Chanel managed to do this shade right. It’s satiny and has tiniest little sparkle in it that’s there to light up this shade from inside. Once again, I was writing about this kind of shade just yesterday, because Make Up For Ever released a complex ink purple in their spring palette too. I like their version a little better than this one by Chanel. Although Chanel is good too. Both are good 🙂 This shade by Chanel will make a great eyeliner shade for brown eyed girls. You’ll be stunned, when you see the result. And of course for those rare violet eyes, if you’re one of the few lucky enough to have those 🙂

IMG_2480 8IMG_2485 3


The second two shades in the quad swatched.

IMG_2480 6IMG_2485 2


And that’s the quad.

IMG_2480 2



I’d say I like it. It’s off the beaten track for sure. A nice trendy thing to have. And something you are less likely to have in your makeup stash in numerous versions. A very bright and bold palette by the look of it, which is very clever in its essence. Very well matched in terms of shades. And which if used smartly, can give you that subdued and elegant look with an underlying wow effect that will make people who know you wonder what just happened to make you look so damned good. They will wonder, don’t you even doubt that. And that’s just the beginning. Here’s more.


More of eye colour from L.A. Sunrise collection.


Three shades of cream eyeshadow.

The texture of this cream eyeshadow is superb. And here are the shades.


Illusion d’Ombre

Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow

118 Moonlight Pink





Here’s the brush that comes with this cream eyeshadow and helps us to use it not only as a cream eyeshadow, but as an eyeliner too, should we so choose.



It’s a two part brush which makes it compact too.



My favourite glass jar that is so luxuriously heavy in my hand.



And the shade is… pink? I don’t think so. Where’s pink? It’s not really here. Not even moonlight pink. No.



If you read my posts, you know that I’m not a fan of orange shade in makeup. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s great, it’s just that I, personally, only like it in lip gloss. Elsewhere – nail colour, powder and base, lipstick, eyeshadow, bronzers – I just don’t really like it on myself. So, having seen the promo photos of this collection, I was afraid of this shade, because I thought it’s just orange. Well, here Photoshop obviously worked to my benefit 🙂 It’s not really orange. It’s more of a beige with a distant orange undertone to it and a whole bunch of fine little golden sparkle and golden sheen to. Very natural and dress up kind of shade at the same time. Awesome. Love it 🙂 Will look great on almost everyone out there without making us all look like models on the catwalk in one big fashion show, that is, the same 🙂



Next shade.


Illusion d’Ombre

Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow

122 Ocean Light





Bright blue.



Turquoise leaning very much to blue. It’s almost identical to that turquoise blue shade in the eye quad. But… there is one but, and it’s a big one for sure. The shade is quite matt, but it has fine and pretty bright blue sparkle in it. Which to me makes it so much better than the one from the eyeshadow quad. Still one has to be careful with this shade. It won’t look good on just everyone.



And the third shade.


Illusion d’Ombre

Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow

126 Griffith Green








Emerald green. Pearly. Pretty. Rare. Appealing. Beautiful. I’m in awe. It’s a great shade. And all this sparkle and pearl, which is delicate and wrapped inside it as opposed to being flaunted on the outside, makes it even better. Red carpet level shade that can be worn anywhere to the same striking result as when it’s on the red carpet. And I can’t imagine who on earth it wouldn’t look good on. Blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes – all good. It will work. It’s trendy too, because it’s a typically current spring shade. Brighter, that is bright without being overboard bright. Nice and interesting. To put it simply, it has it all.



To match all this eyeshadow beauty…



…there are three – THREE – eyeliner shades.


It’s pretty cool. First of all, it helps to round up the eye look. Second of all, in my opinion, the texture of Stylo Yeux by Chanel is ever so good. Soft, but not soft to the point where it hinders application precision. It’s waterproof too, which I don’t really need, because my eye makeup usually doesn’t smudge. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t. Still, waterproof is important for summer, when we’re often near different bodies of water. But hey, who knows, maybe, you’ll find yourself on the ocean shore this spring already. Then the whole waterproof thing can come in handy 🙂


And the shades… oh, these shades, Chanel.


Stylo Yeux







Fervent Blue




Bright blue. If the eye shades in the eye quad and the cream eyeshadow were more turquoise, that is, a mixture of blue and green, this one is in the same family, but it’s straight on bright blue. With lighter bright blue sparkle. Very pretty. And more universally becoming than the turquoise or aqua eyeshadow version of it we’ve seen in this collection.



I like this eyeliner a lot. A nice shade to have on the bold side of things. Don’t be afraid to use it, if your eyes are brown. You’ll look great. Wear a bright blue outfit to match, if you’re still hesitating. Go for it. Remember, this spring is about bolder shades.






IMG_2596 2



Next shade.

Stylo Yeux







Pacific Green




The same sophisticated emerald green as we’ve seen in cream eyeshadow texture. It’s a little bit more pearly and sparkly. That is, more daring. Bragging its complex structure more so than the cream eyeshadow. A great one 🙂



If you’re afraid of this shade in eyeshadow form, try it as an eyeliner. And if you like less sparkly stuff, try this cream eyeshadow as an eyeliner. Its texture is great, so it will allow this kind of application. Well, and of course, smoky eyes or any other combo like, not that simple makeup with both these shades – the cream eyeshadow and the eyeliner – is a killer. And it’s ever so trendy this season. I see this shade a lot. And then mark my word, it will just be gone, because it doesn’t get released too often, so grab it from one of those brands and in one of those textures, while it lasts 🙂






IMG_2618 2



And, finally there’s

Stylo Yeux








Purple Choc



Another Photoshop disappointment. In the promo photos on the model this eyeliner looks like a very bright and bold lilac. In real life it proved to be a match for the ink purple eyeshadow from the eyeshadow quad. It’s darker, ink purple like, but it has much more sparkle in it than the eyeshadow, which makes it nice. The sparkle is lilac, so it gives you a nice contrast against the dark background.



I mean, it’s a great shade, all said above about the eye shade in the quad applies here. It’s beautiful, especially for brown and violet eyes. Actually, as an eyeliner, it will also work for green and blue eyes. And that covers almost everyone. The problem is, it’s not what I expected it to be after seeing the promo, so although the shade is nice, I’m still disappointed 🙂






IMG_2641 2



Here are all three eyeliner shades swatched side by side.



And the last piece of our eye colour puzzle for this spring from Chanel is this mascara shade.



I like it, when luxury brands release limited edition mascara shades. It’s always fun 🙂


Let me start by saying that Chanel Le Volume formula is one of the best on the luxury market, as I’ve already said more than once in my posts. It’s on my list of the best mascara formulae Best mascara – 5 of them


The brush is a volume boosting thicker brush, but it somehow gives my lashes everything I want – length, volume, thickness. It’s magic 🙂


Le Volume

De Chanel



Ardent Purple




Now let’s see what kind of animal this Ardent Purple shade is.



From what I gathered from the promo photos, I expected it to be dark ink purple. But it proved to be more of a dark violet. Love that 🙂 It’s classy and understated. And at the same time can bring out the very best in your blue and brown eyes. And once again, violet eyes, if you belong to those very few who have this very rare eye colour they like to describe in books 🙂

IMG_2550 2IMG_2551


And that’s that for eye shades. I don’t know about you, I’m happy with how many eye shades we got here 🙂




Now let’s see the lip shades and how well (or not) it all works together.


Rouge Allure

Luminous Intense

Lip Colour








I can never stop admiring Rouge Allure texture. It’s so soft, so lush, to satin. And quite light on the lips at the same time. Soothing. Just perfect.


And this black tubing is just so clever. I enjoy it every time I use it.



It’s an ever so good cream lipstick. Very classy.



The shade Eblouissante is a bright raspberry like pink.



It’s a good bright lip option if red lip is not your thing. A classier pink, so to say. Elegant pink. Womanly pink. And a very wearable shade. Will work almost anywhere. Not too dark, not too light. Not too pale, not too bright. A nice shade to have around for when you might need it. All good, but I can’t say it’s special. It’ s not like we haven’t seen this shade before. We have. Many times.

IMG_2670IMG_2673 2


And, finally, we have three sheer shiny lipstick shades. Three shades of Rouge Coco Shine. This formula is another one that’s close to perfection, if you can take the strong rosy scent. It’s one of the few strong scents in lip colour that I, for one, can take 🙂 Rouge Coco Shine is shiny. I really really love this formula. One of the best sheer lipstick formulae ever. It’s part of my best sheer lipstick formula list Best sheer lipstick formula – shine and dazzle

And the tiny little sleek square black tube is awesome. Sexy.



Ok now, I can’t wait to see these shades.






Sheer Lipshine








Shipshape. What a great name. And a great tongue twister 🙂



This shade is a pretty medium to lighter shiny romantic and spring like orange. It’s shiny enough and in the middle of the orange spectre enough, that is, well balanced enough, where I do like it and will wear it, despite me generally shunning orange in makeup, as we’ve already discussed above 🙂



Next shade.





Sheer Lipshine








Wow, this is a great light pink. It’s not too pearly, which tends to happen a lot, when it comes to light pinks. I don’t know why 🙂 Also, those light pinks tend to tip off the cliff and into the abyss of vague pearly whitish transparent something. Well, this shade doesn’t. It remains light but clearly pink.



Very romantic. Very classy at the same time. A great shade to have this spring and all year round. A default go to shade. A great nude lip alternative that will go well with any bright eye makeup. Need more good news on this shade? It’s becoming almost across the board. Will look great on most of us. And once again, it’s a very customizable shade. And it gets customized all on its own, once you apply it on your lips.



And the last one of the three shades.





Sheer Lipshine








If this spring Chanel Rouge Allure comes in pink colour with a raspberry undertone to it, this shade here has a full on modern raspberry feel to it. It’s a bright cool pink. With a purple undertone, which is exactly what makes it so cool in its core.



This is the kind of shade that is very much loved. You have to be careful with it though. If it looks good on you, it looks spectacular. If it doesn’t look good though, it’s one of those shades that tends to really not look good. Although actually sheer texture makes it more wearable for more girls. So, if you’ve always wanted to try this shade but never dared, this here is your chance 🙂



Here are all three Rouge Coco Shine shades swatched side by side. Left to right we have here:  114 Shipshape, 116 Mighty, 118 Energy.

IMG_2727 2


And all four lip shades, the one on the very left here is Rouge Allure 165 Eblouissante.



There’s the last thing left to talk about in this collection before we look at it all together. It’s a big thing though, because it’s not just yet another limited edition of Chanel nail colour. It’s a brand new formula that we’ll have in Le Vernis permanent nail colour range now too. I’m going to tell you my impressions of this new formula first and then move on to the only shade we got this spring in L.A. Sunrise collection.



I knew this would happen. I just knew it. Chanel Le Vernis formula was just too good – the best out there in the luxury market nail colour – to even try to tweak it. And here we go. Chanel followed this whole gel trend to try to make their nail colour last longer on the nails. And that’s what we get. The application in this new nail colour formula is a mission impossible. It’s so hard, it takes so much time, it’s just terrible. The nail polish goes all over the place all on its own. And then it comes out all bumpy on the nails. Why oh why try to change something that’s already so close to perfection? I don’t even know where to go now for nail colour, but I do have to go somewhere other than Chanel. They have always been my most reliable dock, my home sweet home in the luxury brand nail colour.


Well, with this change of nail colour formula they are not anymore. I’m devastated. I’m sad. I’m lost. I’ll tell you what, it’s a tough blow to take. But I pull myself together to talk to you about the shade from this collection.



Le Vernis

Nail Gloss


Sunrise Trip




The shade is a deep dark ink purple.



There’s nothing really special about it. And for my money, it’s not spring like at all.



Forget all the bright blue beauty you’ve seen in Chanel promo photos. It has nothing to do with reality.



It’s not blue. Not navy blue. Nothing of the kind. It’s ink purple. And that’s all there is to it. Not plum. Purple.



If you like dark shades, you might enjoy it, but the chances are you already have something of the kind in your nail polish collection.



This shade is the second disappointment after the whole new gel formula disappointment. And it’s definitely too much for me. I can’t believe this shade is what it is with what it looks in the promo.



And I can’t believe this formula is what it is. Yes, it’s shiny in a gel like way, but I can definitely achieve the shine – or gloss, as Chanel puts it – close to this by topping any nail colour with a good top coat. Oh. It’s such a pity. All this.

IMG_2774 2


On the philosophical level it proves the old truth – if you have something precious, treasure it as opposed to trying to change it to make it even better than precious. All this is done to Chanel nail colour formula for the sake of longevity, as far as I can tell. Well, I don’t know about you, to me it’s not worth it. I could easily live with a base and a top coat and with their nail colour formula lasting several days only. I have to change nail colour pretty often anyway, because I get bored so easily, when it comes to manicure. I need variety there. So, to me the lasting power is not that crucial. I don’t really need it to last weeks. Maybe, it’s different for you. I don’t know though, if the difficulty of application and the bumpy finish can actually outweigh how long it lasts eventually. It’s up to you to decide 🙂


And that’s L.A. Sunrise by Chanel.




It’s out of the common run, it’s trendy in a good way, because it interprets all the seasonal makeup trends so easily and so well and makes them its own with an elegant flourish. It’s not something we’re used to seeing. Or wearing, maybe. But it’s something I think we want to try. Even if just once. And if we do try it, trying those shades in Chanel quality, is a good idea. There’s something fresh and edgy about this makeup collection. Something modern. Yes, modern is the right way to put it. Guess what, with this collection by Chanel modern women can be romantic. Not in an old fashion way. But in a luxuriously up-to-date way. So, I say – get those shades and your brushes ready and dive right into this spring wave of colour.


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