Deborah Lippmann Nudes swatched

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Oh, those nude nail shades. They are adored by so many people across the globe. What is it about them that makes them so special? Well, for starters, they are just so universal. They can be practical and sporty, they can be tender and romantic, they can be high end and dress up like. There’s almost no occasion in the world, no outfit that nude nail shades don’t match. And that’s a great advantage. There’s too much going on in our life and there are too many styles out there for us to try out to sometimes be able to keep up with all this variety in the manicure department. Nude nail shades are just so versatile. In each little bottle of a nude nail polish shade there’s a whole wide world. Like magic it reveals its new side depending on where our life brings us tomorrow and what we want to look and feel at any given point of time.


I think there’s something more to this love for nude nail shades though. Something much bigger than just not bothering to try and match nail shades with clothes all the time. This bigger thing is that we all want to look our own selves, pretty much. Nude nail shades adjust to us, as opposed to trying to make us bend backwards to adjust to them. Pretty simple, but if you come to think of it, pretty rare in our world too. We always have to follow someone rules set by others. At school, at work, in society in general. On top of rules we get products, trends and styles promoted into our consciousness creating certain patterns that we follow. There’s nothing wrong with rules or trends. It’s nice to have a general guidance as to how to behave in certain situations. Makes the things more civilized 🙂 But… in each and every one of us there’s something that’s only our own. And that we rarely get a chance or desire to show. Well, those nude shades help express it as opposed to disguise and shield it. And that’s something we treasure. Whether we are aware of it or not. There’s no role playing in nude shades. It’s just you.


Today I’m looking at nudes by Deborah Lippmann. Which means, these are nudes in great quality. That are easy to apply, easy to wear and that last long. Also, it means, there’s a choice here. There are shades to almost any liking. This batch of nudes dares the standpoint of ‘nudes shades are all the same’ and shows they can be as different and as beautiful as ever. Are you ready to fall in love? Let’s go then.


Flesh for Fantasy



…is an off white shade with just a touch of grey and even less of a touch of beige.



It mostly looks whitish in the bottle and mostly light greyish on the nails, so light it gives more of a white feel to you.



There’s a bit more colour to it than to your typical well groomed nail look shades. It’s a little bit more of a greyish statement than that 🙂



If you like off white shades, you might want to check it out to get a little bit more of shade on your nails than you usually wear.



I kind of like this shade.



It’s interesting, because usually those off whites are more beige, more pink, more yellow, more lilac than that.  Anything but grey 🙂



So, this shade did get my attention for sure.

IMG_3003 2


Totally Nude



is a very pretty tea rose pink.



That is, it’s pink that’s kind of dusty in a good way.



Pink with a touch of lilac that makes it a cool pink. And a very noble one, on top of it. Also, there might be just a tiny bit of beige there.



It’s a perfect tender pink. Romantic in a sophisticated way. Not in a whitish pink way.



Baby doll in a fun and girly way. Not in a commonplace bright pink way.



Elegant in the most understated and exquisite way possible.



I love this pink. It’s just so womanly in its essence. This shade elevates pink to a special occasion level. Places it right on the red carpet and reminds us of what an evening gown was actually meant to be. And how it was actually meant to be worn.

IMG_3018 2


Born This Way



…is an orange and beige shade.



It’s an orange pastel, so to say. Very pretty and very chic.



You know how I don’t really like orange and coral that much on my lips or nails or face for that matter 🙂 Well, guess what, this shade is so mild and so well balanced and so well done I love it. I really do.



It’s a nude orange shade in its essence.



A great spring shade. Classically spring. In that pastel kind of way that’s always part of spring shade selection. Even if this spring happens to be a little edgier than usual.



And an all year round shade too. Because it’s so tender. And so warm in its core.



A very rare shade that will work anywhere just like the right nude shade should. Believe me, the fact that I love an orange shade tells a lot 🙂 This shade is totally worth it. I’m glad I started looking into those nudes because I discovered Born This Way, as a result.

Копия orange


Bare It All



…is a darker beige nude.



A cool beige. Leaning to greige, which means there’s some grey there. What’s also there is some lilac.



If you like darker nudes, it’s a good option. What I like about this shade is that it’s darker but not too dark.



It’s like nude going out shade. Nude gets a little bit more conspicuous than usual shade.



Will be a perfect match for greige clothes, grey clothes, lilac clothes.



It’s not that this shade is special. We’ve seen something like that a lot. But it’s a good version of the good old.



The best thing about this shade is that it’s right on the tip of dark and light cool beige. Kind of middle ground that looks sometimes darker, sometimes lighter depending on the look. On the light. On the circumstances. That’s a nice quality, because it can be different this way.

IMG_3229 2


Natural Woman



…is a warm medium beige nude.



It’s a counterpart of Bare It All. The same level of brightness and darkness, only warmer.



A pinkish yellowish beige shade on the bottom of it all. Well rounded. Calm and beautiful.



The name of this shade definitely proved right. It is natural and womanly.



There’s something truly exquisite about this shade. Something milk and coffeeish.



Like you all of a sudden get a day off when you can sit back and relax and read your favourite book and think most pleasant thoughts. With that cup of milk and coffee 🙂 And then, once you’ve enjoyed all the serenity you could get from your day, you got up, threw on a beautiful golden hue dress, high heels and ventured out on a fancy reception of some sort.



Well, this nail shade – Natural Woman – has accompanied you all throughout this day and looked gorgeous in all those circumstances. Isn’t it great?

копия yellow


Skin Deep



…is the darkest of the six nude shades I’m trying out here.



It’s a darker beige, not too warm, but leaning to warmer.



In fact, this shade is dark enough, where some people would say it’s a light brown shade.



It’s the kind of nude shade that’s more than just a manicured, well-groomed but not really coloured nail look. Still it’s neutral and not standing out kind of shade in character.



It’s simple, clear and elegant. Like a well cut dress. Not busy.



The kind of noble nude shade that will attract attention without screaming ‘look at me, please’ into people’s face.

IMG_3260Копия IMG_3301


I actually like nudes that give me more than just nudes. And Skin Deep definitely does. Looking at it makes me want to say – so, where’s my camel coat? It would be a great match for it not only shadewise but naturewise too.



You know what’s the most admirable thing about nude shades? They are the easiest shades to own. It’s enough to apply them, and they are yours already, because they match your skin tone, your eye colour, everything that is you and only you.


And these here are the six nudes by Deborah Lippmann I was marveling at today. I think they are nice. And that orange shade Born This Way is just spectacular. I just can’t believe I like an orange nail shade that much. And of course, the best part of it all is that these aren’t even all nudes in Deborah Lippmann range. There’s more. So much more.


There’s Modern Love. Deborah Lippmann Roses in the Snow swatched


There’s Naked. Deborah Lippmann I’m Every Woman lipstick and Naked nail polish swatched


There’s Sarah Smile. Sarah Smile by Deborah Lippmann swatched


And then there’s more. Deborah Lippmann: 3 bold summer nudes, natural and sexy


And more. 3 super tender nail shades by Deborah Lippmann for summer 2015




You know what, if it keeps going like that with Deborah Lippmann quality and shades, I might actually fall in love with nudes. Who knows? Tastes differ. Tastes change. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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