Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil – 10 shades – swatched

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I’m trying out Urban Decay eye pencils here 🙂 In my world, it means I have ten shades of those 🙂 I can’t say professional makeup lines are my destinations most of the time. They are aimed more at makeup artists and at professional catwalk, photoshoots, ect. makeup, and not at real life makeup. But I do find myself going to professional makeup brands for certain things. What are those things?


For starters, makeup palettes. Professional brands release them more often, and they are usually bigger than luxury makeup brands limited editions, that is, there are more shades in them. And I’m all for more shades 🙂


The second reason why I do turn to professional times now and again are those shades luxury brands just don’t have period, have only rarely, as limited editions only, well, you know what I’m saying here.


So, getting back to where I started, I’m trying those eye pencils, because Urban Decay sometimes releases limited edition sets of those, where I can grab several shades at a time, and because there are some funky shades there, because funky is pretty much what this brand is about.


The good news is all those shades are permanent and available for us to reach for at any point we choose to do it.


As this is my first time trying Urban Decay glide-on eye pencil, I have to talk about the quality here first. I’m happy with it. It feels quite nice, soft. Might be even too soft for some people out there. Glides right on, that’s true.


Be careful the first time you open those, caps sit on them so tightly you could brush on the pencil tip on the way up, when you get fed up with trying to get to the pencil and jerk the cap righ up. That’s what I did to one of the shades 🙂 Uh well, eye pencil sharperner can fix that in no time. And I know why they’re doing it. Those caps are so tight on the pencils, so that they don’t come off in transportation, and pencils don’t get all ruined. And so that they don’t get all dry, should the cap be too loose on them.


Glide-on eye pencils by Urban Decay and a typically classic cream eye pencil formula. The good old reproduced well, I’d say. What I also like is that each pencil is the colour of the shade, which means you won’t have to look for the tiny little stripe with the shade or the tiny little letters with the shade name 🙂 You’ll know right away what shade you have in your hand.


Let’s get to the shades proper now, which is, given the quality is Ok, which it is in this case, is the most exciting part of it all.


First I have five bright ones and more artsy ones, although… depends on how you look at them.


Perversion is a deep deep dark dark black.



An obvious classic. But can be bold and daring too, if you so choose.

IMG_2829 2


Can be a great help in creating your perfect smoky eye look or in drawing cat like arrows. Or in adding a special sexy twist to your cute little nude eye makeup. Why not?







Zodiac  Wow, that’s a disappointment for sure.



This looks like a fun green aqua shade in the colour chart. Well, it’s not. Not even close. In reality it proved to be a deep forest green shade loaded to the brim with emerald sparkle.



It’s a nice shade, but it’s very different from what I expected it to be. It’s darker, it’s more sultry. Foresty leaning to marshy green. It’s good it has all sparkle in it thought. Makes it softer and not as predictable. More appealing too. Ok, Ok, it’s a nice shade, especially if your eyes are brown or green, I still bear a gudge against you, Urban Decay though, for it not being that green aqua it appears to be initially.







Delirious is a deep violet with a handful of lilac sparkle, just a touch of sparkle here and there.



A nice shade because it’s not plum, not ink purple, in a word, not too dark. When it’s too dark, it gets too close to black and hence becomes not that interesting.



This shade is artsy in a good way. It can help you discover new depths in your eyes, whatever colour they might be – brown, green or blue. Don’t be afraid of it.







Accuse this shade is not quite what it looks like in the colour chart either, but it looks close enough to it, so I’m cutting Urban Decay some slack on this one.



It’s like you take a very very bright azure blue make it darker and then stuff it with a whole lot of bright blue sparkle like a special occasion dish



So that there are fireworks going on inside this shade. Nice 🙂







Muse oh, this is such an appealing warm hot chocolate like brown. Not black coffee like, not that dark.



It’s so warm it’s enveloping you like a soft blanket.



If your eyes are brown – any shade of brown – forget it. You’ll look divine with this shade on.







These are the bright shades. See, I they are actually more wearable than you might think. A good place to go, once you’re tired of your usual ones. And then we have to wear something to all those parties and stuff, right? 🙂


Please, see all five bright shades swatched here side by side. Left to right I have here: Perversion, Zodiac, Delirious, Accuse, Muse.



Now we’re going to get into a more neutral shade territory. Although, just like the artsier batch has some calmess and classic look on the bottom of them, these neutrals can turn out to be more fun than you thought they’d be.


Zero is not as dark as perversion.



It’s not a blackout. Not a dark dark night. It’s dark, yes, it’s night time, but behold, out in the distance there are some lights in the windows, some reflections, some shadows. And it’s all in here in this one little eye pencil 🙂



This is a classically black eye pencil shade, really.







Stag is a black brown.



Very different from Muse. This here is black black coffee. Dark and deep to the full.



A version of black, only in brown, so to say. Which makes it a great alternative for those whose eyes aren’t brown, but who want to try brown for a change. This is dark enough amd blackish enough, where you can try it and, maybe, even come to like it.







Cosmic   Oh My God. I was bored even before I got to this shade going – oh, yeah, well, a white highlighting eye pencil, what a surprise. But it is a surprise.



It’s not just white. It’s very Cosmic indeed. It’s a bunch of white pearl and sparkle wrapped like a candy in an eye pencil colour. It’s a beauty. So appealing.



I’ve said it more than once, I’ll say it again here. This kind of shade can work wonders, when you’re tired, but don’t want to show it. The level of freshness it can add to your look is something you’ll never know before you actually try it.







Trick is a pearly copper.



Makes me nostalgic. It’s exactly the shade that the very first eye pencil I’ve ever used was. And I still think it works well. It’s not quite as overused as gold.



If your eyes are brown, this pearly copper shade is a very soft and very exquisite way to make them stand out and gleam. Very elegant. And yes, sure, it will look good on you, if your eyes are green, and tell you what, if your eyes are blue too. Yes, I actually said that 🙂 I do think that a copper eye pencil can go well with blue eyes.







Supply is the third brown shade in my batch.



Those who love browns are having a feast here. Well, to describe this shade and give you an idea of what it’s like I’ll have to say – chestnut. Because that’s what it is. A soft dark satin brown with a reddish undertone to it.



This shade is as interesting as the copper Trick. It’s a nice thing to try. It can prove to be a spectacular match for eyes of any colour – brown, green, blue. There’s no guarantee, but if your eyes do come to like this shade, you’ll be coming back to it again and again.







Please, see all five softer neutral shades together here. Left to right: Zero, Stag, Cosmic, Trick, Supply.



And that’s the ten shades I’ve got by Urban Decay.



Having tried those, I conclude they are definitely good enough to use. And there are some compelling shades there too. So, I’ll be going back to those. And other brand eye pencils. Have you ever thought about this? Eye pencil is such a small addition to your makeup routine. So fast and easy to do. But it can transform your whole look. And if before you thought your legs are the hottest part of your body, it might well be that your eyes are much much hotter. You just didn’t happen to hit the right eye pencil shade yet to reveal all their glory to the world. Well, guess what, you’re gonna hit it. Sooner or later. Maybe, it’s one of these ten shades?


P.S. Oh, and here’s what I love about Urban Decay – their design. I mean – wow!







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