Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Voyage palette swatched

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Those travel palettes always stir mixed feelings and emotions in me. On one level, any palette with a bunch of makeup and shades in it appeals to me to the point of no return almost. Of course, it’s that appealing only till I try out those shades and get not too happy with some of them 🙂 On the other level, I did travel with those palettes initially – all kind of palettes – Chanel, Dior, Lancome and many many others, and it just never worked for me. Yes, it seems like a very good idea – all in one, compact, easy, already matched, no hard thinking involved… all true, but it just never works for me. Here’s why.

For starters, yes, those shades are already matched to work together, but they are matched by someone else, not by me. And that is not the most desirable way to go. I’d match the shades differently. Not quite the way they are matched in those palettes. You know what I’m saying. Next inconvenience is that those palettes mean I have to wear a total makeup look by one brand, and that doesn’t work for me either. Why? It’s simple. Pretty much all luxury brands have something good in their lines. But one brand does one texture best, the other is great at shine and gloss, the third one has the best cream eyeshadow formula and so on and so forth. So, I just have to handpick here, there and everywhere the stuff that works best for me and that suits my taste.

This way it got to the point where I put my own top picks for every trip together, some of them are my favourites that I always need to have with me, wherever I go. Others are things that I need on this very trip, because they match my clothes, shoes, purses, or because I know of special occasions or events I’m going to and what makeup I’ll wear to those. And then the third category of things in my makeup stash are the new things I got only recently and got so much in love with I just had to bring them along and, hopefully, make them fit into the whole picture somehow 🙂

Having said all that, I do use travel palettes only… not for traveling though. I use them, when I’m at home and I can combine products from different palettes and separate standing makeup items in one look. So, yes, I do like palettes, all kind of palettes, travel palettes included 🙂 And that brings me back to the initial goal of my post – to discuss with you Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Voyage.

First and foremost, it’s a cool name. Beauty Voyage. I want to have that. Sounds good. And pretty. I like it, when luxury brands think about the names of their products, shades, etc. In luxury makeup world – even more so than in makeup world in general – names matter, at least, to some people they do. Like, to me they matter.

Look at this leopard boxing pattern! I mean, look at it. It’s just so-o Dolce & Gabbana. Love it. It’s yummy. And hot. And true to the brand DNA.



This box is a beautiful little thing to hold in your hand.



And on the back of the box…



I see that it’s

Make Up Essential Palette


Makes sense, that’s what tavel makeup is about, when you come to think of it.


And then I see the preview of the shades on the back of the box.


And this preview makes me very happy. It being Dolce & Gabbana, I was afraid the shades would be brighter and edgier, which doesn’t seem to go well with the travel makeup essentials concept. Instead of edgy though, I see lush and elegant here. Understated. And that’s the right way to go with the shades in this whole setup. Also, I see some interesting shades here that few brands release in their travel assortments. This palette looks good, looks luxurious, look womanly. It’s clever, that’s what it is, not just all simple and nude.


The palette comes in a black velvety case with a pocket on it.



The first thing I do is go into the pocket and pull out a compact face brush. Ok. Nice and gold and has Dolce & Gabbana etched on it 🙂



And the palette boxing itself is leopard too! It’s awesome. It’s fashionable. It’s stylish. It’s Dolce & Gabbana like. Very much so. And it’s the cutest travel palette design I’ve ever seen in my life.



I open the palette and see the beautiful shades.



And then I see the brush.

brush with a plastic cap


And the brush is leopard patterned too. You’ve got to love the care that goes into such detailed design.



The brush is dual ended. We have here a sponge and a brush. All very practical for travel purposes.



Before I get lost in the shades here, which I will, let me tell you that the texture of face and eye products in this palette especially is superb. Soft, luxurious, pleasant to the touch.


The lipstick is comfy in terms of feel and has that old fashioned powdery lipstick scent to it that Dolce & Gabbana lipstick usually does. Rather strong.


And here we go with all the makeup.



The Blush Peach 20

this one 2IMG_3096

A great shade to have in ‘essentials’ palette. It’s pink. Natural. Mild, that is, not too bright. Natural blush like shade. Will work well for everyone just adding a touch of colour to one’s cheeks without going over the top with it. Yes, if you do have to go with only one blush shade, this is the shade to go with. This pink is not that simple and on the nose either. It has a touch of orange lingering in the background. Very nice. Very appealing. Good shade. Good job.


The Illuminator Eva 3

this one 3IMG_3096 2


When I saw this shade in the palette, it was obviously a face shade, so I went – is this a powder? It’s too light then to be an ‘essential’ that everyone can use for a touch up even. When I read it’s a highlighter, it made more sense. It is a lighter beige, very light indeed. That would work well as a highlighter for most. Here’s a question though. Is highlighter really an essential? Should it be a part of travel palette? I don’t think so. I’d prefer to see powder here. Or even better, a creamy base shade. Now that would be an essential for sure. Especially when we are en route and away from home.


These are the two face shades.

this oneIMG_3096 3


Eye shades now. There are four.

The Eyeshadow Desert 123

this one 5IMG_3096


A matt off white base shade. That’s all there is to be said about it 🙂


The Eyeshadow Delicate 125

this one 6IMG_3096 2


This is a beauty. It’s matt. It’s greige leaning to light brown or beige rather than to grey. A majorly becoming shade that we all can wear and make our own. A very rare one too. I haven’t seen anything quite like it in any other luxury makeup brand range. This shade is so posh and so beautiful I absolutely have to have it, not only in this travel palette. I have to have it in my makeup routine. It can be a nude shade for you, if your eyes are darker. It can be a soft smoky eye shade. And it can by all means be a going out to an upscale event shade. This is one of the few shades that won’t shun an evening gown, but will be an equal match to it. And guess what, greige is all hot now. It shows up in all kind of palettes, so it’s high time to try it out.


The Eyeshadow Desert 123

this one 7IMG_3096 3


Again? Yes, again. I was like – is it an eye quad number these shades are part of? And it is. The number is not the number of the shade itself. It’s the number of the eyeshadow quad this shade is from. Ok, I wish it weren’t that much of a thinker though. Another great shade. Two out of four is a great result for a travel palette, I have to tell you. This one is pearly and satiny in texture. It’s a languid cool beige with a light golden sheen to it. Another upscale shade. That could be worn to an occasion that’s really special for you. Or in your everyday life to light up your eyes and your whole look, when you’re in your jeans. The kind of shade that brings out your natural eye colour and shine as opposed to making you look all made up like a doll. What makes this shade special is this combo of a cool beige and a warmer golden sheen. This shade is a great shade to mix and combine with other shades in different looks for an invariably stunning result.


The Eyeshadow Femme Fatale 100

this one 8IMG_3096 4


It looks like a matt smoky eye black shade. But once again, it’s more complex than that. It’s actually not black, it’s charcoal grey. That is, it’s softer and more sophisticated than your typical rock like smoky eyes. It’s a more elegant approach to a darker shade. And of course, it’s here in this palette for a reason. And this reason is not smoky eyes. It can be used as an eyeliner. As a dark highlighting shade in eye corners. Well, you know all those tricks. It’s the shade that can turn a day makeup into an evening makeup in a couple of minutes, if you use it to add just a few strategical strokes to your nude, romantic, sporty or whatever else it might be look. And then you’re ready to really go out.


These are the four eye shades.

this one 4

IMG_3096 5


And the two lip shades are…

The Lipstick Devil 620

this one 9IMG_3096


…is a raspberry shade. Very common for travel palettes. Which brings up the question – how many people are there in the world who wear raspberry lip shades? No, seriously? That many? I mean, yes, a lot of girls like hot pinks, but raspberry is a very specific kind of pink, or else red. It’s not like it’s universally becoming and loved. Why stick it into the ‘essentials’ palette, travel palette, rather than having red there, which is more of a classic, or, say, a bright pink – cool or warm – which is much more wearable and universally loved and becoming? Every time I see this kind of bright raspberry in travel palettes I ask myself this question and so far I haven’t been able to find an answer.


The Lipstick Honey 130

this one 10IMG_3096 2


Now we’re talking 🙂 This is absolutely an essential. A natural beige pink. The kind of lip shade we can all wear. In a whole bunch of life situations. With a whole bunch of outfits. With almost any eye shade. It definitely works, it’s definitely a travel palette shade and a good pick. You could say – I wish it were a little cooler, a little warmer, had a tad more coral in it or whatever else you prefer, but these are all details. You can always bring a tube of your favourite lipstick with you and hit the shade you want any time you want. But this shade here – Honey – is a pretty even mix of pink and beige, less purple than what it looks in the palette, although there’s some purple there too, and it’s a solid go to shade for everyday wear. Or a party, if you pair it up with an intense eye makeup.


Please, see the swatch for the both lip shades.

this one 11IMG_3096 3


That’s the Beauty Voyage by Dolce & Gabbana.

this one



This voyage proved to be pleasant enough. Versatile and lush and elegant. I love the leopard design. I like the fact that this palette is so thin and small. It’s truly compact the way a travel palette should be. There’s enough makeup in this palette to let you put together several looks. The shades are well chosen and well matched. And there are those two eye shades in it I do love. All in all, this palette is a keeper. It can get you through a couple days trip, if need be. To me, it’s just a makeup palette with that greige, beige and charcoal feel about the eye part of it that is really really great. I’ll enjoy wearing those shades. And yes, this palette is pretty enough to just pull it out and marvel at it from time to time. And isn’t that what fashion and design is all about?

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